The Dead Lands, a question!?



May 21, 2004 2:09:01
Were the Dead Lands ever detailed in any 2e product besides the Revised Dark Sun Boxed Set? I'm just trying to pick up original source material so the stuff in Dragon/Dungeon or at won't be of much help (but I am aware of it at Thanks for the help.


May 21, 2004 9:07:45
no there was never any product released detailing the Dead Lands


May 21, 2004 9:55:54
Not really what you're after, but have released Terrors of the Deadlands, which covers the undead and vermin of the Deadlands, as well as various other topics of relevance (a look at the Grey is included, for example). It's still 3.0 but should have plenty to get you started. Most of the entries have nuggets of Deadlands information in them so you should have no trouble finding story hooks. Secrets of the Deadlands is an unreleased companion product from that should cover the Deadlands in detail, but that one is still in the works, afaik. These were both based on unreleased 2e material to one degree or another (iirc).

Grummore also hosts an unofficial look at the Deadlands on his site here: Deadlands of Athas - that should keep you in business until something more official comes along. Enjoy


May 21, 2004 10:34:57
Thanks for the answers and information. I didn't think anything had been released for them but I wanted to check.
And I probably will pick up the stuff from but I was really only out to make sure some 2e material didn't already exist so I could do what I wanted to without having to worry about someone coming up with a book I didn't know about.
I'll check out for some ideas though, thanks to both of you for the answers and help.