Spelljammer and 2nd ed world



Jun 25, 2004 0:15:58
I have a 1st/2nd ed AD&D homebrew world and would like to include occasional visits by spelljamming craft. Can anyone reccomend any spelljammer rules or source books that would be relevant for this ?


Jul 18, 2004 23:48:28
Hi Lord Ikrik,

I can highly recommend the official Spelljammer fansite called Beyond the Moons.

There is an other website called the Shattered Fractine that isn't official but is also very good. You should check that out too.

Both of these websites are legal websites that update the Spelljammer rules under a licence from Wizards of the Coast (http://www.wizards.com/d20/files/ESDpolicy.rtf). (If you wanted to you could share your campaign world with other Spelljammer players.)

You can find all the other links I know about on the Virtual Eclipse Spelljammer links page.

You should be able to find everything and more on those sites, but if you actually need to get hold of some of the original rulebooks then there are a couple of companies selling PDF versions of them (I think the addresses are on Beyond the Moons). You would either want the original Spelljammer Campaign Setting boxed set or the Complete Spacefarer's Guide.

However if it is just ship deckplans that you need, you can get copies of all the original ones free from the Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons downloads page.

I hope I answered your question. Please get back to me if you want to know more or if you are looking for advice on specific organisations to visit your world.