The Flanaess compared to Earth (Erik Mona question)



Oct 13, 2004 9:18:15
Has anyone ever seen a complete listing of the Flanaess in comparison to the Earth? I would love to see some sort of list that laid out all the countries of the Flanaess in comparison to the Earth according to what Gary Gygax had in mind. Any thoughts or help with this Erik?


Oct 13, 2004 11:11:41
I'd try the Paizo Publishing forums since you're adressing Erik. I'll bet you get a much quicker response.

I need to start checking into them, myself.


Oct 14, 2004 7:47:12
There was a list somewhere that compared the human races to various real life Earth cultures. I don't think that anyone's done a list of what Greyhawk nations match up with Earth nations. I've seen one for the Realms but not Greyhawk. You might ask ScottyG on the Dragonsfoot Greyhawk boards.



Oct 14, 2004 13:53:02
Unsure if this is what you want but a group on greytalk came up with this opinion on the races...

Greyhawk Racial Characteristics

Baklunish: Middle-Eastern, Arab/Turk culture inspired.

Flan: Celtic/North American Natives, with the strongest north american plains native influence within the Rovers of the Barrens.

Oeridian: Greek/Roman culture, in the east a very Byzantine culture developed over time due to concentrated aerdy settlement.

Olman: Central/South American Indian city state culture, within the Amedio and Hepmonaland jungles.

Rhenee: a Romani (gypsy) stereotyped culture.

Suel: Northen European **** inspired - The northern Suel barbarians are like the scandanavian viking stereotypes, while the Suel of the Scarlet Brotherhood of the Tilvanot Peninsula retain the complex imperial fascist slave plantation culture salvaged from the former Suel Imperium and the southern Suel jungle tribes found within Amedio and Hepmonaland have gradually adopted a simpler tribal culture but still retain the belief in Suel racial superiority.

Touv: Touv are extremely dark brown or black skinned African culture inspired but they worship gods similiar to the Aztec culture and live in the southern half of the Hepmonaland continent.

Hope that helps...


Oct 14, 2004 14:16:26
Has anyone figured (canon or non) accents for various countries? It seems like in any book you read, people are recognized by their accents.

Here's the few I've kind of set (or players have set) in my campaign:

Sea Princes: Spanish
Great Kingdom: British
Ursnt States: Midwestern rural American
Frost Barbarians: Norwegian
Snow Barbarians: Celtic

Kobolds: Russian
Dwarves: Varies but often Scottish
Halflings: Varies but often Midwestern rural American

Other accents are scattered all over the place but these have seemed to stick.


Oct 14, 2004 15:20:17
I like the accents except the Snow Barbarians, I think the Frost, Snow, and Ice Barbarians are all pretty Norweigan/Viking inspired and so I'd give them the same accent.


Oct 16, 2004 5:21:53
You're probably right. The Snow Barbarian accent was inspired by a player who's character was from there and he played it with a celtic feel. I could just make that village and his relatives celtic in my campaign. Makes more sense in the long run.


Oct 16, 2004 14:43:58
I think the only completely clear nation:nation equivalency is Perrenland/Switzerland.


Oct 31, 2004 22:07:08
Thanks for the comments. I was hoping Erik would visit the message board like he used to, but I am sure he's a busy fellow with his new duties.


Nov 01, 2004 1:56:33
The fact that he is now the head of both Dragon and Dungeon magazines, yes, but he finds the time, albeit rare.


Nov 04, 2004 21:59:36
Anyone have some extensive home versions of how you describe each nation in the Flanaess compared to Earth? I personally like to use my National Geographic and an encyclopedia for better decriptions of the many lands. It would be nice to have an official comparison though to Earth's nations.


Nov 05, 2004 20:01:45
This was discussed quite frequently in the old AOL boards. I've just sent the logs for folders 13-30 (minus 27 and 29, which don't exist) to Canonfire, so you might check there in a few days and see if they're available.

Just a thought