Adventures in the Bloodwar



May 11, 2005 18:08:02
I'm thinking about running an adventure in the Bloodwar, but I'm not sure if I should run one out of the Boxset or find another module that can be converted into a Bloodwar scenario.

What was your favorite Bloodwar adventure and why was it so good?


May 12, 2005 12:44:25
I ran Field of Nettles a few weeks ago, linking it into my campaign. It's hard to do right, I think, at least when running a game for a band of 15 year olds (not enough people my age play D&D around here...)

That said, I like the idea behind all of the Blood War modules. Squaring the Circle and the second one have too many long term implications if you don't want a Blood War campaign, but Field of Nettles isn't too hard to throw in there.


May 13, 2005 16:32:56
The Blood War has always facinated me. Unfortunately, despite lurking in second-hand bookstores for several years, I have been unable to procure a copy. Someday, someone should post some Blood War stuff on that we have DnD minies, and the Miniatures Handbook (mass-battles+converting creatures to DnD Minies...anyone thinking what I'm thinking?). One of these days, I might just do that. Angelfire (when it is released), and Archfiends should be a boon for anyone running a Bloodwar campaign (tho' you'd need several dozen, at least of everything!).


May 18, 2005 4:22:03
Right...over on the Deities and the Planes board, there are quite a few Blood War threads...including a Blood War 3.x resource thread...may prove useful with a bit careful application.


May 20, 2005 5:48:25
Any Blood War adventure ideas from anyone?


Jun 17, 2005 9:53:06
I'm thinking of taking the group in a "Dirty Dozen"-styled mission.....such as infiltrate a tanar'ri stronghold for rescuing a hostage or murdering a general..
they should be under a Yugoloth or Baatezu contract, so is a no-win situation: if they are killed, so long. If they suceed they earn the hate of the tanar'ti, if they fail and survive...well their fate best left unspoken..


Jun 28, 2005 0:13:17
Whatever happens, there's no real way to win in a Blood War excursion. No Blood Warrior comes out on top. The best you can hope for is to survive, get out, and maybe be a tougher blood for the experience. Maybe others will see a certain measure of skill and resolve in you, but ultimately it's luck that sees you through.

To reflect this, make sure you don't let the PC's get too pleased with themselves when they get into dealings with the Blood War. Nothing should ever end as well as they hope it will, and there shouldn't be a satisfying reward, praise, or appreciation for anything they do. Mortals are insects to the fiends, and their lives are useless. They should expect to be treated accordingly whenever they don't have the upper hand.

If a fiend ever does anything halfway (which he doesn't), he doesn't do it in the Blood War. When an army loses a battle, it is slaughtered down to the last nupperibo. When a battle spills into a nearby town struggling to eke out an existence in the Waste, the settlement is leveled. When a fortress is under attack, it will be subjected to a withering hail of hellfire and arcane power. Everything is done with escalating stakes and force, constant overkill, until one side has nothing more to throw at its enemy, and is obliterated.