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Fausseflammes, Viscounty of

by Michael Berry

1014 AC

504 square miles

1000 AC - 2010
1014 AC - 1709

Villages: (population values are given for 1000 AC and 1014 AC)
Orkari (400/325): located in the center of the Viscounty this is the economic and administrative center of Fausseflammes.
Prrissa (200/150): is an Orkarian mining village in the western half of Fausseflammes and is known for its lead mines.
Sainte Zenobie (225/200): is an Averoignian farming village on the Tarn River in the eastern half of Fausseflammes.
Avannui (150/125): is an Orkarian mining village in the southeastern hills of Fausseflammes known for its silver mines.

Ethnic groups:
1000 AC - Orkarian 70%, Averoignian 25%, Flaem 3%, Other 2%
1014 AC - Orkarian 68%, Averoignian 23%, Thyatian 5%, Flaem 3%, Other 1%

Thyatian common, Orkarian, Averoignian

1000 AC - Sire Giles Grenier (born 947, M9, 2nd Circle Witch, AL - Neutral)
1014 AC - Sire Niccolo Galateo (born 968, M22, WTI 7, AL - Neutral)

1000 AC - Sylaire
1014 AC - Morlay

Fausseflammes maintains a full time force of 30 level 2 Fighters that enforce the laws of Glantri and Fausseflammes within the borders of the dominion. They are equipped with riding horses, chain mail with swords and bows. They are known as the Vieille Garde and acts as a Constabulary for the Viscount. The Viscount also maintains an elite guard force with protects his tower near Orkari. The guard force consists of 10 F7 and 1 M7 which also serve as bodyguards for the Viscount.

As Fausseflammes is a remote dominion tucked against the Kurish Massif Mountains there are no trails of note passing through Fausseflammes. Various poor quality trails connect the major villages of Fausseflammes and there exist a few trails leading to mining communities in the mountains around Fausseflammes. There is a trail leaving Fausseflammes which leads to Nandin and Sablestone which goes through Pelat Pass. The pass is open normally from mid spring to mid fall but has very little meaningful caravan traffic through it as it is too dangerous for transporting lumber between Fausseflammes and on to Sablestone through Nandin. The pass mainly just sees foot traffic and thus is rarely used.


Fausseflammes has long been the primary logging resource for western Glantri. Its endless tracks of forests provide not only the needs of New Averoigne but for the Sablestone region. The large tracts of forest also hold large numbers of game animals and the new Viscount has a trade deal worked out with the Prince of Morlay-Malinbois to buy trapped game animals, especially deer and elk and have them transported to the forests of Morlay-Malinbois. The lead and silver mines of Fausseflammes bring in a nice income.

Fausseflammes Monthly Financial Ledger (figures from 1000 AC)

Main resources: 1 vegetable (lumber), 1 mineral (lead,silver)
2 hexes: forested hills, river; rural; pop. 420; tax 42 dc
3 hexes: forested hills, river; borderland; pop. 630; tax 31.5 dc
4 hexes: forested hills; borderland; pop. 560; tax 28 dc
Orkari: village; pop. 400; tax 40 dc

Total population: 820 villages/rural, 1190 borderland

Tax Income: 141.5 dc
Resource Income: 566 dc
Standard Income: 1132 dc
Council Tax: 367.9 dc
Net Cash: 339.6 dc
Overhead (35%): 118.9 dc
Available Cash: 220.7 dc

With 8490 XP/year, in 7 years (1007-1014) the Viscount could gain 59,430 XP on dominion XP alone, not rising in level (just short of M23, reaching it in 1015).

Alternate: 1698 XP/year. In 7 years (1007-1014) the Viscount could gain 11,886 XP on dominion XP alone, not rising in level.

Viscounts of Fausseflammes:
Bttrie 845-993 b.? d.993

Giles Grenier 993-1007 b.947 d.1007

Niccolo Galateo 1007- b.968

The area of present day Fausseflammes was sparsely settled by the Flaem during their first centuries of living in the Highlands and was considered a formal part of the Kingdom of the Highlands. Not until the invasion of the Overlord in 512 did the region see significant settlement. After the defeat of the Overlord most of the Outerworlders under his control were returned to their home worlds, however several groups were not able to return. The Okarians, a blue skinned human like asexual race was one of them. Most Okarians decided to remain in the Highlands and settled in the western Highlands including the forests of present day Fausseflammes. Left to own their devices by the Flaemish the Okarians traded primarily with the Rzechians who were in need of lumber which the forests of the Orkarians had in abundance. The Orkarians established their main settlement in the area in a large clearing in the middle of the forested hills and named it Orkari.

Life in the forested hills was hard for the pacifistic Orkarians however as their non-violent beliefs, fostered by their collective shame for the violence they did in the name of the Overlord, were severely tested by the wild nature of the forested hills. The cycle of life in the forested hills was often dictated by destruction and rebuilding as settlements were often destroyed by humanoids or even more fearsome creatures and then rebuilt only to be destroyed and rebuilt again. Flaemish mercenaries were often employed by the Orkarians to try to help protect their settlements.

The Okarians continued their peaceful but turbulent lives for over 200 years until the region was flooded by nearly a thousand ‘Otherworlders’ who suddenly appeared right In the midst of their lands. The new arrivals were the Averoignians of Count Edoard d’Ambreville that had opened a gate from their world of Laterre and came through it to the Highlands. Quickly overcoming language difficulties through d’Ambreville magic permission was sought of the Okarians to settle among them. The Orkarian chieftain, seeing little choice, warmly received the Averoignians and gave them permission to settle in the Orkarian lands. The Averoignians at first established new settlements of their own close to the still functioning gate, but as the years progressed more and more Averoignians continued to arrive and they began to expand outward and settle alongside the Okarians and the forested hills around Orkari saw large numbers of Averoignian trappers arrive to hunt for wild game and valuable furs as well as Averoignians not restrained by pacifistic notions who helped protect the forests against marauding humanoids and the occasional larger threats of dragons and giants. The wooded hills and their Orkarian residents were peaceable annexed by the newly founded Kingdom of Noevelle Averoigne but King Edoard was highly respectful of the Orkarians and left the Orkarians to their own self rule at the local level asking only prompt payment of taxes which were always paid with no complaints by the Orkarians in large part for the protection the Averoignians provided in return to the Orkarian settlements.

Life continued pretty much unchanged in the wooded hills southwest of Noevelle Averoigne for years until the reign of King Etienne. Etienne like his grandfather held the Orkarians in great respect. Etienne, like his grandfather and father before him, originally refused offers to have Noevelle Averoigne become a part of the Republic of Glantri. However as the years passed King Etienne saw the benefits to joining Noevelle Averoigne to the new nation and after some intense negotiation Noevelle Averoigne became a Viscounty of the Republic of Glantri and Etienne its Viscount. As part of the deal Etienne arranged with the ruling Council a new dominion was created out of the southern wooded hills of the old Kingdom of Noevelle Averoigne. The Viscounty of Fausseflammes was created and Etienne was permitted to choose its new Viscount. Etienne chose one of his own students to be the new Viscount of Fausseflammes. Bttrie the young son of Grraahi, the long time family advisor and Grand Duke of the Kingdom of Noevelle Averoigne, became the new Viscount of Fausseflammes.

The reign of Bttrie saw an increase in population as many Orkarians came to Fausseflammes from Noevelle Averoigne to live under the rule of one of their own. The discovery of large veins of silver and lead in the hills of Fausseflammes also brought large numbers of Averoignians to Fausseflammes and new settlements sprung up to help support and facilitate the exploitation of the natural resources of Fausseflammes. Bttrie was a rarity among Orkarians however as only 1 in 200 Orkarians was found to have the affinity for magic so Bttrie was unable to sire an heir that would be able to inherit Fausseflammes. However the Orkarians were long lived, the longest lived living up to 250 years. Bttrie effectively ruled Fausseflammes for nearly 150 years; long enough to be reunited with his old master Etienne d’Ambreville, before passing away without a suitable heir in 993. The Viscounty of Fausseflammes thus came open for an Awards Festival for all the Barons of Glantri. The Council, recognizing the special nature of the majority Orkarian populated dominion showed great preference to keeping within House Sylaire and thus the Baron of Morlay, Giles Grenier, won the Awards Festival over the Barons of Egorn, Ezechiel Naramis, and Oxhill, Pieter Vandehaar and became the new Viscount of Fausseflammes.

The new Viscount of Fausseflammes had little interest in ruling or even living in Fausseflammes but he earned the respect of his dominion by appointing the mundaner eldest son of Bttrie, Mrrsion, as castellan of Fausseflammes in Greiner’s absence and to administer the dominion in the name of the Viscount who took up residence in Glantri City. Fausseflammes remained peaceful and profitable during the years of Grenier’s rule until the year 1005 when Glantri went to war with Alphatia. Glantri recognized the pacifistic nature of the Orkarians and did not require the Orkarian to serve in combat units but accepted Orkarian volunteers in logistic banners and many Orkarians did volunteer in non combat roles. The reign of Giles Grenier as Viscount of Fausseflammes ended however not long after the Great War started as he was killed in 1007 by a potion he had created. A healing potion he was creating for the Grand Army stocks went horribly wrong and poisoned the Viscount upon testing it who died before an antidote could be administered to him. Grenier had no children and died heirless so once again Fausseflammes came open for an Awards Festival.

Most of the newly elected nobles of AC 1006 declined to compete as some were in Alphatia as Glantri had launched a insurgency campaign of its own in Alphatia earlier in the year, some were still settling into their new dominions and nearly all had exhausted their finances campaigning for the new Baronies in the year previous. Three Barons did enter the Awards Festival and the Baron of Edleview Niccolo Galateo of House Sirrechia won the Awards Festival and soon shocked Glantrian circles by leaving House Sirrechia and joining the new House Morlay. Taking residence at Fausseflammes the new Viscount was the target of numerous assignation attempts over the first years of his rule and several foiled with help of the Orkarians who reported groups of obvious ‘outsiders’ who entered into Fausseflammes. The new Viscount, much like Grenier before him, had little interest in ruling Fausseflammes only for his personal magical research. Like Grenier he appointed Mrrsion to be his Castellan and rule the dominion in his name.

However Mrrsion was only to live another year as the Great Plague hit Glantri the next year and Mrrsion died along with thousands in Glantri and approximately 20% of Fausseflammes population. The years since the passing of the Great Plague and the end of the Great War have seen relative peace and stability return to Fausseflammes. Viscount Galateo still resides in the tower of Fausseflammes but has delegated administration to another Orkarian, Psilioni, who capably sees to the running of Fausseflammes. The people of Fausseflammes do worry about the future and hope their run of good luck will continue for like Grenier and Bttrie before him, the Viscount has no children or declared heirs, and the Orkarians wonder how long their good luck will continue of having understanding and benevolent rulers. For they know they are the exception more than the rule in Glantri.

Notable sites:
Ruler Constable Jacques Baudet (born 981, F4/WFO5) Jacques is a recent appointee of Viscount Galateo and is a werefox. Jacques officially is responsible for maintaining law and order in the village of Orkari. Unofficially Jacques is head of the Fausseflammian equivalent of Prince Malachie’s Le Tribunal des Loups and making sure all lycanthropes within Fausseflammes adhere to the notions of Malachie’s’ Wolf Law.

Orkari is decent sized village which is 90% Orkarian and thus is a very dull yet safe place to visit. The village hasn’t seen a murder in over 15 years and the non-Orkarian visitors are warned by the Constable that those who disturb the peace and cause problems will be dealt with immediately and harshly with a good chance of being dealt with personally by the powerful Viscount himself. The village itself has little of note. Like all Averoignian settlers of any size it has a theater where stage productions and music concerts are regularly held. The local beverage, a strong Apple brandy, is beloved by all Fausseflammians and many in Noevelle Averoigne and is often the only beverage to be found in the inns and taverns in Orkari.

Dragon Woods
Dragon Woods is a dangerous area that all natives of Fausseflammes avoid. Located near the northern tip of Fausseflammes is a large area, nearly 18 square miles, of heavily wooded terrain that has long been home to a group of Green Dragons. It has been standing policy of the Viscounts of Fausseflammes for years to discourage anyone, especially visitors and would be dragon slayers from entering the woods. For the most part the Dragons keep to themselves and the last time one of the Greens was a problem for the people of Fausseflammes it was because the dragons were agitated that a party of would be slayers disturbed them. The exact number of Green Dragons in the woods is unknown but the likely ruler of the group is well known by the natives of Fausseflammes and she, a huge Green, is often seen flying high over the northern parts of Fausseflammes on her way or returning from hunting in the mountains.

The Nature Preserve
An 7 square mile area set off for the personal use of the Viscount of Fausseflammes. Locals are well aware that the woods in the area are off limits and any visitors to the area are warned to stay well away from these woods. No patrols from the Vieille Garde or any constables enforce the law, a felony, prohibited entry. It is understood that if anyone is found in those woods, it will be by the Viscount himself who is known to spend great deals of time alone there. And what happens to trespassers will be at the discretion of the Viscount.

Coat of Arms:

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