Just a question



Jun 24, 2004 13:29:01
This is in no way bashing, just a question. The new Towers of High Sorcery book, is it just for reference for campaigns set in the pre-5th age of Krynn. From what I remember, they're all destroyed right?
Believe me, I plan on getting this book just to read it because it looks great so far from the preview, but is this mainly for running older(pre-5th) campaigns?
Is there anything that we can use for the age of mortals? Spells, prestige classes, and etc. Thanks for your time and help.


Jun 24, 2004 13:48:08
Well...seeing as how they've been telling us that this will show us the set up of the Wizards of High Sorcery as they currently are, I would guess that it can very much be used post-War of Souls.

Also, not all the towers are destroyed. Losarcum and Daltigoth Towers were destroyed in the Lost Battles, the Istar Tower was destroyed during the Cataclysm, Palanthas Tower was moved to Nightlund in the early 5th Age, and the Wayreth Tower has always been there...just hoping around a lot lately hiding from Beryl and such.


Jun 24, 2004 13:55:23
Thank you for your help and info. I hope it deals more with the post-war of souls also.