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This one was pretty tough to build, a fey hag that is focused around time manipulation. Feedback is welcome for this one, I need her to live up to her potential.

Forwyn Oedran

by Glen Welch

AC: -4
Hit Dice: 24**** (M)
Move: 240'(80')
Attack: 1 Slap or Spell
Damage: 1d4 + Aging
Number Appearing 1 (1)
Save As: M24
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: H
Intelligence: 18
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 11,500
Monster Type: Humanoid (Very Rare)

One of the rarest of all the fey, the Forwyn Oedran is the keeper of time. They are known by many names. The Atruaghin call them the Sani Hoya Asdzaa, the old wise women. They are most commonly known as the Crone of Ages, and they are one of the most feared and sought after of all the fey creatures. They always appear as a women, but their age can change at will. They can be of any age from a young child to an old crone and any age in between. They can see into the past and future of any creature they see, making them some of the most intelligent creatures in the Known World.

Forwyn Oedran are very secretive creatures, they avoid each other's company because their ability to see each other's history gives them headaches. Each settles on a territory and records what she sees as the years go by. They are frequently approached by mortals for both their knowledge and their ability to restore youth. But they can just as easily steal youth, or give a prediction the petitioner doesn't want to hear.

In combat Forwyn Oedran are extremely formidable. They can cast cast haste, true sight, and mirror image at will. Three times a day she can cast time stop, inflict curse and disintegrate. If the fey hits with a melee attack the victim must save against spells or be aged 25% of their race's maximum age limit. So a human would be aged 30 years per hit, and an elf would be aged 238 years. A Crone can reverse the aging if forced, and can restore an equal amount of years to someone as a reward. While the Forwyn Oedran can reverse any aging she has caused, she can only give extra years to a creature once. To gain additional years someone must seek out multiple Forwyn Oedran.