Gemstone Drakes



Jun 23, 2004 9:30:11
So, since the Drake thread is getting crowded, I thought id make this question a separate one.

What abilities should Gemstone Drakes have to make them different from the regular drakes? Perhaps they are lawful (but good or evil)?

Other ideas?



Jun 25, 2004 11:40:18
Okay then, here is a writeup of Gemstone and Metallic Drakes. Basically they are identical to their retgular drake counterparts (in brackets) and can take the humanoid forms listed:

Amethyst- (Earth) - Ogre
Ruby (Fire) - Troll
Opal (Air) - Minotaur
Emerald -(Water) - Bargha
Onyx (Shadow) – Kobold, Gremlin
Jade (Wood) - Goblin, Hobgoblin
Crystal (Cold) – Bugbear, Gnoll
Amber (Man) – Orc

Although infiltrating humanoid societies, not all Gemstone Drakes are evil. They have their first alignment fixed as Neutral, and the second one is usually either Good or Evil.

Metallic Drakes
Gold Drake -Earth- Enduk
Red Steel Drake -Fire – Manscorpion
Mithril Drake –Air – E’ar
Silver Drake –Water – Gator Man, Lizardman
Steel Drake-Shadow - Tortle, Cayman
Brass Drake –Cold – Aranea, Human
Copper Drake –Wood- Rakasta, Phanaton
Bronze Drake –Man- Lupin

Metallic Drakes are all Lawful, but can again be both good and evil. Many are found on the Savage Coast, infiltrating those races.

Whatcha think?