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The West End, Free Province of (formerly Sablestone)

by Michael Berry

AC 1000

AC 1014

AC 1000 – 4,536 sq. miles
AC 1014 – 1,848 sq. miles

AC 1000 - 36,352
AC 1014 - 15,448

Ethnic Groups:
AC 1000
Kaelic 50%, Boldavian 22%, Thyatin 10%, Averoignian 6%, Flaem 4%, Kerendian 3%, Belcadiz Elf 1%, Lupin 1%, Ethengarian 1%, Sindhi 1%, Other 1%
Kaelic 30%, Thyatin 20%, Boldavian 15%, Sindhi 15%, Averoignian 7%, Flaem 4%, Kerendian 5%, Wendarian Human 1%, Belcadiz Elf 1%, Ethengarian 1%, Other 1%

Selected Villages:(population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014 when village was not annexed by the Principality of Sablestone in AC 1004)
AC 1000
Kern: (1,500) is the administrative seat of the Sablestone Free Province (SFP) and the largest settlement in the Sablestone region.

Estin:(1,000) is a farming and mining village near the border with Sind.

Sydarthur (500/600) is a large farming village approximately 40 miles to the northeast of the village of Kern.

Dounby (200/300) is a village located on the main caravan trail on the border with Sind.

Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, for seven year renewable terms. Seat at Fort Sablestone (AC1000-1004). Seat at Sydarthur after AC 1004.

Propraetor Zarthurastra (born 938, M12, AL- C) Appointed in AC998.


The Sablestone Free Province (SFP), due to its relative isolation in far western Glantri was generally independent of any of any of the faction at Council. Only the Viceroys of Fort Sablestone, The McGregors of Klantyre, took interest and possessed any influence at Council over policy in the province. However much of their concern was only for the Castle and for border security not internal issues. The Propraetors of the SFP had a fairly open hand in which to govern and administrate. With the enfeoffment of Sablestone however in AC 1004 the newly renamed West End Free Province (WEFP) lost almost half of its territory and population to the new Principality of Sablestone, and with it its relative independence of the Council of Princes. Prince Harald’s representative at Council after a, relative short-lived, battle of wills with the strong willed Propraetor of the province, has actively guided economic and immigration laws. Most believe for the sake of Sablestone’s benefit not the WEFPs.

The SFP once encompassed the whole of the Sablestone region of far western Glantri. The SFP once was a large populous and rapidly growing province attracting settlers from all over Glantri. The SFP also attracted others; wizards hoping to carve out new dominions, even hoping to sway the local population approve an Act of Enfeoffment. The various competing nobles, potential nobles, anti-magocracy, and anti enfeoffment factions all faced off in the region giving it a very rough and violent frontier feel to the Sablestone Region. However when Archduke Harold of Haaskinz finally impressed enough of the local population by bring water to the region he won enough support to have an Act of Enfeoffment passed and he became Prince of Sablestone and took as his principality the very heart of the SFP including its two largest settlements and over 50% of the regions land and population.
After Sablestone was enfeoffed as a principality the SPF was renamed to the West End Free Province (WEFP). The WEFP today occupies the northern third of the old SFP and runs from the Sind border east to the Moulins Free Province (MFP) and is bounded on the north and south by the Adri Varma plateau and the Principality of Sablestone respectively. An attempt led by the current Propraetor and Prince Harald’s representative to the Council of Princes to add territory to the WEPF by dissolving the neighboring Moulins Free Province was considered to have been likely to pass the Council until protests by the union representing Glantrian bureaucracy killed the proposal before it could come to a vote.


AC 1000
The only trail of note in the SFP is the poor trail which runs from the border with Sind and through Sablestone to the east towards the Moulins Free Province. Very little trade is done with Sind and most of the traffic on the road is done between Fort Sablestone and Moulins to the east.

Just one trail of note exists in the WEFP and is a 30 mile segment of the Vyonnes-Kern road between Sablestone and the MFP. It is rated a fair trail by Glantrian AAA and despite the efforts of a few merchants and Princes Brannart and Haaskinz, no real desire otherwise exists at the Council to invest on improving the trail.
A small river runs today through the WEFP created by opening a portal to the elemental plane of water in AC 1003 by the Archduke and future Prince of Sablestone Harald of Haaskinz. Beginning in mountains and running through the Sablestone region toward the Isoile Valley, the Kern river is a shallow swift running river that provides no benefit for transportation or navigation but does provide needed water to the otherwise arid climate of the west end of Glantri.

The BFP was a vibrant economic region prior the enfeoffment of Sablestone. Large fields brought good yields of beans, squash, and corn. However the region has an arid climate due to being between the Adri Varma and the Kurish Massifs, which meant the region often had to endure long periods of draught. The mountains brought many settlers and miners and produced large amounts of iron ore and Sablestone.
The enfeoffment of Sablestone meant that nearly all the vital economic elements of the region including its largest settlements were annexed into Sablestone or into other provinces. All that is generally left to the WEFP now are farmers trading any surpluses locally and goods and services provided to caravans traveling through the province. Very little is being done at the Council or in Sydarthur to improve conditions. The council is more than happy to collect its due from the farmers and not waste time or resources improving an area with no natural resources and no real hope to become a producer of a significant agricultural surplus.

Notable People:
Zarthurastra is Alphatian of pure descent born in Glantri City. Her parents were both instructors at the Great School. She decided to take a different path and joined the Glantrian government immediately after graduating from the Great School of Magic at 19. She has worked her way up the ladder and served in most all positions a professional bureaucrat can serve. She reached what she thought was the pinnacle of her career when after serving several terms as Propraetor in smaller less important Free Provinces she was appointed to administer Sablestone in AC 998. Before she finished her first term however she found her province, and its importance, gutted with the enfeoffment of Sablestone. Today Zarthurastra is just passing the last years of this term before she retires. She has no room for independence under the thumb of Prince Harald’s imposing representative to the Council who is more concerned with Sablestone than he is the welfare of the WEFP. She strongly suspects that the denial of her multiple requests for additional funds to improve her province have been solely to make Sablestone more attractive to settlers than the WEFP in spite of the increased taxation settlers would face.

AC1000 - Rob Halford is the leader of the Kern branch of the Free Fundamentalist Farmers (FFF). Rob is a true firebrand who believes that the free men, not nobles, own the land and fights passionately against the local nobles who wish to see Sablestone become a Principality. While normally a peace loving man, he has found the fiery speeches cannot reach the dull witted citizens like a wizards flash and flair can has finally decided the only way to fight back against the tide of Principality seekers is with violence. Halford would never dirty his hands with the details but has given his younger, more prone to violence, underlings his tacit approval to use violence, terror and assassination, against the supporters of an enfeoffment act for Sablestone.

AC1014- Brigadier General Julian McPherson (M12) is the assistant division commander of the Glantrian (Brannart’s) 9th Division. While his division is technically stationed at Fort Sablestone Julian spends most of his time out in the field scouting the borders with Sind and the Adri Varma Plateau. Julian is well known and much respected by the people of the WEFP and often will take lodgings for the night with locals as well as buying the first few rounds at the local tavern. Julian has a deep seated worry that something is brewing in the area but cannot quite place what it might be, or where the danger would come from; Sind, the Plateau, or from Glantri itself. Though friendly and easy going personally he is a battle hardened veteran of many years in uniform and has a strong warrior’s sense that trouble is coming. For now all he can do is prepare his men, the locals, and himself for whatever may come.

Notable Sites: (Editor’s note: locations within the old BFP will be covered in the upcoming Principality of Sablestone entry)
Camp Randall is a forward operating base for the troops of the 2nd Corp a couple of miles west of Dounby. Camp Randall is always manned even in peacetime, usually by a single banner out of Fort Sablestone. The troops monitor the border with Sind and provide security for this far flung northwestern corner of Glantri.

A favorite destination for tourists is a sliver of WEPF land between the Adri Varma Plateau and the Barony of Sherlin where it is said the most incredible sunsets can be enjoyed. It is rapidly becoming a local tradition in western Glantri to propose to one’s intended when the sun sets over the Adri Varma as it is believed that it will bring the couple good luck.

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