KoD - Hellfire Lash and Sidra



May 12, 2005 9:39:03
I need some explanation about this magical whip...

1) the market price...
if i'm not wrong, the whip, without taking in consideration the DR10/cold it grants, the improved damage (2d4 instead 1d3) and the capability to deal damage to armored enemy too, is a +6 magical weapon (+1enhancement, +2flaming burst, +3haste). Why the market price is only 25.301? (if i'm right, it should be al least 72.301... plus the price for the improved ability and DRcold)
I'm wrong or i'm right?

2) Sindra Whip full attack takes -5/-5 (+8/+8 instead +13/+13)... I guess because it is like a "secondary attack" and the bite is the primary one... can sindra "switch" the attack-type to make the whip full attack at +13/+13 and the bite at +7? (sorry if i ask for a tecnical question here...)

3) why, in rage, the whip attack doesn't improve to +15? It's an errata?

Thank you.