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Tchernovodsk, Free Province of

by Michael Berry


AC 1014

AC 1000 - 5,292 sq. miles
AC 1014 - 4,900 sq. miles

AC 1000 - 15,899
AC 1014 - 13,461

Ethnic Groups:
Boldavian 40%, Ethengarian 36%, Kaelic 15%, Flaem 5%, Fen 3%, Other 1%

Selected Villages: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Estoniarsk: (500/350) is an agricultural enclave on the banks of the Dol-Anur which is the border with Ethengar at this point. The village is a collection point for produce from the nearby hills, a prime fishing location, and last but not least a garrison point for a detachment of undercover wizards and Constables of the feared GSS. Glantrian Secret Service, an elite branch of the Constabulary. They have a permanent duty station here on watch for illegal crossings, both ways, of the border.

Lhamsa: (125/120) is village of Ethengarian and more recently, some Sindhi mystics high up in the Colossus Mounts. The Great Order of Saffron is based here in Lhamsa. The village has is collection point for the goats, and yaks of the Colossus Mounts to be sent downriver to market.

Dalmeny (400/350) The village is located in the Scotch Breach and is a Kaelic village. Dalmeny was founded by the Primrose clan who fed Klantyreís border after a feud with the McGregor clan, over possession of some prime grazing land, resulted in the Prince of Klantyre, Malcolm McGregor persecuting the Primrose. They fled the Principality to escape his benevolence, and settled half way into the Breach and founded a new clan seat. The clan-chiefís mansion at Dalmeny is of considerable architectural interest, and houses a splendid collection of paintings and furniture. The clan is well known for furniture making and is raising funds to build a castle so the Primrose might have a proper clan seat. While the grazing here in the Breach isnít as good for their sheep as the land they left in Klantyre, it is manageable and profitable. They have an excellent relationship with the current Propraetor and he allows them access to log what they can find in the Colossus. The village has occasional problems when the Glenmoorloch garrison of Brannartís Corp, always of one of his divisions comes into town on a patrol. Tavern fights are a regular occurrence, with hurled insults being a good visit, and bodies carried to the mortuary being a normal occurrence, and all out fighting being a bad visit. The Propraetor shares the Primrose belief that the officers of the Banner are ordered to cause trouble when they visit. Complaints to the Council of Princes have so far changed nothing.

Kaschgar (225/200) Located approximately 40 miles north of the town of Bramyra. The village is the largest settlement in the southern half of the Free Province. The centre of Agriculture in the eastern hills, the village serves two mountainous Viscounties nearby, the Viscounty of Blofeld and the new Viscounty of Steenwijk. Farmers bring their goods to town, local staples such as potatoes, turnips, and cattle and sell to merchants who in turn take them to market in the Viscounties to trade or sell for the products of those mineral rich, yet agriculture poor dominions. The population here is overwhelmingly ethnic Ethengarian. Here as in Estoniarsk there is an undercover detachment of the GSS, though a small one of only five constables, which keeps a close watch on the border, and the Ethengarian-Glantrians here. Glantrian army patrols regularly stop here to rest or bivouac here as Kaschgar is just to the south of the halfway point between Camp Bramyra and Fort Tchernovodsk and sits squarely on the Trans Boldavia-Bramyra Highway. Patrols from Morphailís command usually come no further south than the village. Patrols from Jherekís command rarely go any further north than this village.

Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, for seven year renewable terms. Seat at Ft. Tchernovodsk.

AC 1000
Propraetor Silvio Berlusconi (born AC 956, NM, AL-C) Appointed AC 999. Removed from office AC 1008
AC 1014
Propraetor Don Maximilian de Belcadiz (born 820, Elf 10, AL-L). Appointed AC 1008

Not aligned to any house. Close ties to Alhambra

The Tchernovodsk Free Province (TCFP) has tradionally been a relatively self-administered free province with few Princes ever taking an interest in it thus allowing the Propraetors to rule as they wish as long as the peace is kept and the taxes are collected and sent to the Council. However with the recent enfeoffment of Bramya, Don Maximillion has noticed more attention to his province by Prince Urmahid. So far the new Prince has not intervened directly in TCFP affairs but Don Maximillion suspects it is just a matter of time.

The TCFP is a large Free Province that runs from the Dol-Anur river south to the border of the Principality of Bramyra. It includes the northern half of the Colossus Mounts from the Boldavian border in the north to the border of the Colossus Mounts Free Province and their foothills east to the border with Ethengar. The TCFP also includes the Scotch Breach between Klantyre and Boldavia.

Surplus; sold to neighboring, agricultural challenged, dominions or to the large army installations in Tchernovodsk and Bramyra for reserve stocks in case of siege.

The TCFP is one of the least centralized Free Provinces in Glantri. There are 3 distinct regions to the Province with the Colossus Mounts preventing substantial contact or movement between them. The first is the Northwest region which is dominated by the Scotch Breach and the Colossus Mounts of the Kaelics. The next is the East region which is dominated by the eastern foothills of the Colossus and the eastern slopes of the Colossus. The last is the Southwest region which is dominated by the inhospitable high Colossus Mounts and the headwaters of the Fen River. There are only dangerous foot trails running between the three regions.

The northwest region has the Braastar-Rymskigrad Road running through the length of the Scotch Breach between Klantyre and Boldavia. It is classified by Glantrian AAA as a fair trail. Numerous poor trails reach into the western Colossus from Klantyre which are used for sheep herding and some logging. The east region has the Alexander Glantri Highway which runs due south from Tchernovodsk to the town of Bramyra, and Camp Bramyra and onward south towards Fort Monteleone. It is classified by Glantrian AAA as a fair trail, but travellers must beware of frequent travelerís advisories for marauding bands of the horsemen of the Steppe. Thankfully the Glantrian army does a good job keeping the route clear, but one must always be on ones toes when making this journey. The Glantrian Commission on Homeland Security has implemented the following scale for the nationís highways.

The current threat level is yellow, or elevated meaning there is a significant risk of Ethengarian terrorists ruining your ride. Several short fair trails lead to the two Viscounties that lay on the eastern slopes of the Colossus Mounts. The Southwestern region has only trail of note, a trail rated poor by AAA, that leads from Lhamsa down the Fen River to the southwest and into the Colossus Mounts Free Province. Numerous foot trails which do not support caravan or wagon trail exist, but require guides or travelers run the risk of getting lost high in the Colossus. The Fen River is completely unnavigable within the TCFP.

The Tchernovodsk Free Province can be broken into two regions economically, the hill country of the Colossus foothills and the mountains of the Colossus Mounts. The hill country is prime agricultural ground for potatoes, turnips, cabbage, beets, and carrots. The hills also support substantial cattle herds as well. The region provides a substantial surplus over and above what is needed to support the local population so the surplus is sold to merchants who in sell to the army, local dominions or ship off through Skullhorn Pass to the heart of Glantri.

The mountain country has significant animal resources with its sheep and yak populations. Little mining has been attempted in the heart of the mountains due to the height of the mountains and the glaciers. What mining that has been done has been done by the dominions that occupy the slopes of the range. The western and northern edges of the Colossus support significant logging operations in which the logs taken often make their way into Klantyre.

Notable People:
Propraetor Don Maximilian de Belcadiz might be a familiar name to some. Until 1007 he served as the First Secretary to the Glantrian Ambassador to Alfheim. With the closure (since reopened) of the Glantrian embassy with the Shadowelf conquest of Alfheim, now Aengmor, the First Secretary was recalled to Glantri City. Don Maximilian de Belcadiz (you would never think of calling him by a shorter name, so neither will we haha) is the 2nd Cousin of the Princess of Alhambra, Princess Carnelia de Belcadiz y Fedorias, so the former First Secretary was sure to not have to wait long for his next assignment. As fate would have it, he didnít. In 1008 the Propraetor of the Tchernovodsk Free Province was caught in a sex scandal where he was caught with the wife of a prominent local leader among the Ethengarian-Glantrians. He was fired immedidately and ordered to return to Glantri City to answer for his conduct. Needless to say the Council looked the other way when the Propraetor was found, the night before he was to return to Glantri City, with his head removed cleanly at the shoulders. He had last been seen walking back to his room at the Dusky Broad Inn in Estoniarsk. The case was closed the next day with no arrests. After that embarrassing scene the Council of Princes wanted a straight arrow, a no-nonsense Propraetor who could ably administer this large, ethnically varied, and strategically important Province. They knew they had their man in Don Maximilian de Belcadiz and quickly appointed the scrupulous, meticulous, and fastidious fusspot. He administers the Province from the Fortress of Tchernovodsk believing that information and news would come to him quicker, which he believes is vital in administering such a decentralized Province.

Notable Sites:
Lhamsa is a peaceful sleepy settlement high in the Colossus Mounts were many who find everyday life too stressful or just to get find themselves tend to go. Those who go usually find themselves shepherded to the main meditation room of the Great Order of Saffron. Here peace and inner reflection can be often be found for those who find the chaotic life of Glantri simply too much to bear.

Fort Tchernovodsk is vital defensive position for Glantri. Protecting the traditional invasion point for the hordes of Ethengar it is the 2nd largest fortress in Glantri, behind Fort Monteleone. When fully manned and provisioned the fort can support up to 7,500 soldiers almost indefinitely.

High in the Colossus Mounts, north of Lhamsa, there is a clan of Fire Giants that made problems for Glantri during the Great War. Several bands of adventurers suppressed the Giantís incursions but were unable to totally wipe away the nest of Giants. It is thought to still be there and full of vast riches for the party of adventurers brave, and experienced enough to battle with scores of Fire Giants and their allies.

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