Religion in DragonLance



Jun 22, 2004 11:00:16
I'm about to start a new group on KoD, two of the players are from my other KoD group and are DragonLance fans, the other four have never read any of the DL books (one has read the original triology a long time ago) but they have been playing D&D for years. While they were making charicters, the question of religion came up and I did my best to answer it, but I realized that haveing never really read the books...there is a lot of back story on the gods that they do not know. Any ideas or suggestions on getting them quickly acquainted with the gods of Krynn? Suggested reading besides the DLCS? I guess I could just paraphrase the chapter for them and send it in an email.

I think I just answered my own question........


Jun 22, 2004 13:48:34
the DLCS is all you really need in this regard. Yeah, there's more out there, but not all that much, unless you start crawling through the novels.

Just summarize the chapter and you'll do fine.


Jun 22, 2004 13:58:22
And really...the DLCS info on the gods (while having a few mistakes on who is related to who and who/when/why) is actually quite good. Good synopses on the churches as well.