A "not so Shadow" Rift



May 08, 2004 5:12:17
Hi again everyone! Just wanted to share my thoughts with you on the matter of using (rather than exploiting) the Shadow Rift. I mean, I'm tired of everyone connecting it with the shadow plane and that's all. The Shadow Rift (S.R from now on), is a pretty much unused "ace in the sleeve", for example I have plans of using it as a help for my grandest scheme so far, the joining of Call of Cthulu with RL !!! It surely will lead to a great epic thought...
Anyone shouting madness back there???

In the meanwhile, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, on how to use the S.R while staying away from the shadows (pun intended indeed ).

Thanx beforehand, Cheers


May 08, 2004 16:11:33
If Gwydion is released from his prison, then the Shadow Rift will be replaced with the domain of Arak.

It would be a good(?) start.


May 11, 2004 6:10:09
ehhh... would you be so kind as to remind me who Gwydion is, why was he imprisoned and why would freeing him be a good start?

But we're getting out of line here. As I stated above, I certainly dislike the shadow fey. I would like an opinion in using the shadow rift with some originality. I heard some opinion earlier in another thread, with SR being the place where you can fit your Epic Campaign and monsters, but I will leave that for now, so my players can live that too !

So, I'm still waiting.....


May 11, 2004 13:46:42
*sigh* He's the Darklord of Arak. He's imprisoned in a gate between the Shadow Plane and Ravenloft, which is the only reason Arak hasn't filled in that big hole in the ground.


May 11, 2004 14:35:30
As for why it would be a "good start," would you like to have Cthulhu running around?

I thought not.