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Western Wendarian Ranges, Free Province of

by Michael Berry

AC 1000

AC 1014

AC 1000 - 5,096 sq. miles (392 sq. miles borderlands)
AC 1014 - 5,208 sq. miles (952 sq. miles borderlands)

Population: (borderland population density 5 per sq. mile)
AC 1000 - 7,588
AC 1014 - 8,946

Ethnic Groups:
AC 1000 - Aalbanese 20%, Kaelics 20%, Hattian 12%, Flaem 12%, Alphatian 10%, Boldavian 9%, Averoignian 8%, Erewan Elves 3%, Lupin 3%, Wendarian Human 2% Other 1%

AC 1014 - Alphatian 25%, Aalbanese 15%, Kaelic 15%, Wendarian Human 15%, Hattian 8%, Flaem 8%, Boldavian 5%, Averoignian 4%, Lupin 3%, Erewan Elf 1%, Other 1%

Selected Villages:
AC 1000 (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Gethrod (150/125): located North the Barony of Uigmuir, it’s a village populated by Kaelic goatherders.

AC 1014 (villages in newly annexed borderland areas)
Fash’her (339): located in the borderlands along the trail connecting Wendar and Ylourgne on the border with Wendar just to the northwest of the Barony of Lantruen.

Sareba (141) is a village founded recently by an Alphatian wizard off the main caravan road some 32 miles west of Lantruen.

Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, for seven year renewable terms. Seat in Gethrod (AC 1000- AC 1008). Seat at Fash’her after AC 1008

AC 1000 Propraetor Manuela Salazar (born 942, NM, AL -L). Appointed AC 995. Passed away AC 1008.
AC 1014 Propraetor Vyra Aerdol (born 965, human female, Fighter 9, Al C) Appointed in AC1008.

not aligned with any House

The Western Ranges Ranges Free Province (WWFP) covers the northwest corner of Glantri. Once just consisting of the western Wendarian Ranges, now the WWFP also contains the borderlands between the Wendarian Ranges and the Adri Varma Plateau.


The only trail of note in the WWFP is the Wendarian Road which runs through the borderlands between Wendar and the village of Moulins to the south in western Glantri. It is rated as fair by Glantrian AAA. Once very rarely used and running through unclaimed territory between Wendar and Glantri it has seen steadily increasing volume of traffic between Glantri and Wendar since the end of the Great War. A poor quality trails runs from the Barony of Uigmuir into wooded valley and through the Butcher Pass into Wendar. It is rarely travelled or used as the western route to Wendar is quicker and much safer.

The WWFP is a resource poor province and prior to expansion was a largely mountain province. The only resource the province had was lumber which it provided to local dominions in limited amounts due to difficulty in transport through the mountains. In an effort to try to improve the resources of the Province Propraetor Salazar obtained a TIP (Treasury Incentives Program) from the Treasury of the Princes in AC 1001, in order to try to increase the profitability of the area. Much of it was spent on trying to improve the trail from the wooded valley to Uigmuir. The TIP was up for renewal in 1003 after three unprofitable years, and it was rejected.
However with the onset of the war with Alphatian, the annexation of the previously unclaimed borderlands between Glantri and Adri Varma Plateau, and the establishment of the western Baronies in AC 1005, the TIP was renewed. With the sacking of the Principality of Blackhill in 1007 many Alphatian commoners took advantage of the TIP, with enthusiastic support of many on the Council, and resettled in the WWFP and started to make new lives on the dangerous western frontier. As part of the TIP, a 10 dc grant is offered to families wishing to settle the area. Other than the migration of Alphatians, it has obtained poor results in drawing Glantrian settlers, as it seems people prefer the quiet life of civilized rural areas. However it has drawn many immigrants into Glantri from Wendar to the north.

Today, as in the other Wendarian Free Provinces, the WWFP is very poor of resources and rich in dangers. The current Propraetor has appointed several prospectors (paid with the TIP) to search for mineral deposit in the mountains, yet so far has not netted any positive results. Farming in the plains yields poor crops, due to the hard soil and bad weather. The Propraetor has contracted some of the Alphatian mages that have relocated here to use their magic to bring more rain to the area. Food is imported from Southern dominions or bought from caravans stopping in Fash’her. Pastures aren't enough to sustain a larger amount of cattle.
The establishment of the western Baronies took large stretches of territory from the Free Province but has brought more people in to the region and helped bring about an increased ties and communication with Wendar which has increased 125% in the nine years since the establishment of the Baronies. That has led to greater caravan traffic and more demand for goods and services which has given the region at least some kind of an economic base on which to build.

Notable People:
Vyra Aerdol is the current Propraetor of the WWFP. She is an experienced fighter and a veteran, and former officer in Volospin’s division. She has 5 campaign badges she wears proudly on her cape from her early years serving against the humanoids of the Silver Sierras and the Broken Lands. She separated from the Army after suffering a severe facial wound from a Bugbear axe that destroyed her left eye and disfiguring her face and she took an offer of sponsorship from her commander, Prince Volospin, to join the Glantrian government. She started off as a military advisor to the Propraetor of the Silver Sierra Free Province. Under Volospin’s sponsorship she quickly moved up the ranks of the Glantrian Bureaucracy till she reached the top of the ladder in 1008 when she was summoned to the Council chambers from her office as the head of Taxation and collection in the Nordling Free Province and offered a promotion up a grade to Propraetor of the WWFP. Vyra is a dangerous adversary to have, even with the death of her sponsor. While very much in control of herself and her emotions as any successful Glantrian bureaucrat must be, in private she is a violent person who has no qualms about using violence to solve problems in her personal life or even in her professional life. Vyra is a proud Glantrian of Alphatian descent and works hard to try to make her province (and she does think of it as her dominion) a well run and efficient province.

Jesperai is a skilled Alphatian wizard (M21) who took advantage of the upheaval in Blackhill to establish himself in the frontier with his own followers. He sponsored 150 refugees from Blackhill and promised them a new life if they would accept him as their Lord. Being desperate with no homes and their jobs lost after Thar’s invasion they accepted and followed Jesperai into the far northwestern corner of Glantri. Jesperai, being a wizard of great wealth, financed the construction of homes and a village. They brought cattle with them and have carved out a niche in the Glantrian wilderness. Jesperai uses his mages to bring rain to the area and to control the weather to make the area more hospitable to settlement. Starting with the completion of his tower in AC 1010 the village has been troubled for the last several years by the occasional disappearance of village folk with no explanation. Some believe the tough frontier living did not suit everyone and they went back to civilization, others think the people just went crazy from the solitude out here and hard winters and left without a word. The truth though… is far more sinister….

Doctor Robert Moog is the only son of an unusual marriage of Kaelic and Hattian families. His Kaelic father loved Kaelic folk music, and his Hattian mother was a powerful wizard who loved to enchant magical trinkets. Young Robert was blessed with magical talent and was sent by his wealthy parents to study at the Great School. While at the Great School his love of music only grew as he was exposed to all the different cultures and their unique styles of music. When Robert graduated he decided that he wanted to make music his life. His father had long since died, and he decided to honor his father by creating something that would have made his father proud. One day while his families servant was cooking in the kitchen and he heard a particular sequence of sounds who unique chord progression caused him to drop what he was doing and focus intently on the sounds. For the next week Robert would lock himself in his study for all hours of the day and night. When he emerged, he came with pages of scribbed notes with all kinds of strange notation. He had a long talk with his mother and told her of the great music he composed but he explained his dilemma. The music in his head was not something he could reproduce with today’s instruments but he had an idea …but needed his mother's expertise to bring his vision to reality. For years the mother and son worked together to bring his vision to reality. What came of those years of research were two magical items. One was a magical item now known in Glantri as a Moog synthesizer, that was inspired by a class took under Sinaria Verlien on soundwaves, that produces basic notes modifies the sound waves thus producing very distinct and unique sounds, The second was one his mother thought of, that they called the Mellotron that could reproduce the traditional musical sounds such as strings, flutes, and brass in a single magical boxes with levers, called keys. After completion of the two instruments Robert has worked diligently to perfect his composition on his new instruments. Word is beginning to reach out to the Capital of this wonderful music. Everyone in Gethrod believes that soon Robert will be famous at the Capital, maybe even all over the known world.

Notable Sites:
Located just north of the goat herding village of Gethrod is the tower of Doctor Robert Moog. The former seat of he province before it expanded to the west the most notable site is the tower just outside the village. The tower has no doors and only arrow slits which open to the outside world. The tower though in itself is not what those in the region find so curious. It is the strange ethereal music which comes from the tower at all hours of the day. It is a local tradition for the youth to escape from unbarred, unlocked windows and to meet boyfriends and girlfriends in valley where the tower lies, to kiss, cuddle and make love to incredible music coming from the tower.

Butcher Pass is located on the Glantrian-Wendarian border in the forested hills of the eastern WWFP. It is named after the recent wicked finding of a couple of adventurers who went there to discover why that passage between Glantri and Wendar wasn’t travelled at all. Too bad for them they found the answer: Lorgoth, a 15 HD Large red dragon, is number two in the Dragon Kingdom of Amanthyr. Loyal to the ruler, he’s in charge of encouraging people to use the Western trail when going to and coming from Wendar and keeping traffic through the mountains of Amanthyr to a minimum. Too much traffic in the hunting woods would be bad for their game and for their "quite" life-style.

The village Fash'her is the social centre of the western WWFP. The Hairy Goat Inn attracts many caravans thanks to the good quality of food and lodgings and since the Inn somehow is always stocked with premium Aalbanese lager it is the favorite place for the local population congregates to discuss the latest news from the rest of Glantri and the world beyond. On a lucky night one might find the Propraetor herself at the Inn, perched on her favorite seat at the bar with her one eye, bloodshot, and singing (in Alphatian) the hit songs of the day. Noting the increase in population in the region many caravans have stocked up on perishable food items which they then sell to the people of the western regions here.

Sareba is a village founded recently by a Alphatian wizard, Jesperai, off the main caravan road some 32 miles west of Lantruen in the middle of a large barren area between Lantruen and Adri Varna Peninsula. He has built a tower just under the shadow of the Plateau. His followers, refugees from the ruins of the Principality of Blackhill, inhabit the village and make a living by raising whatever crops they can to grow in the hard soil and tending goat herds. The village has been troubled recently by the disappearance of several of the village folk with no explanation. Most assume the tough frontier living did not suit everyone.

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