Carnival of fear



Jun 24, 2004 9:50:41
hi there,

does somebody know in which domain the story of the 'Carnival of fear' novel is set? i found a secret society called 'the carnival' in DoD but i'm not sure if thats the same, since the freaks of the novel were transformed by a court in the city I'Morai and the secret society is some kind of nomadic group.

a confused esh'tar ;)


Jun 24, 2004 10:08:27
The domain is l'Morai. It is only described in the novel, and very briefly mentioned in the Carnival 2nd ed accessory.

For more domains question, I suggest you visit the wine cellar part of the FratoS site - a list of domains (by yours truly) is found there.



Jun 25, 2004 13:27:33
And yes, the Carnival is related to the l'Morai Carnival, as detailed in the Carnival Accessory.

In brief, the escaped troupers of the Carnival from the end of the novel found their way through the mists the core and began wandering. They were saved from enemies by the celestial Isolde, who is now their leader. The carnival has since grown, and not all of its members come from l'morai.


Jun 25, 2004 14:39:40
I'm disappointed that there wasn't more material on l'Morai. That was a REALLY freaky realm, even for Ravenloft.