Cleric/Sorcerors? WoHS/Mystics?



Jun 23, 2004 20:47:31
I am a long time Dragonlance reader who has recently started reading the novels again after a 4-5 year hiatus. Before I ask my question, let me say that I am about halfway through DoVM, so no spoilers please! (I know generally how it ends, since I have all the DLCS and all the Sov Press stuff, but I'd rather not have anymore given away).

Anyway, I don't have my DLCS with me, so this might be something that I've overlooked. Cleric/Mystics are out, and so are WoHS Sorcerors. I don't know if it was mentioned anywhere, but I assume that Cleric/WoHS is out, since that would mean that a character was worshipping one of the gods plus Solinari, Lunitari, or Nuitari, which is a Krynn no-no. (Although I could see a Cleric of Takhisis/Renegade pre-Chaos War....she never seemed to concerned about magical balance, what with the Thorn Knights, and Ariakas wearing armor while casting spells...anyway, I'm digressing.)

Would there be any reason why a god would be opposed to one of his/her clerics also wielding primal sorcery? I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I'd like to get some input from people with more Dragonlance gaming experience than I have.

I can see some problems with a WoHS/Mystic, given the feelings of many of the WOHSs about sorcery...maybe they would frown on a member practicing mysticism since it is one of the "new" magical forms, or maybe it would display a lack of dedication to the magic. However, a Renegade/Mystic seems pretty legit. I guess I'm also kind of wondering what will happen to all those Sorceror/Mystics running around from the SAGA products if they have a change of heart.:D

Another thing I have a question about...from where do Renegades derive their magical powers? I remember in either DLA or ToTL it said that 1st-3rd level spells were considered so minor that a) they weren't affected by the phases of the three moons and b) if that was the extent of your magical capability, the WoHS didn't care whether you took the test or not. So what about high-level renegades? Is their magic derived from the moons, or what?

Thanks, sorry if that was long-winded.


Jun 23, 2004 21:10:05
Its a general rule (though a DM may of course rule otherwise) that focused (i.e. Godly Magic/prepared spell lists, Cleric, Druid, Ranger, Paladin, Wizard) magic does not mix with primal magic (Spells Known/Per day magic, Bards, Mystics and Sorcerers).

They're like oil and water, or beer before liquor, they just do not work together... Of course focused spellcasters have issue multiclassing not because their magics are opposed but rather whom they serve causes conflict.

The primal sources can of course mix easily.


Jun 23, 2004 21:42:56
What Nived said. And also, you can mutliclass up to Wiz4 with a focused caster or non-caster class b/c spells up to 2nd (not third) are unrestricted by the WoHS.

Specifically, "renegades" are any arcane casters who do not join themselves to the Orders and tie their magic to the moons. Renegade sorcerers (i.e., all of them) obviously get their magic directly from ambient arcane/Creation energy. Renegade wizards (and low-level dabblers)--I would think--access the arcane energy focused by the moons using the methods of wizardry but do not submit to the laws of the Conclave. So from the Orders' perspective, sorcerers are using energy that is too dangerous, and renegade wizards are using the right energy but w/o proper dedication to the moon gods...totally rude.