NeverwinterNightMod for DS!!!!!



Jun 25, 2004 0:44:17
Have I dreamed of it a few years back or is there realy a DS mod using NWN powerfull auroraToolset?? (remember we can be DMs in this game.)

I'm no good at reskinning bu8t I'm quite good for module making.(I think) :D


Jun 25, 2004 1:28:29
Almost certian there are actually a few.


Jun 26, 2004 1:18:45
Originally posted by xlorepdarkhelm
Almost certian there are actually a few.

ee yah thanks but could you be more specific as where i might find some... other then google surch and the like.

(t least I now know i havent dreant about it)


Jun 26, 2004 11:38:00
There's a site for one, but it hasn't been updated for at least a year, and the web page for it doesn't load.


Jun 26, 2004 13:39:47
Originally posted by superpriest
There's a site for one, but it hasn't been updated for at least a year, and the web page for it doesn't load.

I thank you for your time.


Jun 26, 2004 14:43:52
There's also a yahoo group: darksun_nwn


Jun 26, 2004 16:15:32
check here, its the places where most modules are kept. theirs like 500 of them, do a search on darksun and you should come up with some results.


Jun 27, 2004 0:04:18
found this the other's a PvP mod for Neverwinter Nights based off of Dark Sun.

Dark sun online is a free multiplayer online role playing game that focuses on player vs player and guild vs guild action in the harsh desert world of athas. If you are looking for a truly addicting online gaming experience stop by and try your luck, only the strongest and bravest warriors, rogues, wizards and clerics survive this harsh world.


Jun 28, 2004 23:27:40
I've played on that persisent server. The admins are a bunch of munchkins who don't give a damn about roleplaying or the flavor of Dark Sun. The only reason they made a Dark Sun server was as an excuse to have a gladiator arena. That is all they do, every night. Player vs. Player. Hardly anyone quests or roleplays.


Jun 29, 2004 0:02:52
Well, I was planning on picking up NWN just for this alone, thanks for the heads up on it. Saves me the 40 some bucks I would have wasted just to sit and spar online under the 'guise' of a Dark Sun game.