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Eastern Wendarian Ranges, Free Province of

by Michael Berry

8288 sq. miles

Population: (1 person per sq mile in wooded hills; 1 person per 2 sq miles in mountains)
AC 1000 - 4,732
AC 1014 - 4,259

Ethnic Groups:
Boldavian 82%, Flaem 10%, Erewan Elf 3%, Lupin 2%, Heldann 1%,Wendarian Human 1%, Other 1%

Villages: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Swaffelo (200/175): located approximately 24 miles north of the Barony of Vladimirov, it’s a village populated by trappers, and prospectors.
Redwood (300/275): located in the east of forested hills north of Kutchevski

Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, for seven year renewable terms. Seat in Redwood

Propraetor Silvana Gorriidel (born 670, Elf female, Elf 4, AL-L). Appointed AC 970.

not aligned to any house but has strong support of Erewan and Boldavia

The Eastern Ranges Ranges Free Province (EWFP) covers the Wendarian Ranges between Wendar and the Principality of Boldavia.


The EWFP has few trails leading into it from Glantri. They are not extensively used and are rated as poor condition by Glantrian AAA. A trail to Redwood comes from Kutchevski and is patrolled by the elves up to the borders of the Barony, another trail leads from Swaffelo to Kutchevski and is not patrolled outside of the borders of the Barony. Lastly a trail leads from Vladirimirov to Swaffelo
There is has been no real effort to forge a trail into Wendar from the Eastern Wendarian Range. The weather is this area is extremely tricky and even if a trail was forged it would only be usable for 3 months before concerns about changing weather would make its use too risky. Then there are the Dragons that are known to live to the west that are often seen over the Free Province. It has been deemed much easier, and profitable, by the merchants to swing east into the Heldannic territories make a stop in Grauenburg then move into Wendar. Smaller game trails do exist into Wendar and are used by small parties crossing the border back and forth.

The mountains of the EWFP are mineral poor and there is little to no land available for agriculture. The EWFP has one resource, the large forests of the great valley of wooded hills. The elves which comprise much of the population of the valley are in charge of the logging operations there. This had led to problems with the Council of Princes however and resulted in moves to remove Goriidel from office. As befitting the Elven way, the logging operations are handled with a conservationist's touch. Her policy is never take too many trees and investing heavily in replanting. The policy has cut into the perceived profitability of the operation which has upset some members of the council since those profits go directly to them. Goriidel's position has been saved to this point by the unlikely alliance, on this point at least, of Princess Carlotina and Prince Morphail. Carlotina's reasons being all the obvious proper conservation of the forest. Prince Morphail’s opposition was based on having a large operation with all the resulting traffic and people moving in, out, and through his Principality. Like many wizards he puts a premium on privacy and he has no shortage of reasons for wanting to keep all sorts of strangers out of his Principality and his area of influence.

The Propraetor, with prompting by the Council, has commissioned prospectors to search for mineral deposit in the mountains: so far without any positive results. Those who reside in the wooded valley tend to be self-sufficient with food for the forest support substantial amounts of game animals. Food for those who reside in the mountains is generally imported from the neighboring dominions, generally bought in from Boldavia in bi-weekl regional caravans stops in Swaffelo.

Notable People:
Propreator Goriidel is the long tenured Propraetor of the EWFP. She has never sought promotion and is happy to have been left to her own devices in administering this province. Silvana makes sure tax collections go smoothly and without problems which is a difficult exercise in such a remote and decentralized, with only two settlements of note, province. Goriidel maintains good working relations with the Prince of Boldavia’s representative to Council, Sir Boris, and finds the Prince himself to be utterly charming and quite the good conversationalist during the few times they actually see each other. Silvana has no children but is especially proud of her nephew, the Glantian war hero Ansel Widefarer ‘the flame of Aasla’, who honored her when he was awarded one of the new western baronies in AC 1006 by naming it after her mother’s (Silvana’s sister) family. Silvana is one of the few aware of the existence of a dragon kingdom within Glantri itself and has met once with Lorgoth, Amanth’s envoy to discuss terms of coexistence and sharing the bounties of the forest within the EWFP.

Aðalbjörg (F6) is the current mayor of Swaffelo. She is powerfully built and still fit and athletic woman of 53 whose family came to Glantri from the Freeholds when the Knights from Hattias took power. She was not born yet when her family moved to Glantri, and as she grew up in Glantri she took to the national feeling against clericalism and religion with a great passion. Though restrictions on Clerics has been relaxed since the Great Plague, clerics are not advised to travel to Swaffelo or they will face Aðalbjörg and her sword. She has killed two that entered her village. She has escaped any official prosecution as Prince Morphail let it be known to the Propraetor that she is not to be prosecuted for killing any clerics that are foolish enough to enter this region of Glantri.

Notable sites:
The village of Redwood is the administrative and economic center of the Free Dominion. The logging operations are centered here and under the watchful eye of the Propraetor. The town is also always in a semi-state of military alert as those in the valley share the forest and it's bounty with the Dragons to the west. The Dragons and the Elves have reached a mutual understanding that each uses the forest to live and survive and to fight over it will be to the benefit of neither and the detriment of all. As such the Propraetor has outlawed Dragon Hunting within the Valley and is unlawful to attack one except in self-defense. Amanth, in return, has pledged that no dragons under his control will attack those in the valley unless provoked first. So far the truce has held true. Not that all dragons have lived by this, or all humans for that matter. Humans that have taken to Dragon Hunting in spite of the law have almost without fail ended up as an hors d'oeuvre to a main meal of a large elk. Dragons that have tried to sneak in quick snack have run into Goriidel's trained and experienced guard forces that is always on the watch for such mid meal snackers. The town itself is a bit of a bore for the experienced adventurer. One tavern in the town does cater to humans however it is said the ale tastes like 'Darokin's Best' and the food like failed experiments from the kitchen of a Klantrian dive.

Sitting in the Wendarian mountains, near the border with the neighboring Three Fires Free Province, approximately 24 miles north of Mariksen is a remarkable cave complex once inhabited by a clan of Frost Giants. During the Great War they were contacted by an Alphatian agent and offered a substantially amount of gold to create us much trouble for the Glantrians as possible by raiding, sacking and pillaging. The giants managed to cause substantial trouble in the region before their lair was finally located by the Hunter-Killer group led by Michel LeConte and were exterminated to the last giant. The remarkable cave complex still remains however and is a favorite location for explorers as well as serving as a hide out for those on the lam or for humanoid raiders.

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