"New" Immortal: Goron



May 07, 2004 15:19:51
rather than keep going with the Immortal of the Week thread, I decided to make this a separate entry. I might want to modify this one later so comments are very welcome!

Goron, The Lizard-King (Demogorgon)

Name: Goron, the Lizard King. Demogorgon.
Lesser Deity (Empyreal of Entropy)
Portfolio/Interests: Lizards, Lizardmen, Evil Dragons, Fiends.
Symbol: Two-headed lizard.
Home Plane: Pyts
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Worshippers: Lizardmen, Monsters, Evil Dragons, Fiends, Evil Karameikans.
Cleric Alignment: Any Evil.
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Spear.

Illustration: A mediocre illustration of Goron (Demogorgon) can be found here .

Goron was a Dragon who survived the Great Rain of Fire. At that time, He was a cleric of a deity known only as the Frog. The Frog faded shortly after the Great Rain of Fire, but Goron quested for Immortality with Hel as her sponsor. Upon reaching Immortality, Goron has seen it as his task to bring many of the Frog’s lizard races back. He has succeeded in bringing back the Gator Men on the Savage Coast and is now considered a patron of these. Among the Immortals, Goron is seen as one of the Demon Rulers and frequently uses Fiends as servants.
Goron has little contact with his sponsor Hel, but they are on relatively good terms. He is also an ally of Orcus and Arik as those three have founded the Unholy Trinity in Karameikos, opposing the Traladaran Three in that country.

Goron appears as a humanoid lizard with two ape-like heads.

Goron promotes lizard-like monsters anywhere. Beyond that he is only interested in death and destruction and end to so-called civilizations.

Church and Temples
Goron’s temples are found underground or in swamps. Rituals often involve sacrificing humans or demihumans to monsters living in these areas.

Note: Goron, as Demogorgon is detailed in the D&D 3e product the Book of Vile Darkness.

Note 2: Demogorgon is sometimes referred to as female. This may be because one of the heads is male and the other female, although whether that is in fact the case or not is open to speculation.