New Koratia



May 14, 2005 20:40:25
Hello everyone! I am new to the boards so a big well met to all. I was wondering if anyone knows of where New Koratia, the city used in the D&D Iconic character novels, is located in Greyhawk? I am ssuming it is somewhere in Greyhawk due to people worshipping Nerull and Pelor.



May 15, 2005 0:54:59
Google found this page for me.

The city of Koratia was established at the mouth of the River Delnir some eight hundred years ago on the southwestern frontier of the Kingdom of Soes.

There's no Kingdom of Soes in the Flanaess, which is the continent on the world of Oerth where most of the action in the World of Greyhawk campaign takes place. Conceivably it's in Western Oerik someplace, but I think the answer is that it has no official place in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting.


May 16, 2005 15:37:30
Yeah, you'd have thought that the "core" novels featuring the iconic characters used for examples in the core rulebooks would have been placed in the default setting, the World of Greyhawk, wouldn't you? The interactive DVD "Scourge of Worlds," which also features Regdar, Mialee, and Lidda, was set in Greyhawk, but not the books.