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Edleview, Barony of

by Michael Berry

392 square miles

Population: (population values are given for AC 1014)

Huelva (224): is located close to the northern border and is the main settlement of the Barony.
Doohan (75): is located close to Edleview tower in the mountainous foothills of the Barony.
Osuna (175): is a thriving farming village on the Edleview River.
Brixino (100): is a logging and mining village east of Doohan in the foothills of the Barony.
Reinosa (100) is a Lupin community in the far western hills of the Barony.

Ethnic groups:
Thyatian 30%, Belcadiz Human 20%, OuterWordlers 15%, Belcadiz Elf 10%, Averoignian 10%, Lupin 8%, Sindhi 5%, Others 2%.

Thyatian common, Belcadiz

Vincienzo di Randazzi (born 981, M11, AL - Neutral)



The Barony is occasionally visited by patrols of Brannartís 4th and 9th Divisions which are stationed in the nearby Principality of Sablestone. The patrols rarely venture far into the mountains. Due to the close proximity of Edleview to Sablestone, where the troops are based, any incursions by humanoids or other monsters would be responded to quickly by Grand Army units much more so than other far flung dominions so the Baron does keep a relatively small internal military force, the Guardia Civil.

The Guadia Civil is a force of 20 F1 fighters maintained by the Baron to police the Barony and protect the people from humanoids or wandering monsters coming out of the mountains. Once only open to those of those with Belcadizian ancestry by order of the founding Baron, the new Baron, di Randazzi, has opened membership to anyone living in the Barony regardless of ethnicity. The Baron has a personal guard force of 10 F5 which guard his tower.


A fair quality trail which leaves the village of Banderlin to the north and meets up with the Sablestone Road some 10 miles north of Banderlin. Poor quality trails connect Banderlin to the village of Edleview and various smaller settlements of the Barony. Several bad quality trails leave the village of Edleview into the mountains.

Edleview is a mineral poor dominion that relies on its abundant herds of goats in the mountains and cattle in the flatlands for its wealth. To this point no substantial mineral deposits have been found in the mountains of Edleview but prospecting continues in hope of finding wealth in the mountains as many of its neighboring Baronies have. Some hope exists as mineral deposits have been found immediately to the east in the Two Volcanoes Free Province. Many prospectors stage trips into the mountains from the villages of Brixino and Doohan. For now Edleview relies on livestock herds and often trades with Sablestone, trading livestock for fresh produce.

Edleview Monthly Financial Ledger (figures from AC 1014)

Main resources: 2 animal (goat, cattle)
6 hexes: mountain; borderland; pop. 336; tax 16.8 dc
1 hexes: clear; rural; pop. 560; tax 56 dc
Huelva: village; pop. 224; tax 22.4 dc

Total population: 784 rural, 336 borderland

Tax Income: 72.8 dc
Resource Income: 380.8 dc
Standard Income: 761.8 dc
Council Tax: 243 dc
Net Cash: 210.6 dc
Overhead (35%): 73.7 dc
Available Cash: 136.9 dc

With 5443 XP/year, in 10 years the Baron could gain 54,430 XP.
Alternate: 874 XP/year.

Barons of Edleview

James Doohan 1006
Juan Manuel Cagigal y Monserrat 1006 - 1009
Vincienzo di Randazzi 1009 -

The Barony of Edleview was one of the 8 new dominions created by the Council of Princes in 1006. The Princes felt the new dominions would provide much needed revenue with the massive increased in the Grand Army due to the war with Alphatia and would provide more balance to a Glantrian nobility structure that now had nearly as many Principalities as Baronies and Viscounties combined. Half of the new dominions were in the northwest as part of a larger program which annexed the previously unclaimed lands between the Black Mountains and Adri Varma Plateau south of Wendar. Several were created in the Sablestone region of which Edleview was one.

Many of the new dominions were awarded to heroes of the first year of the Great War with Alphatia but some were created as rewards to deserving wizards. James Doohan was one of those deserving wizards, and the Council of Princes created the Barony of Edleview for him for his services to the Council prior to the war. Doohan was a high level military wizard in Brannartís Division and was instrumental in helping quell FFF resistance to the establishment of the Principality of Sablestone. Doohan was named new Baron of the Barony which he named Edleview, however his reign was short as he and his family was found murdered several weekss after the Barony was established and his was confirmed as Baron. The murderers were never found but the FFF was strongly suspected and led to a vicious crackdown of any suspected remnants, or even sympathizers, of the organization in the Sablestone region in retribution for the murders.

The suddenly open Barony was put up to an Awards Festival by the Council of Princes and was eventually won by the respected and powerful Belcadizian (human) wizard Juan Manuel Cagigal y Monserrat. Juan Manuel strongly encouraged immigration from the scores of Sindhi moving into the Sablestone region from the chaos and war of Sind as well as encouraged many Belcadiz that had lived previously in Egorn under the Beladizian, Isabella de Montebello, who moved on to Castelbianco several years earlier. His efforts were successful and the Barony had a large influx of population which allowed the new Barony to grow and prosper. Edleview remained fairly well untouched by the Great War itself. The Great Plague which ravaged much of the rest of Glantri, killing an estimated third of the population, was slightly less deadly in the Sablestone region partly because of its remoteness and in part because clerics were more active here. Estimates are that Edleview, like much of western Glantri and the Sablestone region lost an estimated 20% of its people. Today population totals, unlike most of the rest of Glantri which are still recovering, are approximately back to where they stood in AC 1000.

Baron Monserrat was engaged to be married, to a cousin of Prince Harald Haaskinz, and thus start a family but postponed the marriage till the end of the war. Sadly he did survive. Monserrat was in Glantri City when the Alphatians wizards launched their massed retaliatory assault upon Glantri for the destruction of their capital city of Sundsvall. Monserrat was seen to be dueling an Alphatian wizard when he was obliterated by a spell from the Alphatian wizard. The identity or fate of the Alphatian wizard is unknown to this day, however Princesss Carnelia claims it had to have been a member of the Alphatian Council as Monserrat was a powerful wizard (M25) himself.

After Alphatia later sank beneath the ocean and Glantri claimed victory and the Great War ended Glantri was left with several vacancies in its noble ranks. The vacant title of Baron of Edleview was contested in an Awards Festival and won by the Thyatian wizard Vincienzo di Randazzi and thus he became the 3rd baron of Edleview in just over three years. Since he became Baron di Randazzi has spent his time at the Capital and left the day to day management of the Barony in the capable hands of his family, in particular his father, the retired Army General, Pangriato di Randazzi. The years since the end of the war have been years of peace, calm and finally stability.

Notable sites:
Huelva is the largest settlement in the Barony. Located in the flatlands of the Barony where nearly 70% of the Baronies population lives, upon only 15% of its land. It is a lively and busy center of social life and economic life in the Barony, and is also the administrative center of the Barony. The Chief Magistrate of the Barony resides here, and is the Baronís brother, Jacobo. Jacobo (F7) is easily recognizable for the arm he lost to a humanoid axe fighting at the Battle of the Long Bridge in early 1007. Jacobo is strict but fair in his applications of the law but especially seems to be hardest on wizards who break the laws. He is often seen at the Two Tits and a Twat pub when not at work, and is often found drinking with a good sized crew of Grand Army veterans.

High in the mountains to the southwest of the Baronís Tower is the entrance to a deep cave complex. One used in the past for outlaws or most recently as a secret headquarters by the Sablestone FFF. The cave complex is natural but in the lowest level there exists a secret door that leads to a stone stairwell that leads down hundreds of feet. There the stairwell opens into a natural cavern which has a passage way leading even deeper into the earth. After several weeks of journeying, explorers would find themselves under the Adri Varna Plateau, and facing a old stone fortress, old but not likely unoccupied as there is light coming from the window of the highest tower.

Coat of Arms:

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