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Glantri City and Suburbs

by Michael Berry

25 sq. miles

AC 1000 - 42,000
AC 1014 - 46,000

Ethnic Groups:
Flaem 25%, Boldavian 20%, Thyatin 18%, Kaelic 6%, Averoignian 6%, Ethengarian 6%, Kerendian 6%, Alphatian 4%, Belcadiz Elf 4%, Hattian 2 %, Erewan Elf 1%, Fen 1%, Other 1%

Glantri City:
Glantri City has a population of approximately 9,000 people within the city walls (does not include students at the Great School of Magic, nor military stationed at the Citadel who come and go and are not considered permanent residents) Glantri City is the capital of the Principalities of Glantri. Large sections of the city are zoned non-residential or reserved only for the nobility. Population within the city walls is distributed as follows:

West End: (4000) Residents primarily lower class Boldavians that mainly work in the Port Quarter and with the cities fleet of gondolas.
Middle Class Quarter: (5000) Residents are primarily upper middle class. The residents generally consist of arcaners, high ranking members of the Glantrian bureaucracy, wealthy merchants, and scholars.
Nobles Quarter: (200) estimated to be around 200 at any one time.

Suburbs: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Outside the city walls lays the suburbs of Glantri City extending out several miles from the city walls. The city suburbs are home to the majority of the cities population. The suburbs are split into three different suburban areas
Northeast suburbs (11,000/13,000)
Northwest suburbs (19,000/20,000)
Riverfront suburbs (3,000/4,000)

The Supreme Judge of the Council of Princes

Prince Jherek Virayana IV (born 958, M36 Dream Master of 5th Level, Al-Neutral) Appointed in 991

Singhabad but not officially aligned to any house.

1st Division- 1st, 2nd, 4th Banners
12th Division- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Banners
14th Division- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Banners
The Banners of the 1st, 12th, and 14th division are under the peacetime control of the Supreme Judge of the Council of Princes and are stationed in the heart of Glantri City at the Citadel. Here they are charged with assisting the Constabulary when needed and patrolling the surrounding countryside out to a distance of 48 miles from the Capital.

The city of Glantri City and the immediate suburbs to the northwest and northeast of the city walls


Glantri City is not surprisingly the transportation hub of the nation. Two vital roads, the main transportation arteries of Glantri either begin or run through the city here. Leaving Glantri City and heading to the northwest toward New Averoigne and Sablestone is the Vyonnes-Glantri City road. It is rated a good trail by Glantrian AAA. There has been talk at the capital about upgrading this road to a fully paved road to speed commerce and speed military movements, however so far no proposals come to vote yet.

Glantri City sits upon on the Taterhill-Trintan Expressway. Between Taterhill and Trintan the expressway is paved and rated excellent by Glantrian AAA. The southern part of the Expressway, between Glantri City andTrintan carries the vast majority of the international trade entering and leaving Glantri, with Darokin being the destination for nearly all of it and Glantri City being the destination of most incoming caravans. The northern end of the Expressway out of Glantri City leads to Taterhill and from there to the northern principalities, and to eastern side of the Colossus Mounts.

Glantri City is one of the major trading centers in the southeast of Brun. The accumulated products of the various Principalities and Free Provinces are often brought here to be sold to foreign merchants or organized into caravans to be taken directly to other countries. There is some farming on the outskirts of the suburbs and some fishing from the rivers but the population of Glantri City and its suburbs generally produce goods and service for use by the population of the city as well as the extensive government bureaucracy and the noble population that are based in the capital.

Notable Sites:
While many of the prominent locations within the heart of the city have already been detailed in book The Principalities of Glantri published in AC1000 (GAZ3 Publishing, Glantri City, Glantri) what the book did not cover was the suburbs of Glantri City. The suburbs of Glantri City are broken in to three districts. To the east of the road to Taterhill and going to the marshes on the banks of the Vesubian River are the Northeast Suburbs; nicknamed ‘De Residentie’ This quarter is primarily middle class housing with plenty of small businesses catering the local population. Streets here are chaotic and typical of urban areas of this age, homes are tightly packed and the streets often filled people during the day. Many of the residents work within the city as servants, or lower ranking members of the Glantrian government bureaucracy. De Residentie is the home of the grand monument to the Glantrian national sport and second greatest passion, football. The Stadio Comunale is the home of the 35 time winners of the Glantrian Scudetto, the notorious Giallorossi of Metro Glantri City. The stadium will hold nearly 30,000 and every seat is taken for each home match.

Between the Taterhill road and the Vyonnes road are the Northwest Suburbs, nicknamed Il Mercante by locals. While many people live much of the area is given over to warehouses, large stables, many boarding-houses, inns and taverns. Housing conditions here are a step below those found in De Residentie. Quarters are more cramped, the quality of goods and services is cheaper and of less quality. Most of the residents work outside the city in the fields. A large guild of mercenaries and guards is headquartered here where guards from everything for one’s tower to the smallest caravan can be hired.

Finally between the Isoile River and the Vyonnes road there is the Riverfront Suburbs, nicknamed by locals the ‘Ville du Péché’. It is the place to go for those who want to have some fun and don’t have the jack nor the looks to get invited to parties in the more upscale areas of Glantri City. Gambling houses, dark dangerous taverns, houses of ill repute all abound here. Few people actually reside here, usually those who manage and own the businesses here along with those who get a kick of living in fear of getting a knife in your back if you walk down the street. A very rough area with footpads galore and little presence by local authorities so one’s best defense is one’s magic, arms, or fleetness of foot.

Notable People:
Yannick Vander is the toast of the common man in Glantri City. The winner of the Golden Boot award 5 times in the last 7 years he was acquired by the Giallorossi, from AC Vyonnes for 1500 Crowns in 1011 after leading Les Grenats to the Scudetto in 1010. While Vander is best known for his variety on the field, from passing and dribbling to shooting, he is also seen living the high life in the Capital. Often seen jetting around the canals in his custom Ferrari F-430,with a straight 6 Water Elemental in the engine compartment, Yannick leads a secret life unknown to all his fans. What few know is that Yannick is a low-level cleric of the Immortal Valerias. Yannick is no adventurer, and has never been one, he has long worked to spread the tenants, if not the faith of his immortal to the spiritually poor nation of his birth.

Bogdan Astapkovich is bear of a man. Standing 6'8" tall and weighing in at 275 pounds. Bogdan works as a bouncer at the Churning Gut Bar and Grill in Ville du Péché at night. A quiet man, of obvious intelligence he listens to everything said around him. He is a recent immigrant to Glantri from Karameikos having arrived less than a year ago. During the day Bogdan is never to be found in his one room quarters in a loft above the Churning Gut. Rumour has it he has a lady friend of rather high society in the Nobles Quarter so he spends his day and nights off with her. In reality, Bogdan is a student at the Great School of magic. What is stranger than reality is Bodgan is as knowledgeable about the arcane arts as many of his instructors. Bodgan is in fact an accomplished wizard, sent by his master to gain information on a particular subject. Bodgan is ingratiating himself with Glantrian society posing as a student. Bogdan is actually a 15th level wizard and senior apprentice to his master. His master is... none other than Barimoor of Ylaruam. The subject... what was thought by his master to be a myth till the very end of the Great War... the Radiance.

Colonel Willhelm Klink is a proud member of the Aalbanese Military Wizard Aristocracy. He showed a great aptitude for magic relating to divination during his years at the Great School. Upon graduation from the Great School Klink accepted a commission into the Glantrian Military and was assigned to Military Intelligence. Klink worked for years as an underling in the M.I.G department making a good name for himself. When the former head of the M.I.G was sacked and forcibly retired after the failure of intelligence to warn Glantri of Thar's Invasion, Klink was selected by Prince Jaggar to head M.I.G. In the years since his promotion, the humanoid threat decreased and he has made Ethengar the primary focus of Intelligences work. While having the stereotypical Aalbanese distrust and disgust for all things Ethengarian, including those in Glantri he recognizes that no one can give him better intelligence that those spies of Prince Jherek and Urmahid. As such he has, grudgingly but with some respect, maintained good relations with both. Klink rarely ventures into the field, keeping to his office in the Citadel, but his immediate subordinates are often ordered into the field to be his eyes and ears and to verify what his spies and agents are reporting to him. Klink is a very effective Intelligence chief for Glantri. Not brilliant, just very competent.

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