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Jun 25, 2004 22:52:46
This is the background of a friend of mine whos going to be playing and qulinesti cleric of Sirrion in my KoD adventure he is from qualimori.

He is also new to Dragonlance and has only read the elven descriptions and the regions of qualinesty, silvanesti and south ergoth and what I have told him about the setting.

Tell me what you think.

Oh, and he also took the name from the names in the qualinesti description, is just a coincidence, and I dont think Tanis was the only one named like that so I saw no problem with his name.


My faith was not tainted with prodigious signs of nature; there was no thunder hitting the tree besides me, no strange design in the rocks for me to see, neither whispering on nightfalls, no blinding light or echoing deep voices in my mind. It was fire who burned it within. I remember it every single time I see my right hand, for there are flames that burn flesh, but our spirits burn brighter. I am Tanthalas Arandoel, elven son of Sirrion the Everburner, forger and creator of Fire.

I have never met another kinsfolk who worship the Flame, but I`ve had friends indeed whose fire have burn their faces deep within. Haramir Solarus, friend of mine since childhood. Together we ran the high forests of West Ergoth, both in our sacred lands of Qualimori and Silvamori. I lost him in the cold East, slaughtered by draconians, steel and frost. I felt fire burning inside me for the first time. Milord Flamemaster blessed me that night, and I blasted them away in ashes, not fast enough to avoid Haramir`s flame extinguish. I`ve hated cold and Frost since then, and I seek flame to purify my wrath, perhaps meanwhile it can cease the impure fire.

Haramir was my brother from Silvamori, proud and stubborn as my kinsman can be, but pure of heart and brave as well. We always compete in the arts of speech and song, but I must say He was fair a better singer that I am, but no better than me with the word. Her sister Aalael and Haramir himself never agreed with me about introducing myself only with my name, Tanthalas, excluding my family name. They never understood, never found out. It’s our elven pride that have make us despair, argue, warmonger against each other. Our pride is our doom. It is what makes us be at the edge of being banished from Ansalon. I have no name but Tanthalas. My family: Lord Sirrion, Master of the Flame. Tanthalas Sirrionel is the name I choose later in my life. My name is my faith.

Nevertheless, and despite they misunderstanding, Haramir and Aalael became my true companions. My brothers, Tanthalian, and Tanthelit, never forgave my vision. Their lack of fire has always blinded them. My poor mother, Seralyn the Beautiful Elvenmaiden… she did understand when she saw the fire in my eyes, as I saw hers. She told me I could make a difference, because of the way I love, my love for the flame that lies within.

It was after the cold wind that took Haramir`s heat away that my fire burned stronger, for I wish to revenge his passing, as much as I seek for Aalael, lost after she run. She left in horror, when she saw her brother slashed and frozen. She has run for so long, that half my life I had chase her, but not found her. I still can feel her light, she must be there somewhere… or has she burned in the ash and smoke after the fire? It does not matter. Tenterhooks seem extinguished, but with a blow of wind they can burn again, and set in fire a whole forest.

My journeys which I’ll briefly describe had take me south, to the lands with name but no nation, the occupied forests of Silvanost; there is a sleeping fire that awaits to be unleashed. Perhaps it can be ignited…


Jun 26, 2004 3:15:37
Quite a nice background. I thought there were two things that might require notice.

Firstly, the whole fire aspect of Sirrion seems to be played up a lot. This is fine, except where is the line drawn between Sirrion's creative flame (alchemy and so on), and Sargonnas's destructive, vengeful flame?

Secondly, 'Tenterhooks seem extinguished'. What does that mean? Tenterhooks are the things that you stretch wool over to dry. I don't think they have them burning.


Jun 26, 2004 4:54:24
wow, that is a very well written background.

apart from the pointers mentioned abouve, it is a wonderful background that gives you as the DM a significant plot hook and also one or two other minor plot points that you can play with.

as a DM plot hooks are the major thing i look for in a character background, for by bringing in them it completes the character creation. and if you can use at least one from each PC it adds so much depth to the game. it also helps if you have PC's that can pick up on subtle plot hook usage, and then follow their dream rather then allways chasing the treasure.