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Erewan, Principality of

by Michael Berry

1,260 square miles

AC 1000 - 26,584
AC 1014 - 22,596

Towns: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Erendyl (4800/4100)

Selected Villages: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Ellerovyn (472/553)
Alassëatya: (634/565) is a large settlement in the woods southeast of Erendyl on the Vesubian River.
Eruanna: (721/302) is a village in the woods east of Ellerovyn along the border with the Broken Lands.
Canyatar: (818/ 756) is a village in the woods northwest of Ellerovyn.

Ethnic groups:
AC 1000 - Erewan Elf 50%, Thyatin 30%, Belcadiz Human 10%, Fen 2%, Alphatian 2%, Belcadiz Elf 2%, Others 4%
AC 1014 – Erewan Elf 42%, Thyatin 30%, Belcadiz Human 12%, Belcadiz Elf 5%, Fen 3%, Alphatian 3%, Others 5%

Elf, Thyatin Common

Princess Caroltina Erewan: Marchioness of Ellerovyn, Chamberlain of the Land (AC 1000 - 1004), Commander of Carlotina’s Division AC 1000-1005, 1007-1009, Deputy Commander of 4th Army Corp and Commander of Glantrian 8th and 15th Divisions AC 1010 - 1014

Born AC 811, EW10 (AC 1000), EW20 (AC 1014), High Mistress of Runes, AL - Lawful

Lady Eleesea (mother): born AC 623, EW 14, 4th Circle Cryptomancer, AL - Neutral
Lady Norelia (aunt): born AC 711, E9, 4th Circle Cryptomancer, AL - Neutral
Lady Bethys (aunt):born AC 812, EW11, 4th Circle Cryptomancer, AL - Neutral
Sire Qenildor (son):born AC 911, E9 (AC1000) E10 Attack Rank D (AC1014), AL - Lawful
Sire Thendain (son):born AC 930, E6, AL - Lawful


AC 1000 - Voting Power: 21 at the Council, 32 at the Parliament
Allies: Lady Aliana Nyraviel (E9), Countess of Soth-Kabree; Lord Ezechiel Naramis (E9), Viscount of Nathrat

AC 1014 – Voting Power 17 at the Council, 35 at the Parliament
Allies: Lord Ezechiel Naramis (E10), Viscount of Nathrat; Lord Ansel Widefarer (E10), Viscount of Redstone; Lord Iriel Newleaf (EW11), Baron of Lantruen; Lord Mirodor (E10), Baron of Rittenour

Princess Carlotina is one of the divisional commanders of the Glantrian Army, and took over command of the Erewan division after the death of her father. While Carotina has little military experience it is commonly believed she held on to her father’s command because of her son, Qenildor, who had proved an able tactician and leader of the elven division as he worked his way up the ranks and would be assumed to lead the division in Carlotina’s name upon her accession to Princess and command of the division. Prior to the Great War Carlotina’s Division had a banner, stationed at Erendyl. This Banner patrolled the Principality of Erewan, as well as areas up to 48 miles away, constantly on watch for humanoid raiders from the Broken Lands. The rest of the Division was stationed at Camp Huledain.

During the Great War Princess Carlotina commanded her old division and Erewanese Militia and saw a great deal of action during Thar’s invasion. After the Great War the Glantrian Military Reorganization Act of AC 1010 was passed. The Glantrian Grand Army was now to consist of 16 Divisions. In times of peace the divisions are organized into 8 2-division sections, with the further tactical flexibility available in times of need to be organized into 4 4-division corps. Carlotina was named as deputy commander of the Glantrian 4th Army Corp (commanded by Prince Malachie) which includes both of her divisions, her original division the 8th (Erewan) Infantry Division and the new 15th Infantry Division. The 8th Division’s 1st and 2nd Banners are stationed in Ellerovyn, the 2nd, 3rd Banners are stationed in Erendyl. The 15th Division is currently stationed at Ft. Huledain. Every 3 months the divisions rotate assignments. Prince Carlotina employs a strong personal guard force to protect her home and family in Ellerovyn, as it is close to the border with the Border Lands. She maintains an elite guard force of 25 E7 guards led by an E9 Captain of the Guards.

Carlotina's 8th and 15th Divisions
Division Commander - 8th and 15th Divisions: Princess Carlotina Erewan (EW20 Cryptomancer 5th)
Brigadiers - 8th Div: Sire Qenildor Erewan (EL10 Attack Rank D), 15th Div: Rafael Garcia (F15)
Head Mages - 8th Div: Lady Eleesa Erewan (EW18 Rune Master 4th), 15th Div: Lady Norelia (EW12 Rune Master 4th)
Knight- none

Fighting troops: 860
Total (including officers, aids and logistics banner): 950

Headquarters: Erendyl

Peacetime Deployment - there hasn't been peace for Erewan and for its divisions since the beginning of the Great War.
The 8th Division is 100% mounted, a small percentage are on flying mounts. Troops of Deca status and up have magical items, as well as special units (about 25%). The 8th Division is entirely made up of Erewan elves. They are highly skilled, motivated in defending their homeland, and very experienced as the result of years of near continuous wars with the humanoids.
1st Banner ('Aliana's Pride'): 70 elite airborne cavalries (E4) lances, long swords+1, shields and chain mails+1 on pegasi; 50 elite airborne knights (E5) equipment same as above on griffons; 8 sergeants (E6), 2 Lieutenants (E8) 1 captain (E10) sergeants and Lieutenants on pegasus. The captain is mounted on a Griffon.

After Lady Aliana Nyraviel's death Princess Carlotina took over and became the sponsor of Nyraviel's knights. She intended to keep them as a private force of hers, but the events of the war changed that and she made them a regular part of her divisions, and the Grand Army of Glantri. The first Banner is considered very elite and are all experienced combat veterans. Along with Jaggar's ‘Blitzkrieg Battalion’(IV/1), it is considered one of the best individual combat units in the Glantrian army.

2nd Banner ('Red Arrowheads'): 240 archers (E3) long bows, short swords, daggers, leather armor; 8 sergeants (E4), 2 Lieutenants (E6), 1 captain (E8). All mounted on riding horses.

3rd Banner ('Night Riders') : 240 light cavalries (E3) lances, long swords, daggers, shields, leather armor; 8 sergeants (E4), 2 Lieutenants (E6), 1 Captain (E8). All mounted on warhorses.

4th Banner ('Orc slayers'): 240 mounted infantries (E3) long swords, daggers, shields, leather armor; 4 sergeants (E4), 2 Lieutenants (E6), 1 captain (E8). All mounted on riding horses.

The 15th Division was one of the first reservists divisions called up in AC 1004 when war was declared between Glantri and Alphatia. Unlike most of the reserve divisions it was not disbanded after Alphatia sank and was instead designated as a regular army division and assigned to Princess Carlotina. The division is approximately 43% elf and 57% human, all humans enlisted from the population of Erewan. Of the 8 newly designated divisions in the expanded post-war Grand Army of Glantri the 15th is considered perhaps the most battle tested and experienced having seen substantial fighting not only during Thar’s invasion but also in the years of humanoid attack into Erewan afterward prior to establishment of New Kolland and the establishing of an uneasy truce between Erewan and the humanoids.

1st Banner (‘Carlotina’s Pride’): 120 mage-warriors (E4), 4 sergeants (E6), 2 Lieutenants (E8) 1 captain (E10). All mounted on riding horses.

2nd Banner (‘Black Arrowheads’): 240 archers (E3) long bows, short swords, daggers, leather armor; 8 sergeants (E4), 2 Lieutenants (E6), 1 captain (E8). All mounted on riding horses.

3rd Banner ('Thar’s Bane’): 240 light cavalries (F2) lances, long swords, daggers, shields, leather armor; 8 sergeants (F3), 2 Lieutenants (F5), 1 Captain (F8). All mounted on warhorses.

4th Banner (‘Blacks’): 240 mounted infantries (F2) long swords, daggers, shields, leather armor; 4 sergeants (F3), 2 Lieutenants (F6), 1 captain (F9). All mounted on riding horses.

The history of the Principality of Erewan began in the forests of Alfheim where after an unsuccessful bid to become King of Alfheim Charan of the Erewan Clan decided he would would leave Alfheim and settle in the Highlands north of the Broken Lands. He was joined by many of his family, friends, and supporters in the Erewan clan and arrived in the Highlands in AC 709. After acknowledging the authority of the leader of the long established Belcadiz Elves Charon was permitted to settle the area between the Red and Vesubian Rivers. After many years of waves of human settlers and war between between the settlers and the Flaem and later a rebellion against a Alphatian coup peace finally came to Glantri in AC 828. Both the Erewan elves and Belcadiz did not trust the humans and were weary of the humans and their endless wars, treachery, and inherent instability driven by their emotions and decided to remain independent of the newly formed Republic of the Highlands, later the Republic of Glantri.
The elves remained independent of Glantri for some three decades until plans about the forthcoming Light of Rad decision, and the establishement of a magocracy were secretly floated to both Charon and Don Fernando de Belcadiz in hopes they might decide to finally decide to join the new nation.

While Don Fernando was very much in support of the idea of a magocracy and willing to finally join Glantri, Charon was very much against it. In the end though he saw he had little choice and unhappily agreed to follow the Belcadiz into the new Magocracy of Glantri. The elves of Erewan and their settled areas between the Red and Vesubian became part of a large Elven Principality ruled by the Belcadiz. Charon was granted the title of Marquis of Ellerovyn and took a seat in the House of Lords. Relation between the two groups of elves however deteriorated over the following years and under the Belcadiz the Erewan elves were reduced to second-class citizens in the Principality of Belcadiz. There were harsher sentences for them, harsher taxation and so on. Finally Charon decided he had to get out from the Belcadiz yoke for good and with support of some on the Council of Princes broke away from the Belcadiz and established a second elven principality, Erewan, in AC 884. Relations with Belcadiz remain frigid at best, outwardly hostile with the Belcadiz still to this day. The next hundred plus years proved to be relatively uneventful for Erewan outside of occasional humanoid raids which notably took the life of Charan Erewan’s son and successor as Prince of Erewan in AC 983. However with beginning of the Great War, the intercontinental, multi-national war between Glantri and Alphatia and their allies, in AC 1004 life forever changed in Erewan.

The Erewan elves though they considered themselves loyal subjects of and loyal to Glantri, were always mistrusted by the rest of Glantri for a variety of reasons. Strong cultural ties to Alfheim caused many to wonder where their allegiances really stood. Unlike the very cosmopolitan Belcadiz the Erewan never fully ingratiated themselves into the human dominated Glantrian culture and tried to maintain their distance from humans and keep to their old way of life. This distrust manisfested itself at the Council when Princess Carlotina was removed from her position of Chamberlain of the Land soon after war was declared and the position given to Prince Jaggar. With the massive expansion of the Grand Army in AC 1005 to 60 divisions Carlotina was not promoted to Army command or Group Command as all of the other pre-war division commanders were. Her division was put under command of Prince Volospins 5th Army. Her son Qenildor officially took over command after they agreed it would save her the further embarrassment of having to serve such a minor role under another Prince. Most disconcerting to the Erewan was the deployment of all the newly raised forces. Prince Jaggar and the rest of the Glantrian High Command anticipated an Alphatian attack would come from the east, through Ethengar and thus deployed the vast majority of the army in the eastern half of Glantri. Princess Carlotina’s warnings about the humanoids in the Broken Lands and protecting Erewan were ignored by Jagger and so she set to raising militias and improving defenses in her own Principality. One minor success at Council was achieved in late AC 1006 getting control of her namesake division, designated in AC 1005 as the 8th Infantry Division, and having it transferred directly to Erewan . However Qenildor remained as commander of Camp Huledain and oversaw the training of the four newly raised divisions of Volospins 5th Army stationed there.

Thar’s Invasion of Glantri in Yarthmont 1007 was aimed away from Erewan but did not leave Erewan unscathed. Strong humanoid forces were detailed to raid Erewan and keep the elves from intervening in the sacking of Blackhill and the later drive on Glantri City. Massive raids into Erewan continued for nearly a year while Thar’s legions occupied Glantrian soil. Many elves lost their lives defending their homes and the southern hills of Erewan were considered a no-man’s land other than the defensive bastion of Ellerovyn. Thar’s defeat at Glantri City and his withdraw back into the Broken Lands did ease the numbers and strengths of the raids into Erewan but did not stop them. Erewan however was left to handle the raids on its own even after Thar’s retreat for the situation far to the east had worsened and it grew more and more likely that Alphatian forces would soon be on the continent and heading towards Glantri. Erewan was not spared the effects of the Great Plague sweeping Glantri which made defending against the continued raids, even if weaker and rarer, still very difficult as Erewan was estimated to have lost 20% of its population to the plague. The plague combined with losses in the war due to the raids left Erewan with a substantially reduced population by the time the war ended when Alphatia sank.

The end of the Great War however was not the end of the suffering for Erewan. Thar continued to launch strong raids and attacks into Erewan well into AC 1010 which took its toll in lives and property. Carlotina was repeatedly frustrated with the unwillingness of the Council to help with the defense of Erewan and proposed measures to help raise troops were voted down. Some Erewan elves finally had enough of the continuous fighting and the lack of sympathy and help from the rest of Glantri and several hundred elves left Glantri for good. Carlotina herself watched with amazement as the Council actually took seriously the petitions of the Kobold leader Kol IV, who replaced Thar after a short civil war as head of the Humanoids of the Broken Land, to become a Prince of Glantri. The measure in late 1010 was only narrowly defeated but a caveat was given to Kol that can reign in the humanoids and end the state of war between Glantri and the Humanoids keep his hordes from invading Glantri and Erewan the Council would consider the issue in 1011. Over the course of AC 1011 Kol managed to do just that and for the first time in many years Erewan knew peace though they remained distrustful and ever vigilant against further raids into Erewan. On Kaldmont 21 a new Humanoid principality was established and Kol IV became a Prince of Glantri in spite of the opposition of the Erewan elves. In the years that followed Erewan did finally know peace and the threat of humanoid raids slowly receeded in the back of Erewan’s collective mind. Finally Erewan was able to start rebuilding and adjusting to the new politics of post-war, post-plague Glantri.

Self Sufficient

Both the Red and the Vesubian Rivers are navigable along their lengths along the edges of Erewan and are heavily used for commerce and transportation. An important trail runs between Erendyl and Mylissis in the Southern Hills Free Province. It is rated a good quality trail by Glantrian AAA (GAAA) and is heavily traveled as well as taxed. Nearly all land traffic between central and southwestern Glantri uses this road and a vital military and commercial link between the Capital and the Principalities of Caurenze and Blackhill. A Fair trail connects Erendyl and Ellerovyn and a poor quality trail connects Ellerovyn and Soth-Kabree.

Erewan produces enough foodstuffs for its own population. Small farms along the Red and Vesubian Rivers run by human immigrants to the principality help provide the necessary foods for the human residents of Erewan. The forests of Erewan, which are by decree only open to settlement by elves, provide all the food the elves need. The primary export of Erewan are rare woods cultivated by the elves as well as sculpted rare woods done to client’s specific requests by elven craftsmen. Erewan is also famous for its horses, especially the Erewanian Thoroughbred. Even though the Palatinsk Tersk, and Bramyran Mori claim to rival the Erewan horse, equestrian experts nearly all claim the best overall Glantrian horse breed is the Erewan Thoroughbred which is considered to be; the most stamina, the fastest over distance, most intelligent, and best trained. The elves of Erewan and considered to also be the greatest bowyers and fletchers in Glantri and have been the exclusive supplier to the Grand Army of Glantri of bows and arrows since AC 865. Erewan is also a leading producer of paper, as well as beeswax and honey.

Erewanian Monthly Financial Ledger (figures from AC 1000)
Main resources: 1 vegetable (fine woods), 1 animal (horses)
9 hexes: hills; rural; pop. 1512 (75% elf, 25% human); tax 151.2 dc
6 hexes: clear, river; rural; pop. 7056 (25% elf, 75% human); tax 705.6 dc
4 hexes: clear; rural; pop. 3136 (25% elf, 75% human); tax 313.6 dc
3 hexes: heavy forest; rural; pop. 6720 (90% elf, 10% other); tax 672 dc
1 hex: heavy forest, river; rural; pop. 3360 (90% elf, 10% other); tax 336 dc
Erendyl: small town; pop. 4800 (10% elf, 90% human); tax 1440 dc

Total population: 4800 suburban, 21784 rural

Tax Income: 3618.4 dc
Resource Income: 11155.2 dc
Standard Income: 23187.2 dc
Council Tax: 7592.3 dc
Net Cash: 7181.3 dc
Overhead (60%): 4308.8 dc
Available Cash: 2872.5 dc

With 177283.2 XP/year, in 10 years Carlotina Erewan gains 1772832 XP, rising from EW10 to EW17!
Alternate: 43421 XP/year, rises from EW10 to EW12.

Cultural Curiosities:
After a long vacation in the ethereal plane. The Piazza Food Networks’s food critic, Micky the Mage returns with his latest culinary adventures. Today time we find him in Erewan.

Hey food lovers! Glad to see everyone after a well deserved vacation. It is a shame to have to return from vacation to such an unhappy place. Only the devastated and rebuilding Blackhill rivals Erewan for the dark cloud hanging over it. I spent a week there and I left there actually fondly remembered the relative joyous nature of Boldavia hahah. The cuisine of the elves is known to many to consist of hunting and gathering the bounties of the forests; raw game, nuts, and fruits. However Erewan has a significant human population and while they do keep their own ethnic eating habits there has been some cross pollination between elf and human. Erewanian cuisine tends to be simple and rely on simple yet fresh ingredients. Game animals are the mainstay of Erewanian cuisine; some dishes stress raw game yet most are involve fully cooked game as many humans, even in Erewan, are not conditioned to eat their meat raw. The town of Erendyl has the best examples of the Erewanian fusion of elf and human but in my mind it is a bit of an acquired taste and not really to my liking. Till next time, which will Klantye, I bid everyone Mae g'ovannen!

Erewan elves are famous throughout Glantri for their skill in woodworking and especially their creations with rare valuable woods. Erewan is also famous for its poetry, paintings, and music. The most famous literature to come out of Erewan would be its historical works and biographies of famous historical figures. The greatest historians of Glantri are almost all Erewanian and over the centuries many works on important events, places and people have come from Erewan.

Erewan is obviously famous for its architecture that strives to blend in with the forests and is often constructed in or within the trees themselves. Tree homes of majestic beauty can found throughout the forests of Erewan. Suspended pathways connect homes in settlements and making ground access difficult and defense much easier.

The Erewanian elves have since their arrival in the highlands remained aloof from humans. Erewan elves are often seen as haughty and arrogant by everyone outside of Erewan. Partially out of distrust and fear of the humans part out of a attempt to retain their unique culture. Intermarriage with humans and even Belcadiz elves is strongly frowned upon. Relations with the human Erewanian population are cordial and formal but rarely warm.

Ever since arriving in the region the elves have been working on converting the land between the Red and Vesubian to one more to their liking. Four large forests exist today where none did upon the elves arrival here. A common method of payment for services rendered is the planting of trees where none stood before and though a map of Glantri shows a relatively clear area much of it is wooded and is estimated by leading elven treekeepers that forests will cover several more square miles of Erewanian land in the next hundred years.

Notable sites:
Erendyl was founded in AC 715 and was considered to be inspirited by the layout of Alfheim Town. The town is predominantly human with a small population of elves who handle much of Erewan’s financial and commercial interests. Erendyl lays directly on the main trade routes, by land and water, to the southwest quarter of Glantri and has a thriving economy. Ones first impression of Erendyl is formed as one first approaches and sees the town is protected by a 10 ft. high wall. However this is no ordinary wall but one fitting one protecting a town in an elf dominion. The wall is not of stone but of earth. Not simply an earthen wall, but one adorned in ivy. The wall is known is Wrigley’s Field in honor of the Thyatin poet who wrote of its beauty over a century ago. However unknown to all but a few long lived elves the wall is no simple wall of earth but is actually an earthen shell over multiple applications of the Steelform spell made permanent. The town has three human outer districts around a central Elven district.

Map key: 1 - Commericial Quarter, 2 - Thyatin Quarter, 3 - Belcadizian Quarter, 4 - Elven Quarter, 5 - Elven businesses, 6 - Council Tree, 7 - Sentinal Trees, 8 - Historic Belcadizian District, 9 - Warehouse District, 10 - Entertainment District, 11 - Market Quarter, 12 - Erendyl Administration Building, 13 - Erewan Bridge, 14 - Plaza de Ciebeles

Erendyl owes its fame to its unique dual human/elven architecture. Human buildings of stone coexist with large elven Home Trees. Several smaller yet still very large Sentinal Trees tower above the human quarters, provide additional living space for the elves and also serve as defensive towers and platforms for elven archers. The town is famous for being the primary outlet for elven crafts. While many finely crafted elven products can be found at the Capital, the highest quality workmanship and the lowest prices on them are found in Erendyl.

While the elven architecture is much admired in Erendyl what really gives the town its unique flavor is the Belcadizian quarter. The Belcadiz have long lived here and have put their unique cultural imprint on the town. The Historic District is a favorite of many and houses a number of mansions sitting right on the Vesubian River. The mansions were once homes of the ruling and leading families of the Belcadiz and have since been sold to non-noble but still very wealthy families. Plaza de Ciebeles is the center of culture in Erendyl. It is faced by a one time Belcadizian Cathdral which has been turned into a concert hall and regularly hosts concerts by the leading Erewanian musicians as well as occasionally hosting the greatest of Glantrian musicians.

Ellerovyn is the home of the ruling Erewan family since their arrival in the Highlands. Ellerovyn is a unique elven settlement in that it was (for reasons NO ONE today knows) founded in the sparsely wooded, barren hills of Erewan only a short distance from the desolation, and humanoid infested region of the Broken Lands. Unlike the vast majority of known elven settlements Ellerovyn is a traditional stone, ground based settlement with a stout stone wall for protection. The few trees in the area have been cultivated over the centuries to become Home Trees and do serve as the residences of the ruling Erewan family. Due to the proximity of the Broken Lands and the constant threat of raids the town has a large standing guard and every elf capable of defense is considered to be eligible for the Erewan Militia in times of need.

Alassëatya is representative of the wooded settlements in Erewan and like all major woodland settlements in Erewan is off-limits to humans unless granted permission to enter. Tresspassing in elven woodlands is considered a Felony in Erewan. Punishable by one week forced labor under supervision of Erewan’s Foresty Department maintaining, caring for, and planting new trees. Alassëatya is 70% elven and 30% woodland creatures such as Centaurs, Pixies and Sprites. The town itself is built entirely into and within the trees of the forest and serves as primarily a social and bartering location for the scattered residents of the woodland areas.

Coat of Arms:

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