fey in dragonlace



Jun 23, 2004 5:04:10
hi all,

i'm about to start as a PC in a fey game based in dragonlance, we are using the savage progession rules from the savage species. i'm playing a centaur, that will eventually become a druid,(think old celtic druids with the history of the land embedded deeply in their blood) the others in the group are a nixie sorcerer, a satyr bard, and a dryad bard, the dryad will have a magic item called heart of the tree (basically allowing the dryad to wander around away from her tree). this is going to be a game based more on social interaction then solely on "dungeon bashing"

one of the major things we will be doing is patrolling the seelie court borders and also stopping as much as possible the unseelie court.

what i was considering is taking the leadership feat at one point and attracting (hopefully) a centaur ranger (using the archer option) i'm looking forward to this, mainly cause the last couple characters i have played were bards, where he was the life of the group out of combat, this time in a socially set up campaign i have purposly chosen a character class and a race that would not do too well in that kind of setting.

hopefully i'll be able to play the honourbound centaur with just the right amount of ignorance of certain situations, i'm also looking at talking in old english (and really bugging the hell out of the DM and other PC's)

what do all of you think of this kind of game, it'll take the knighthood practically out of the game (kind of bad) but it is something really different in the fact that we can all play unusual races. i just hope that i don't have to climb anything (at least until i can change shape)


Jun 23, 2004 8:22:27
it'll take the knighthood practically out of the game (kind of bad)

No it won't. Just because you will not be playing and interacting with the Knights, does not mean that they are not there. You are just playing in a different area or section of Krynn. Nothing wrong with that. Might even be a fun time. Good Luck...


Jun 24, 2004 1:09:06
sorry I didn't explain myself right about that, the last 2 games were i played a bard we had 3 solamnic knights in the party in one, and in the other game we had one nerakan knight.

when i said that it would take the knights out of the game is that there would be no PC knights, the kind of bad bit is talking about the fact that the knights in the last couple games were played very well and actually brought up some interesting role-play points, there was one time when we were conversing with a knight of the rose, and i was trying to talk our way out of being in the wrong part of the castle. the knights (one sword and 2 crown) were ready to accept the penaltie according to the measure, and i just wasn't having any of that, so i started to brow beat them, totally ignoring the rose knight (it had being a very long knight for caradoc (my bard) and basically he just blew his top. for the rose knights part he assumed that i was technically insane and ordered the knights in the party to escort me from the castle (and overlooked the indescretion)

but apart from that i am looking forward to those sort of social interactions without the stiff backed knights (it'll bring the bluff skill back into our game more as well)

i'm sure that there might be some situations where we'll have to deal with the knights, most likely the nerakan knights, i'm not certain where we'll be based on ansalon, but i'm guessing somewhere with natural forest, perhaps on the outskirts of the qualinesti woods.