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Central Wendarian Ranges, Free Province of

by Michael Berry

AC 1000

AC 1014

7,336 sq. miles

AC 1000 - 9,436
AC 1014 - 8,492

Ethnic Groups:
Aalbanese 35%, Hattian 23%, Flaem 20%, Kaelic 10%, Boldavians 5%, Erewan Elves 4%, Lupin 2%, Other 1%

Selected Villages: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Leynorn Woods: (800/700): is the area of western wooded hills.

Stekel Manor (110/100): located at the heart of Eastern Wooded Hills region, also known as the Dark or Haunted Woods.

Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, for seven year renewable terms. Seat in Leynorn Woods.

Propraetor Laylan (born 840, E6, Al L, Cryptomancer of the 1st Circle) Appointed in AC988

Strongly tied to House Ellerovyn

The Central Wendarian Ranges Free Province (CWFP) is found in the central Wendarian Mountains of northern Glantri between Nordling Free Province and the Wendarian border.


The CWFP is one of the most remote provinces in Glantri. There are no registered trails between the CWFP and Wendar and there are only two trails leading south. A poor trail connects Leynorn Woods with the village of Noordeen, crossing the mountains east the Viscounty of Bergen. A bad trail connects Stekel Manor with the Barony of Pavlova.

The CWFP has very little natural resources and few valuable commodities. Much of the economic life of the province revolves around hunting and trapping. Having been settled only recently, the Leynorn woods provide enough food, plus a small surplus, which is usually stored in case of a particularly harsh winter. The elves of Leynorn gather rare herbs and plants in the woods. These herbs are studied and sent to Erewan with the goal of furthering the studies of vegetation and soil, thus providing Erendyl University with more useful information and for sale as spell ingredients.

Notable People:
Amanth is a 19-HD red dragon that rules the kingdom of Amanthyr which covers a great part of the central Wendarian Ranges. She is 416 years old and is almost blind. She uses magic, her sense of smell, and cunning to remain ahead of the pack. She is very cautious and will avoid any confrontation she is not sure to win. Pride and jealousy are her only flaws. Amanth has but a few decades to live before she dies of old age. She has been seeking an opportunity to steal the ivory plume of Maat from Azem, a Gold Dragon living in the Shires to the south, to complete one of her last attempts at attaining Immortality. Amanth still does not know where Azem hides the coveted artifact. She is contemplating the idea of making a pact with Entropy if her next attempt at Immortality fails. She took the place of Wordhar, the Red who slaughtered Traagen inhabitants 5 centuries ago. She has reigned for 164 years, trying not to attract curious in the heart of her territory and doing away with inquisitive and stubborn Glantrians that enter her immediate area. A couple of times she cunningly arranged the death of her most feared enemies (other dragons) by the hands of members of the von Drachenfels family. Sheís currently completing her Quest for Knowledge of her life cycle.

The real ruler of Leynorn Woods is Aldaron (as the elves call him), a 150 years old Actaeon**, who guards the harmony of the forest from his sanctuary of Herumar. Some 150 years ago, the druid of the forest received an omen regarding Amanthís arrival. He arranged for Aldaronís creation in Herumar, just few days before being killed by the dragon. Still too young to win a direct confrontation with the dragon, Aldaron is trying to arrange the elves to do this work for him.
The Dark Woods or the Haunted Woods, are home to Stekel Manor, residence of Lord Andryi Stekel (born 591, Bard 16, Riddlemaster kit***, a 340 years old Nosferatu, Al N); the father of Lord Miroslav Gorevitch-Stekel**** (born 614, Mage 16, a 351 years old Nosferatu, Al N/NE, Necromancer of the 3rd Circle). Heís a Traladaran noble who enjoys solitude and passing his time by playing his organ. After his wifeís death, his own son who wished to prevent his fatherís suicide turned him into a Nosferatu. He doesnít want any intruders in the woods and during the night (when not feeding), in order to maintain his privacy, he regularly plays his beloved instrument to perpetrate the belief the Woods are haunted. Some years ago Morphail decided to arrange Andyriís death at the hands of vampire hunters, wishing to protect his territories from Wendarian elves by mean of another Barony. A buffer between the elves and his lands. However, as the settlers in the area increased prior to arranging for Andyriís murder , Amanth, the red dragon, "discouraged" settlement of her territory. Examining the ruins she left, Morphail realized his borders were already very well protected, and let Miroslav remain alive.

Notable Sites:
The CWFP is the centre of a Dragon Kingdom ruled by an old female red dragon and her lair is found on Mt. Amador, exactly 200 miles north of Glantri City. It opens on a cliff inside a narrow, hidden gorge guarded by a small army of wyverns. Her lair is said to be, by the few who reached it and returned alive, to be a heavily defended location full of traps and pitfalls. Only the most skilled and experienced should attempt to penetrate Mt. Amador.

Stekel village is home to a small secluded community, composed by a number of slaves and servants bound to the lord of village, Andryi Stekel.. Lord Andryiís Seneschal regularly pays taxes to the Council in order to maintain his Masterís privacy. Stekel provides enough food for the everyoneís sustenance.

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Details on the Actaeon are taken by an article appeared in Dragon Magazine #190, "The ecology of the Actaeon".
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