Jun 26, 2004 9:22:48
I have a question regarding the new GWd20 rules......

Under Occupations/Engineers it lists under skills - Computer Use. Okay, does that mean that he/she picks one of the 3 Computer Use sub-sets? GW-PHB pg41

I ask this because under Occupation/Scholar it lists under skills - Computer Use (any). Does this mean that the Character gets to chose any of the one or all of them? GW-PHB pg 43

What is the difference in the Engineers use of the skill verses the Scholars use? How do you interpet this and how should it be played? What is the intent of the differences of the two?

Thanks in advance to any and all that help.



Jun 27, 2004 23:18:59
I'd say any one of the three, since there isn't a general, catchall Comp Use skill.

Different occupations would have different reasons for using the skill. And engineer might use it to get security or technical info, a scholar would use it for historical or other types of info. But, in truth, during an adventure, they'd both try to use it for the same reasons: adventure-related knowledge and whatnot.


Jun 30, 2004 21:39:58
Thanks! I've decided to go with my "constuction site" idea, the engineer is well the engineer (general contractor I guess) and the scholar will be akin to the archetect.