Aerial Combat



May 07, 2004 15:46:25
I've read the chapter time ands time again and I believe I have most of it down except for one thing. In the section discussing manuvers and advanced manuvers it talks about various once reduce speed by a certain number of squares. I understand that in chase scale the speed of a creature is divided by 30 and thats how many squares one move action is for him, but what if your using standard scale? Just replace "1 square" with 30ft?

Another is altiude bands. I know they generally exadurated the band hights, 100, 200, 400, 800, and I'
m assuming band 6 is 1600ft. But what I dont get is if someone is stalled they fall 600ft, or 3 altitude bands. My quation is, what happens if the fall doesnt go far enough for 3 altitude bands? What if they are in band 6? The fall wouldnt even get out of the 6th band. It appears to me that a fall is far greater in chase scale than in standard scale.


May 07, 2004 17:27:17
Ariel combat? Just what are you saying about the Little Mermaid?