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Angus McClintock McDuff

Baron of Uigmuir
Professor Emeritus at the Great School of Magic

AC 1015

by Michael Berry

“Slings and stones may break my bones but your words will never hurt me”


I. Appearance
Angus earned the nickname ‘orc-face’ as a student at the Great School of Magic and it described him well. He is a truly ugly man with white, greasy hair, porcine nose, and decayed teeth sticking out of his mouth. Angus stands 6’3” tall but is quite slight in stature and is quite thin only weights 160 pounds. Due to his many years living underground and not spending time outside Angus is very pale. Angus wears plainly adorned black hooded cloaks and wears no jewelry.

II. Personality & Quirks
Angus is very much a product of his appearance. The revulsion he felt towards his appearance and teasing he experienced as a child and as a student at the Great School of Magic has made Angus into a very self-sufficient and private person. To his students he can be warm and friendly, to others he has to interact with he is standoffish and aloof. Angus, though he has been back in Glantri for several years, has no friends. The only things that interest really Angus are academic in nature.

III. History & Background
Angus was born in AC 971 to the Baroness of Uigmuir, Myra McDuff, and the orc chieftain Harak after Harak captured the Baroness during an assault on Uigmuir. Angus and his mother were separated when his mother was left for dead after a failed escape attempt. The infant Angus was afterward cared for by orc midwives. Angus lived with and was raised among the orc horde as one of their own for two years as the horde moved eastward along the Wendarian Ranges to escape the very active Glantrian inclusions into the mountains.

Harak and his horde of orcs finally met their end in the spring of AC 972 when they tried to invade the Lawensa Depression and were routed by elvish forces guarding the Depression. Harak was killed in the fighting however Angus was unharmed and found by the elves after the battle ended. It was obvious, even as an infant, Angus was born of an Orc-Human violent union so an attempt was made to find who the mother might have been. A cursorily local inquiry failed to find who the unfortunate commoner mother might have been that had been taken by the orc raiders and was considered to likely be deceased thus Angus was sent to an orphanage first in Rymskigrad then later to one in Glantri City.

At the age of 5 Angus was eligible to be screened for magical ability and was and found to have a much higher than normal talent for magic. As no one was likely to, nor did come forward to match the 50% scholarship made by the Great School for such talented children, the mage who did the testing decided to take things into his own hands as he felt sympathy for the child and did not want to see the potential in the child wasted. The mage, Floris Veriella, arranged to have several masters at the Great School come and see the half-orc child with enormous magical potential and after meeting and testing him themselves they agreed to sponsor Angus as well as help raise him as he would be among the youngest of all students at the Great School and did face significant social challenges. The early years for Angus were as brutal as the masters at the Great School had anticipated. Surrounded by peers, almost all older children, of the social and political elite he was mercilessly teased and bullied. The masters were able to shield him from the worst, especially as the promise of his latent abilities with magic became more pronounced as he grew older and more experienced. More important was the wall that Angus built around himself which reduced the insults and jokes to near nothingness and allowed him to thrive in the challenging academic setting of the Great School of Magic.

As the years passed at the Great School Angus naturally was drawn to the department of Illusion/Phantasm and concentrating his studies in that school of magic. His hope was to learn an enchantment that might change his appearance. While he found temporary spells that could hide his appearance, none of course were permanent. In spite of his failure to find the correct permanent incantation to change his appearance Angus proved to be a prodigy in how quickly he took to his lessons and learned advanced spellcraft and by the age of 16 he reached level 9 and with being classified as a legal spellcaster he was eligible to take his graduation test. In spite of his intelligence and his powerful grasp of magic it Angus failed his first test when he was confronted by a orc during the test who barred his progress forward and he froze, unable to kill or incapacitate him, and Angus was unable to reach the end of the test before his test ran out thus he failed. While he passed a retest a couple of months later the seed of Angus’ destiny had been planted. After graduation he was offered a position at the Great School as a lecturer and accepted and worked at the Great School for 8 years working his way up to the rank of Professor. During his tenure there his abilities were respected at the Great School, however he never found social acceptance and always felt and a saw himself as an outsider. As a result Angus made a point to avoid social settings and kept to himself and immersed himself in his studies and his instruction preparation for his classes. Finally though Angus felt the need to get out of the place he had spent nearly all of his life and see the world. In AC 994 Angus took an indefinite leave from the Great School of Magic and went out into the world to find himself.

Angus made his way to the Broken Lands and set about studying the demi-human population and living among the orcs, disguising his half human nature with both physical and magical help. After a couple of years there he started to hear stories about a city of humanoids deep underneath the Broken Lands and set out to locate it. After finding he was so amazed by its architectural beauty, history, and magical secrets he decided to settle down there and learn as much as he could about this unique place. During the many years he spent there he came learn about Orc Society, their customs, and finally the true origins of the city itself. However his stay there was shortened by the invasion of Oenkmar in AC 1012. He took little part in the fighting itself other than doing what he could to save the city and its inhabitants. With the final fall of Oenkmar to the Shadow Elves in AC 1012 Angus left the war ravaged city for good and decided to return to Glantri City and the Great School to reveal and share his fantastic discoveries. Upon his arrival back in Glantri Angus took back up his old position at the Great School. Soon after in a private meeting with Grand Master of the School, Prince Harald, Angus told him of his experiences since going on sabbatical from the school, including his discoveries and the events of the fall of Oenkmar to the Shadow Elves. Angus was told to prepare for findings for a formal presentation and upon which he would elevated to Master of the Great School of Magic. However before he could prepare his findings and present them to the world through the Great School the mystery of his past came back to him in the form of answers.

A short time after life was beginning to return to normal after the devastating Ethengarian invasion Angus was approached by a group of men requesting a meeting. They brought gave Angus an invitation to come meet with Baroness Myra McDuff of Uigmuir. The invitation said little other than she had information that he would find extremely important in his current research. Naturally curious and fearing nothing as he had no interest in, nor value in, the treacherous and deadly game of Glantrian politics he decided to accept the offer of the meeting. Upon arriving in Uigmuir he was brought, to his immense surprise, not a private audience with the Baroness to discuss research but the throne room of the Baroness, with a few members of the Baronial staff waiting for him, but with the Baroness nowhere to be found. There before the staff the seneschal announced to everyone that for many years he had been keeper of a great secret whose time had come to finally reveal. The seneschal proceeded to reveal the truth the events of Lady McDuff’s abduction, her death, her current state since her death, the existence of an heir to Uigmuir, Angus McClintock. He proceeded to announce that now her son has been returned to her, that Angus will be the heir to the Barony of Uigmuir and shall be henceforth known as Angus McDuff. The shocked silence of the throne room is finally broken with gasps with the entrance of the floating form of translucent woman of striking beauty. After moving close to Angus and looking her son over proudly, she smiled and then the ghost of Myra McDuff disappeared, finally to able to rest in peace.

Angus has spent the last several months of AC 1015 adjusting to these shocking revelations and the subsequent changes in his life, and status in Glantri. He immediately took a ‘research’ sabbatical from the Great School upon formal announcement of Myra’s death and his elevation to noble status while he decides where his life is now and how he should proceed. He is torn between honoring his human side through his mother and settling down in Uigmuir to a life of a ruler and getting into the snake pit of Glantrian politics, or honoring his orc heritage and continuing his work to understand and promote greater acceptance of humanoids in Glantri. Some observers think he may well do both and take a somewhat active role in politics while using his new status to help promote humanoid acceptance. The question of his particular political allegiance is a hotly debated topic among Glantrian political scientists. Some think he will honor the previous allegiance to Crownguard to avoid making unnecessary enemies, some think he will align himself with Kern, and Prince Harald, due to their connection via the Great School, while still others think he will align himself with the new Prince Kol. It remains to be seen which way Angus will proceed.

IV. Web of Intrigue
As Angus had very little social contact and no interest or involvement with politics he has no friends and no enemies. He never has held any particular animosity towards his past tormentors. Likewise those students, many now nobles or powerful wizards, see him as less than him thus not worth the time to think about. Whether or not his accession to the ranks of the ruling noble class will change that remains to be seen.

V. Statistics &Style of Magic
Statistics: 24th-level mage (AC 1015); Str 9, Int 18, Wis 12, Dex 14, Con 11, Cha 6; AL - Lawful
Languages: Thyatian common, Kaelic, Oenkmarian, Aengmorian, Orc
Weapon Proficiencies: Daggar (skilled), Staff (skilled)
Skills: Acting, Knowledge of Oenkmar history (I+1) , humanoid culture (I), Shadow Elf history (I), Caving (W), Underground Survival (I), Healing (I), Teaching (I), Alternative Magics (I), Disguise (I), Alchemy (I), Subterranean Nature Lore(I)

Angus has a very straightforward style as a wizard as he has mastered no particular branch but is strongly grounded in all branches. He is familiar with all basic basic spells and has access to a fair amount of offensive and defensive magical items.

“if I had a face with that I would know better than to show myself in public”
(Duchess Sinaria Verlien to a friend after passing Angus in the hallway at the Great School)