Greyhawk Ruins



Jun 23, 2004 17:34:57
Hey, all.

While sorting through my Greyhawk items, I noticed that I don't have WGR1 Greyhawk Ruins by Mobley and Brown. So, before I scour the Earth (okay, maybe eBay and FLGSs, not Earth) looking for it, I want to hear your opinions. I (generally) trust a few of you guys, and respect your input.

So, what is your take and experience with Greyhawk Ruins? Is it a must have? Any salient historical bits or NPC insights in WGR1? If the expressed opinions are generally negative, I'll just get a (bad) scan from SVGames. But if they are good, I want one!


Jun 23, 2004 21:49:09
Greyhawk Ruins has a lot of cool historical tidbits about Zagyg and the things he did on his quest for divine ascension. It also describes the magical prisons which he used to contain the demigods he captured. One of Oerth's biggest secrets (which Zagyg never found, even though he looked) is also hidden under the Castle.


Jun 23, 2004 22:31:55
It's a HUGE dungeon complex and pretty deadly. Given its size, though, the areas of the dungeon are only given brief descriptions. They tried to cram as much information as they could and still put out a product that wasn't gigantic. The art is pretty poor, and the dungeon maps have no grid squares, so mapping it to scale is difficult. The maps are color-coded, and no legend describing which color means which is provided that I can tell.

Still, it's the next best thing to Gary Gygax's real Castle Greyhawk (which is planned to be released under the name "Zagig's Castle" and published under a different ruleset), and a far, far better offering than WG6: Castle Greyhawk, which was nothing but parodies and spoofs of D&D and other role-playing games.

So I would say, if you can find it, get it.


Jun 24, 2004 0:38:39
It has definite potential Greyson, and can at the very least be mined for idea, encounters, traps, NPCs, map sections, etc., in addition to its value as canon fodder :D


Jun 24, 2004 1:36:10
It is definitely a source for ideas, but yes, "canon fodder" describes the product relatively well.

And "Zagig's Castle" will most likely be published under both game systems(D20 and the other), including stats for both systems in the same book, unless they changed their minds since GAMA. I hope not. Broader appeal generally means more sales, and more sales equates with the possibility of even more material to come. "The City of Brass" will also be one to keep an eye out for.


Jun 24, 2004 9:21:40
It is my single most favorite 2nd Ed. Greyhawk adventure module although it caters to a monty haul type of style for the higher level content (the module is designed for levels starting at 2 working all the way up to 15th I believe) which has never been much of a problem for me since my PCs never make it past 8th'ish...

Each tower (there are 3 in the mod) has its own distinct story and adventure.

I personally like the lower 5 levels of the Tower of Power and the last 2 levels of the Tower of Zagyg the most and the Tower of War's best level is actually the first one in my opinion. There are 25 levels altogether (off the top of my head).

Zagyg - 6
Power - 10
War - 9

I really don't wanna give away too many secrets of the towers here incase some players are perusing the page, but they weave some pretty good stuff into the module including the single most powerful source of magic on Oerth being within the ground here, known as "the Obelisk," which is hinted to have been what Zagyg channeled his power through to capture the 9 gods and has some incredible effects on magic items (over time).

Also, the module brings in some monsters that before, weren;t entirely used very much. Alot of minotaurs, troglodytes, ogre magi, umberhulks, and my favorite, invisible stalkers among others ofcourse.... like the armor donning trolls wearing rings of fire resistance safe-guarding the stairs into the Tower of Zagyg, lol...


Jun 24, 2004 10:01:27
Awesome - great thread, thanks a ton guys. This is totaly helpful, as silly as it seems. I cannot believe I have gone this long without Greyhawk Ruins. And I call myself a 'Hawker! lol.



Jun 24, 2004 13:46:04
Originally posted by Cebrion
And "Zagig's Castle" will most likely be published under both game systems(D20 and the other), including stats for both systems in the same book, unless they changed their minds since GAMA.

Well, current information is that it will not include d20 stats but be a C&C RPG only product.


Jun 25, 2004 5:12:45
Well, that makes things a bit more work intensive. Perhaps they will offer a conversion on-line, or somebody will probably do it themselves soon enough.

And Abyssalin sums up the Greyhawk Ruins content pretty well in his latest post.


Jun 25, 2004 9:04:26
This has got to be the most fun I've ever had on an adventure. We started this in late 1990 or early 1991 right after our best friend/gaming buddy left for the Army. Our DM ran me, my friend Brian and the DM's little brother Pete through the adventure. I played my buddy's character in his absence so I was playing two Barbarians including my moniker. It seems like we played it for years but I'm not sure how long it really was, my memory isn't so good anymore having suffered three too many concussions. Anyway it was a blast and we spent most of our time almost exclusively in the center tower's sublevels. That campaign basically revolved around those towers. I'd like to get my DM to run us through it again but he's kinda hardheaded about it.

At any rate: Highly Recommended, Five Stars *****