Druid Spells



May 08, 2004 20:22:05
Hello all, a group of friends and I will be starting a DarkSun campaign shortly. A player of mine wants to play a druid. I was looking at the list of spells in the Official DarkSun 3rd edition book found on athas.org.

Is that the complete list? I am a bit confused since i didn't see any heal spells and animal growth/magic claw type spells. If anyone can set me straight on what druids have access to, it would be much appreciated.


May 08, 2004 21:07:27
The druid list from the DS3 core document is supplemental spells to add to the PHB druid spell list.
The only time for divine spells that a spell list tells which spells from the PHB not to allow in a DS campaign is in the cleric spell list. It contains some some spells that are barred in red, meaning these spells from the PHB are not allowed. There are no spells in red in the DS3 druid spell list so every spell is allowed.

Spells in DS are a little different than in the PHB, so just remember there's no astral, ethereal or plane of shadow (which changes some of the spell's fluff). Instead every shadowy spell description refers to the Black and every dimensional transportation spell (not related to nature or an element) refers to the Gray.
Also pure negative energy = Black.
Undead energies = Gray.

Good game to you and your players!


May 08, 2004 22:15:00
As Penn said, but also - Athas is separated from the outer planes and pretty much any other plane besides the Black and the Gray because of the Gray - it is a sort of barrier. As such, travel to & from outer planes and Athas is generally not possible. There are two notible exceptions (there's an exceptiojn to every rule). The first and foremost is Dregoth and his Planar Gate. But, that's the most prized and sacred possession of a very powerful undead Sorcerer-King who would most likely not let people just wander through it freely (or at all). second is the city of Kalidnay, with some extrapolation dealing with Ravenloft and the former island of Kalidnay (which came from Athas). Basically - I permit travel, or rather, I have people sucked up into Ravenloft from there occasionally when they think it's important to visit that cursed set of ruins. Not that it really improves thier situation any in the long run.


May 09, 2004 10:25:53
I have a druid checklist on my web site. Download it and tell me if your player find it useful ! Thanks!


May 09, 2004 11:05:19
Thanks guys. The spell that threw me off was Darkness. For some reason I thought that was a spell that they already had from PHB. Looking back I noticed my error.

Also thanks for the side note on the Grey and Black, completely forgot that aspect.