money and equipment



May 20, 2004 22:34:43
ok i seem to recall from somewhere in 2nd ed there was a rule about characters who are somehow imported into darksun having all of their stuff have a 90% chance (or something like that) of becoming the dark sun equivelent. the rule was occasionally used to point at why characters originally from krynn wont make out like kings when they come to dark sun with tons of their (for krynnish characters) all but "useless" gold.

any one know where this rule was?


May 20, 2004 22:46:22
I think in one of the Ravenloft books detailing the Island of Kalidnay or something.


May 21, 2004 20:34:46
hrm well thats part of it...the dark recesses book does seem to have that but about metal only.... and only when going to the island of kaldiney from anywhere else in RL
i had thought there was something that said the same thing about travelers to athas (rememebr it being a major point at a con game once) but cant seem to find that anywhere

thanks xlorep


May 22, 2004 2:17:32
I seem to recall the original rule being printed in either a Dragon Magazine (when DS originally came out there were several rules, weapons, etc in Dragon that never saw reprint, and others that only saw reprint in the revised boxed set) or in the original boxed set itself.
But I do remember what you are talking about. It dealt with water, metal, and equipment being converted for characters coming to Athas from other worlds. In the revised boxed set they didn't really mention this but in The Wizards of Athas they make it much more difficult to travel to and from Athas (so much so that wizards of other world's probably wouldn't even bother).