Request to Adamantyr



May 20, 2004 20:27:46
Hey there- this request just came up on the MML, and I don't know if you're still subscribed there or not, so I'm going to forward it to you:

i lost most of Ironwolf beautiful maps of the savage coast.
I think that i have only two of them remaining = ohp.jpg (orc head
peninsula) and rk.jpg (reptile kingdoms)

i badly need the "egh.jpg" (eastern gulf of Hule), "sb.jpg " (savage
baronies), "bk.jpg" (barbarian kingdoms), "ak.jpg" (animal kingdoms),
"mh.jpg" (magocracy of Herath) and "jn.jpg" (Jibaru and Nimmur).

please send them to [email][/email]

thanks very much

Thibault Sarlat.[/quote]
There has been some recent attempts to gather together Mystara info that has been lost to the ethersphere this past week, and I think that's why Thibault is looking for your maps to post, if you've still got them.

Anyway, I told him I'd forward this along to you.