DM Screen



Jun 26, 2004 11:56:06
Hi all
I have been lurking for quite a bit now, and I think it's time to ask a question or two :D
I am trying to make my own DM screen for Ravenloft; nearly done, by now, but I still have one third of page left blank: what do you think it's worth to put in? The area I'm talking about is some 25-30 lines in height and about 19cm in width.
I did stuff in these first 6 pages (why in the world I need a screen 7 pages wide? I’ll explain it later :D) that much:
Page 1: altered priest/wizard spells, magic items, psionic powers
Page 2: THAC0 for PCs and creatures, recommended powers checks, recommended failed powers checks results, success chances for curses, domains divided by cultural level
Page 3: special moves and called shots, their effects, grenade-like missile effects, poisons, material-based modifiers for armours and weapons, items saving throws, NPC reactions, turning undeads, tracks following mods
Page 4: some PX tables, a table explaining the most important domains’ coins and their value, a table of the languages in ravenloft, the domain they’re used in, and the language they’re derived from, a table with some common drinks and meals in the domains
Page 5: fear, horror and madness tables, as from chapter 6 in DoD
Page 6: weapons and armours divided by cultural level (only covers the top two thirds)
Page 7: (plan to make) a 2x2 “resume” character sheet; maybe I’ll simply pin that page on another one, who knows?
Now: I was thinking about something to “enhance the mood”; something about the Vistani, or notes on tarokka reading?; maybe animal/creatures/encounters tables by domain?; sample names by domain?; a (really) short RL timeline?; suggestions?
Also, I’d like to thank J.W. Mangrum, the Kargatane, the FoS, and a whole lot of other people I don’t remember, because I stole from their netbooks and articles a lot of material for this screen.

Now for the second question: I’d like to use some pictures from the covers of various RL products to make the “front” of this screen; is that legal? Obviously that would be only for personal use, if ever I’ll think about publishing it on the web, I would do that only for the tables (and still I don’t think I will because it’s tailored on my gaming group needs)
I have found some pictures on the net to download, but I’d love to have the cover from CotN: Ghosts or even VRG to ghosts, but I’m unable to find any of them (or any worthy ghost picture); someone could help?
And that provides at least a partial answer to the question: “Why in the world you need a 7 pages wide screen?”; because it would be lovely to show some artwork to my fellow players who don’t have access to these RL products; the other part is that I am a “right-brained DM”, so I make an incredible mess on the table with sheets and pages, and nearly need a table of my own when mastering :D
Last plea: these pictures I’ve downloaded are quite small to be printed on a A4 page, and enlarge them that much would probably ruin them; since I’m not so good at using PSP, could someone explain me how to apply some filter or effect to have a decent bigger image?

Now let me thank you, and forgive me if you find some error, since I am Italian :D
Thanks again,


Jun 27, 2004 8:06:25
you can copy whatever you want. Who cares?