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Egorn, Barony of

by Michael Berry

392 square miles

AC 1000 - 1750
AC 1014 - 1662

Villages: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Siena (350): is the administrative and economic center of the Barony and its largest settlement.
Vernazza (300): is in the heartland of Egornís agricultural belt located between Siena and AlcalaliAlcalali (325): is located close to Egorn tower in the forested foothills of the Barony.
Estartit (125): is a community of artists in the foothills of the Kurish Massif.
Logrono (100): is a thriving lumbering village deep in the mountains in the southeastern part of Egorn.

Ethnic groups:
Thyatian 25%, OuterWordlers 25%, Averoignian 15%, Belcadiz Human 10%, Belcadiz Elf 5%, Flaem 5%, Lupin 5%, Alphatian 3%, Hattian 3%, Others 4%.

Thyatian common

AC 1000 - Isabella di Montebello (born 882, E10, 3rd Circle Witch, AL - Neutral)
AC 1014 - Gerrid Rientha (born 968, M17, Brotherhood of the Radiance, Al -Lawful)

AC 1000 - Belcadiz
AC 1014 - Kern


Egorn is rarely visited by Glantrian Army patrols which tend to concentrate on the wilder borderland areas and the border regions. Egorn has been tamed for the most part over the nearly 200 years since it became a Barony and few monsters or dangerous wildlife are to be found the borders of Egorn. Since the Great War several monsters summoned by Alphatian terror units have plagued the people of Egorn but most were dealt with by adventurer parties and the Baronial Guard. The Baronial Guard is a respected and honored institution in Egorn and traces its history back to the creation of the Barony itself. Today it consists of 70 F4 (sword, chain, shield, riding horse). The Baronial Guard patrols the Barony and acts as a Constabulary for the Baron. The Baron maintains an elite guard force with protects his tower on the shores of Mirror Lake. The guard force consists of 10 F7 and 1 M7 which also serve as bodyguards for the Baron and his family.


A main route into and out of Egorn is the Haaskinz Trail which runs north-south through the Barony and continues out of the Barony to the north and connects with the main Sablestone Moulins Road. It has been improved over the years and is rated as a Ďfair trail by Glantrian AAA. A small River also runs from south to north before entering the Sablestone River north of Egorn. Though smaller than the Sablestone, the Egorn River does provide needed water for the Barony and helps sustain agriculture along the River. It is not large enough to be navigable by anything larger than a canoe however. The smaller settlements of Egorn are linked to each other and to the larger settlements and Haaskinz Trail by smaller poor quality trails.

Egorn is the oldest dominion in the region, created when the Republic of Glantri was established, and has long since indentified and profited from its resources. The largest concentrations of forests, and timber are found in Egorn and just outside of it and lumber is the most important (and profitable) resource Egorn has. Much of the timber is exported to Kern where it is sold. Because of the scarcity of forests in the region and the costs of transporting in timber from far flung areas of Glantri, Egorn timber is quite expensive and is only bought by the affluent. Having a wood home is perhaps the ultimate sign of status in the Sablestone region because of the costs involved.

In addition to timber Egorn produces a large amount of vegetables from its well established farms along the Egorn River. The farms are so productive they produce a surplus of tomatoes, cumcumbers, and pumkins which are exported to more agriculturally challenged areas in the West End region.

Egorn Monthly Financial Ledger (figures from AC 1014)

Main resources: 1 mineral, 1 vegetable
5 hexes: mountain; borderland; pop. 280; tax 14 dc
2 hexes: clear; rural; pop. 1120; tax 112 dc
Egorn: village; pop. 350; tax 35 dc

Total population: 1470 village/rural, 280 borderland

Tax Income: 161 dc
Resource Income: 644 dc
Standard Income: 1288 dc

Council Tax: 418 dc
Net Cash: 387 dc
Overhead (35%): 135 dc
Available Cash: 252 dc

With 9660 XP/year, in 10 years the Baron could gain 96,600 XP.
Alternate: 874 XP/year.

Barons of Egorn

Johan of Haaskinz 829-857 Robert of Haaskinz 857-859
John Bluebeard 859-861 Alphons Wolfen 861-867
Alexander Wolfen 867-868 Petrus Foljanbe 868-871
Constanza de Blanca 871-879 Maria Sprigg 879-890
Gaspar Terlagand 890-895 Idwal Terlagand 895-915
Raimund McDonald 915-917 Charles Newbrute 917-928
Seisyll Wittels 928-935 Rana Gabranza 935-940
Maria Lamoza 940-944 Charlotte Aposan 944-963
Aliana Nyraviel 963-970 Musa Urbaal 970-976
Emeth Urbaal 976-987 Esechiel Naramis 987-991
Arbana Jerbat 991-997 Isabella de Montebello 997-1004
Niccolo Galateo 1004-1007 Sita Peshwir 1007-1009
Gerrid Rhentha 1009-    

The Barony of Egorn was established at the same time as the Republic of Glantri and is the oldest dominion by many years in the Sablestone/West End region. The region of Egorn was already settled some 400 years prior to the establishment of the Glantrian state by Outerworld refugees of the Overlordís invasion of the Highlands. Many of the Outerworlders that could not or would not go back to their homeworlds after the defeat of the Overlord settled in the lands between the Adri Varma Plateau and the Highlands of the Flaem. There they lived peacefully and indifferent and neutral to the great events and frequent wars that plagued the Flaemish Highlands. When Glantri was established it was decided that Glantri should have a presence in the western borderlands and Egorn was chosen as the first Glantrian dominion in the western borderlands. The first baron was the Hattian general Johan of Haaskinz who brought sizeable numbers of the 3 groups of Thyatians to the new Barony where they mixed peacefully with the Outworlders already in the new Barony.

For the next several decades Egorn struggled to become economically viable as no truly valuable commodities were found within its borders. The Barony was supported directly by the Council however as the Barony was deemed a western outpost of military significance. Egornís fortunes started to change after the failed rebellion against the wizards after the Light of Rad Decision. Hundreds of Thyatians most living in lands of nobles who rebelled moved to the peaceful and out of the way Sablestone region. As the only established outpost in the west many turned to Egorn for help and for supplies while new settlements were being built. Especially profitable and desired was the large numbers of trees that grew around Egorn. Lumber began a prime export of Egorn to the newly forming communities of Kern and Estin. Surplus produce grown in the fields of the well developed Egorn River basin was highly valued by the new settlers to supplement what they grew around the small Sablestone River.

The settlements in Sablestone caught on and finally in 898 Glantri formally annexed the previously unclaimed lands. Egorn remained the only dominion in the region however for the next 100 years before the Barony of Oxhill was established so Egorn remained the social, political, and military outpost of Glantri in the western end of Glantri for many years making it one of the most important and prestigious Baronial titles. For nearly the next 100 years the population of the Sablestone region grew slowly but steadily. Fort Sablestone was built in 967 to help project Glantrian authority and power into the region decreasing Egornís importance somewhat as many civil and all military functions left Egorn for Fort Sablestone and the growing community of Kern. Egorn remained as the western most dominion until large mineral deposits were discovered in the northern Kurish Massif and the Council of Princes established a new Barony, Oxhill, in 989. With the growing population in Sablestone rumors came of possible enfoeffment for Sablestone and the Barons of Oxhill and Egorn waged a very bitter campaign against each other all while trying to win the hearts and minds of the Sablestone population. Egorn though no longer was as important a Barony as it once was, was still the most prosperous and productive region in Sablestone and it was thought that the young, beautiful and popular Belcadizian Baroness of Egorn, Isabella di Montebello would eventually gain the level of support needed for an act of enfoeffment. However when both Barons were upstaged and undercut by the dramatic efforts of Archduke Harald Haaskinz the issue was settled and neither got what they wanted and Haaskinz became Prince of the new Principality of Sablestone in 1004.

The enfoeffment of Sablestone changed little for Egorn. The increased agricultural output of Sablestone due to growth alomg the Sablestone River meant there was not as much demand for its surplus produce but in turn the increased fertility of Sablestoneís land meant it could sustain more people and immigration to the region increased, especially during the Great War and in the aftermath of Tharís invasion. While Egornís forests had always been valued and profitable to the Baron, the increased immigration meant even more demand for lumber and prices skyrocketed making those in the business and the ruling Baron very wealthy. Some immigrants have decided to settle in Egorn rather than the most austere Sablestone region and so today, while not as important as it was early in its history, Egorn is a very content peaceful and prosperous Barony.

Notable sites:
Mount Pizzaro is a nearly eleven thousand foot mountain in the western half of Egorn. A popular destination for artists, particular from New Averoigne, the views of the West End and Sablestone sprawling below it to the north and west on a cloudless day are among the most beautiful in all Glantri. Below the summit to the northeast is the tower of the Averoignian wizard Henri Chartain who is one of the most famous painters in all Glantri. Henri has not been seen in public however for several years. The new Baron of Egorn, Gerrid Rientha, is thinking of paying a visit to check on him as there has been no sign of life in his tower since the last time he was seen last.

Logrono in the southeast corner of Egorn is one of the richest and prosperous settlements in all the West End of Glantri. Home to the great 3 families of logging who manage the wooded forests of Egorn and the surrounding areas immediately outside Egornís borders. The village set in the heart of the forest and conforms to the forest as much as any elven settlement would. Buildings however are built on the ground but around the bases of largest of trees. Fallen and cut trees are brought here from the surrounding forest and cut down into easily transportable cuts of lumber and sent by weekly caravans to Kern. The townís Mayor is a Wendarian Elf, Bresathan Marathis (EL14), who in addition to the normal duties that come with being a mayor is also entrusted to preside over disputes between the three families.

The Baronial Estate is found of the western shore of Mirror Lake in the central wooded hills of Egorn. A large estate of 100 acres the central manor is a large 4 story wood building with scores of guest rooms for VIPís or friends and their families. Waling the central hall of the manor is like taking a history lesson of Egorn and all of its previous Baronís. Paintings of all the previous Barons line the walls along with a curious tradition in that the Baron by tradition leaves one small item to be displayed on a pedestal below his painting. The variety of items that have been left have, as intended, shown well the types of people that were once Barons of Egorn. Some the more curious include an empty bottle of whiskey with a permanent continual light placed upon it (Raimund McDonald), a spellbook with a particularly nasty spell (a symbol of Insanity) placed upon it (Seisyll Wittels), but the favorite of many visitors including the current Baron is the one left by the previous Baroness Isabella di Montebello, a simple card in her own handwriting thanking all the people of Egorn for the years of wonderful memories.

Coat of Arms:

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