Whatever happened to...



Jun 26, 2004 5:20:32
The turmoil that engulfed the Dragonlance SAGA line during TSR being absorbed into Wizards of the Coast meant that many plotlines from the Fifth Age remained unresolved.

Sovereign Press and the WoTC novel line has done a good job in resolving many of these threads but there are a few which are still hanging around...

Specifically, what has happened to Princess Mercideth of Ergoth in the last half decade or so?

Last thing we heard she was a promising student at the Citadel of Light. I even recall she was an acquaintaince (friend?) of the younger Mina.

Does Sovereign Press have any plans to use or detail this character any time soon?

(I would ask if she is to appear in a novel, but we aren't allowed to do that anymore)


Jun 26, 2004 14:36:11
It would be nice if they would do so, but Soverign isnt all that great at keeping up with release dates for important things. How long did it take the KEY OF DESTINY to be released?


Jun 26, 2004 17:30:21
This has nothing to do with release dates, so I'm not sure why you brought it up. I wanted to know whether the character Mercy was ever going to appear again in a game product.