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Extended Equipment List for Classic D&D: Honest Johns Gear List

by Cab Davidson

Item Cost Description
Backpack 5gp Holds 400cn
Backpack, Explorers 10gp Holds 800cn
Backpack, Waterproof 30gp Holds 300cn
Knapsack 3gp Holds 200cn
Belt Pouch 2gp Holds 10cn
Purse 1gp Holds 10cn
Sack, Small 1gp Holds 200cn
Sack, Large 2gp Holds 600cn
Basket, wicker, small 1cp Holds 75cn
Basket, wicker, large 5cp Holds 200cn
Bucket, 1 gallon 2sp  
Bucket, 3 gallons 5sp  
Quiver 1gp Holds 20 arrows
Scabbard, leather and wood 5gp Available in a range of sizes
Boots, plain 1gp  
Boots, riding 5gp  
Shoes 5sp  
Cloak, short or Cape 5sp  
Cloak, long 1gp  
Clothes, peasant 5sp  
Clothes, middle class 5gp  
Clothes, fine 20gp  
Clothes, Extravagant 50gp+  
Hat, peasant 1sp  
Hat, middle class 5sp  
Hat, fine 1gp  
Hat, extravagant 10gp+  
Belt 2sp  
Gloves, thick 5sp  
Gloves, light 10gp  
Outfit, Clergy 10gp  
Outfit, Jester 10gp  
Outfit, Soldier 10gp  
Outfit, Wizard 10gp  
Outfit, Farmer 5gp  
Outfit, Druid 5gp  
Belladonna 1gp 1 root
Catnip 2sp 1 sprig
Chilli Powder, 2oz 1sp  
Garlic 1gp 1 bulb
Ginger, 2oz 1sp  
Mandrake Root 50gp  
Mistletoe 5sp 1 sprig
Pepper, 1oz 5sp  
Saffron, ½ oz 10gp  
Salt, 1lb 2sp  
Whetstone 5sp  
Wolfsbane 10gp 1 bunch
Adze 5gp  
Billhook 2gp  
Block and tackle 3gp  
Chisel 5gp  
Crowbar 2gb  
Drill, hand 10gp For wood
File 2gp  
Fork 2gp  
Hammer, normal 2gp  
Hoe 2gp  
Knife 2gp  
Mallet 1gp  
Miners pick 5gp  
Plane 5gp  
Pliers 1gp  
Rock hammer 4gp  
Rope Turner 2gp  
Saw 3gp  
Scissors 3gp  
Screwdriver 2gp  
Scythe 3gp  
Shovel/Spade 2gp  
Sickle 1gp  
Tongs 2gp  
Candle 1sp Burns for 1 hour
Rushlight 1cp Burns for 20 minutes
Lantern 10gp Burns for 4 hours, 30’ radius
Torch 2sp Burns for 1 hour, 30’ radius
Tinder Box 3gp  
Rope, hemp, 50’ 1gp Holds 750lb
Rope, silk 50’ 5gp Holds 1000lb
Grappling Hook 25gp Holds up to 500lb
Ladder, 25’, rope 10gp  
Ladder, 12’, wood 15gp  
Iron Spikes/piton (12) 1gp  
Holy Symbol 25gp  
Holy Water 25gp  
Incense (4 oz) 20gp  
Robes (priestly) 15gp  
Bandages 1sp Cost per use
Stake, wooden 1sp  
Thieves Tools 25gp  
Disguise Kit 30gp Make up, wigs, etc.
Forgery Kit 50gp Ink, quills, paper, wax, etc.
Magnifying Glass 50gp  
Paper, sheet 1sp 12”x12”
Parchment, sheet 1gp 12”x12”
Book, paper 15gp  
Book, parchment 30gp  
Book, spell (blank) 100gp  
Spellbook cover (waterproof) 30gp  
Scrollcase 1gp  
Quillpen 1sp  
Ink, 1 pot 1gp  
Paint brush, fine 1gp  
Paint brush, wide 1sp  
Chalk, 1 chunk 1cp  
Charcoal, 1 lump 1cp  
Paint, 1 gallon 2gp  
Paint, small pot 5sp  
Bed Roll 6gp  
Mess Kit 4gp  
Plate, metal 1gp  
Cup/goblet, metal 1gp  
Cooking pot, small 5sp  
Cooking pot, large 1gp  
Darokinian Pot 2gp  
Cauldron 5gp  
Fire Stand 2gp  
Tent, 2 man 5gp  
Tent, 4 man 10gp  
Tent, 10 man 50gp  
Bottle, glass 2gp  
Flask, clay 5sp 1 pint
Flask, clay, large 2gp 1 pint
Vial, potion 1gp 1 gallon
Wineskin/Waterskin 1gp 1 quart
Musical Instrument, simple 5gp Drum, tin whistle, etc
Musical Instrument, normal 10gp Lute, violin, horn, etc.
Musical Instrument, complex 25gp Flute, trumpet, etc.
Musical Instrument, extreme 100gp+ Harpsichord, organ, etc.
Caltrops, 1 bag 2gp  
Compass 10gp  
Cord, leather, per foot 1cp  
Flannel, washing 1sp  
Magnet, small 5gp  
Marble 4cp  
Marbles, bag of 50 1gp  
Mirror, small metal 5gp  
Needle, sewing 2cp  
Perfume, per vial 5gp  
Playing cards 5gp  
Pole, wooden, 10’ 1gp  
Polish, metal 1sp  
Polish, wood 1cp  
Razor 1gp  
Rubber ball, 3” solid 1gp  
Soap, per lb 1sp  
Soot, 1/2lb bag 1gp  
Sewing ‘kit’ 1gp Needles, thread, buttons, thimble, etc.
String, 250’ 1sp  
Tarot cards 10gp  
Thread, cotton, 250’ 5sp  
Thread, silk, 250’ 1gp  
Thread, spidersilk, 250’ 10gp  
Towel 1sp  
Whistle 5cp  
Rations, standard, 1 week 5gp  
Rations, Iron, 1 week 15gp Stays fresh around 2 weeks
Grain, 1 lb 1cp Stays fresh around 6 months
Flour, 1lb 5cp Finest local landrace
Eggs, each 1cp  
Bread, hard tack, 1lb 3sp  
Dried Cullinay Herbs, bunch 5sp  
Mushrooms, dried, 4oz 5sp  
“Mushrooms”, dried, 4oz 5gp  
Cheese, hard, 1lb 1gp  
Raisins, 1lb 4gp  
Nuts, 1lb 1gp  
Dried Peas 1lb 3cp  
Mackerel, pickled, 5lb 1sp  
Vinegar, 1 pint 2cp  
Wine, 1 quart (mundane) 1gp  
Wine, 1 quart (mid quality) 4gp  
Wine, 1 quart (high quality) 10gp  
Rum, Brandy, per half pint 5sp  
Pocheen, per half pint 3sp  
Gulping Whisky, per half pint 4sp  
Sipping Whisky, per half pint 8sp  
Mead, 1 quart 5gp  
Cider, 1 gallon 5sp  
Ale, 1 gallon 5sp  
Tea, 1lb 8sp  
Coffee, 1lb 1gp  
Hand puppet 5sp  
Spinning top 4sp  
Doll, porcelain 1gp  
Doll, rag 4sp  
Doll, voodoo 5gp  
Cup and ball 1sp  
Hoop and stick 2sp  
Nine Holes 3sp  
Nine Mans Morris 5sp  
Pair of Dice 2sp  
Pair of dice, loaded ‘1’ and ‘6’ 10gp  
Sack Cloth, per yard 1sp  
Canvas, per yard 5sp  
Cotton fabric, per yard 5sp  
Flannel, per yard 5sp All fabrics in 5’ wide bolts
Linen, per yard 1gp  
Felt, per yard 2gp  
Wool, rough, per yard 1sp  
Wool, fine, per yard 7sp  
Silk, per yard 3gp  
Spider Silk, per yard 50gp  
Fishing Rod and Line 1gp  
Fishing net (10’x10’) 5gp  
Fishing Bait (live), 1 can 1cp  
Snare wire, 1 spool 1sp 50’ of wire, sufficient for 10 snares
Bird Netting (5’x5’) 5gp  
Ferrets, 2 5gp  
Duck call 1sp  
Duck lure 5sp