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Alternate history before 6000 BC

by Joseph Setorius

50,000 BC Elves from the Twilight Realm (A major plane resting above the the Plane of Nightmares assuredly rests below it) become more "curious" about the "world" around them, seeking/desiring "creations" of their own. So as to not "taint" the harmony of the Twilight Realm, Ordana creates a "magical portal" (maybe wormhole or vortex is a better term?) descending to the planet's surface. Many waves of these "enlightened" elves descend this "Staircase" emerging in the lands that will become/be named Evergrun.
32,000 BC As anthropomorphic species (the descendent of humans) began to overtake the planet, the Fieonds, creatures of Shadow and Darkness having "ruled" over sentient life for a time, wage crusades to exterminate or severely limit the growth and civilization of these new species. The Elves in defense of life (along with the Gi Mondals...a race I have yet to describe, yet reside in Fiaer Giamond) wage war with the Fieonds, eventually defeating them. Yet at the cost of having the humans overtake them in population, and eventually technology (thanks to Blackmoor). During the beginning of these wars Ordanna and other Immortals allow those not wishing to participate in the wars to ascend the Staircase and return to the Twilight Realm, but in doing so they must accept the doctrine of the Realm. Though their memories remain intact, they will no longer have desire for anything save the love and warmth of their providing Immortals.
16,000 BC Though victorious, the Elves have now been tainted with the ideas of war (An art not learned from humans, as posited in Gaz 5, the Elves of Alfhiem), and the one once great harmonious clan divides into four great clans. These four great clans conduct wars over the next four thousand years, limiting growth and development of other arts, and population. When they at last come to a close, the four great clans (and their subdivisions) each settle a different area of Evergrun.
12,000BC Humans begin leaving their hunter-gatherer ways. Domestication of plants and animals begins, and small villages began to appear.
8,000BC The elves have learned the art of shipbuilding, sailing & ocean travel and make their way toward the other continents. [After the Fieondic Wars the elves and feionds had "exterminated" each other over other parts of the planet. (And since this seems somewhat unlikely, I have made some notes saying perhaps the Elves "made a (final) deal" with the Immortals in an hour of need, sacrificing themselves except for the realm of Evergrun, in order that the Fieonds would be similarily confined. As fieonds were later hunted by humans and other races alike, the fieonds have mostly perished, yet the elves have survived. Perhaps some mixing with or diseases from Fieonds created lycanthropy in its various forms, or even Vampirism and such afflictions. (?)]
Humans develop forms of language from primitive art, and begin a rise to the first small kingdoms and empires.
6,000 BC My timeline thus/now coincides with established cannon...and probably most fanon?