Bizarro DS



May 20, 2004 23:21:20
I know some people think Paizo created bizarro DS, but as I was searching for references to the term "avangion" outside the realm of D&D I came across these websites

Anybody have any idea what this is? A bunch of the links don't lead anywhere but there's a lot of familiar names there, Rajaat, reggelid, mul, Dregoth, Cleansing Wars, etc, etc.


May 20, 2004 23:28:14
Interesting links.


May 20, 2004 23:41:44
Heh.. a mul kingdom... how does that work?

Each citizen mul is given 2 human slaves (1 male and 1 female) and 2 dwarf slaves (1 male and 1 female). The human slaves must have at least 2 human children and dwarf slaves must have at least 2 dwarven children. Also, each slave couple have children with each other, in order to produce mul offsprings. The mul offsprings are given to the mul citizen, and he gives the slave children to the mul so that he can ''have'' children later on.

That's one wacko kingdom!