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Gerrid Rientha

Baron of Egorn
3rd Circle Water Elementalist
Brotherhood of the Radiance

AC 1014

by Markus Olavi Montola, modified by Michael Berry

"I see your point. Would you say , twenty crowns would make my offer more... attractive?"

I. Appearance
Archduke Gerrid is a man in his late thirties. He has short, dark brown hair and elegant moustache cut in the latest Darokinian fashion. He dresses like a Darokinian Merchant-Prince, in modest but very fashionable high-quality clothes. One cannot see it, but he actually puts a lot of money into his tailor, but he actually does. Complimenting him for the design or quality of his clothes makes a good impression on him, for usually only Darokinians pay attention to things like this. His Darokinian ways can be also seen from his laboratory. His tools are lavish, to say the least, as he uses instruments of gold and platinum, decorated with jewels and crafted by the best artisans. But being an accomplished wizard, few people ever get to see his workspace.

His appearance has one distinctive feature. He always carries an ordinary-looking, black walking stick. He does not actually need it to walk, but he has a habit of playing with it, spinning it when he walks or pointing it at little children he is speaking to. Archduke Gerrid is a man of average build. He is neither tall nor short, neither fat nor thinójust the way he likes, making it easy to vanish in a crowd. In parties, of course, he can use his magic to be in the spotlight, literally. He dresses according to the most correct and proper fashion, a habit he learned from his mother, who used to work for the Darokinian Diplomatic Corps. He rarely attracts attention, either positive or negative.

II. Personality & Quirks
Gerrid Rientha is both a Darokinian gentleman and a Glantrian wizard. He tries to fulfill the both roles, even though they are quite contradictory. If asked, he would always say he is first a Glantrian, but his manners and style would say he is first a Darokinian. Lord Gerrid is well-versed in economics and mercantile business, and he tries to draw more people to his Barony with lower taxes and lower license costs. He hopes that the non-magical business will thrive in his dominion, if he gives them a financial advantage, profiting himself in the end.

Lord Gerrid enjoys his life, and that can be seen. He is rich, enjoys what he does, has fallen in love and has always had a positive attitude towards everything. He never uses sarcasm or irony, and always treats everyone without prejudice. It is very easy to like Lord Gerrid. He is always witty and polite, and a conversation with him is always a pleasure. After chatting with the Baron in a gondola, many people feel upset that they have to stop when they reach their destination. And Rientha always throws in a few compliments to everyone he addresses.

Gerrid has two major tactics in keeping his secrets his own. First, he appears to be very open candid. He usually answers every question satisfactorily and above suspicion. Second, if he cannot tell the truth for some reason, he tells outright lies. But Gerrid is master of making lies appears innocent and honest, as well as backing them up in the rare cases he was caught. Actually he really is quite transparent for a Glantrian noble, as he seldom does anything too clandestine.

III. History & Background
Lord Gerrid's family originally comes from Darokin but lived in Glantri for many years. His mother, Alysa, was the Ambassador of Darokin before Lady Diaura Scrutina. His father Gertran Rientha was a Merchant-Prince leading the Glantrian division of House Corun. Gertran and Alysa had tried to have a child for more than a decade before finally Gerrid was born. (Gossips say that a Glantrian Witch brewed them a magical potion that made Alysa fertile once more, but Gerrid has never confirmed this.)

As Gerrid's parents lived in Glantri City, they decided to give their only child a proper magical education. Young Gerrid showed strong magical talent from his earliest years in the Great School of Magic. He never was a prodigy, but as an intelligent and philosophical thinker he never had any problems. Gertran Rientha died in AC 991, when Gerrid was 23 years old. His mother decided that she did not want to stay in Glantri City any longer, as the whole place reminded her of her husband. They packed their belongings and moved to Darokin City.

However, Darokin City never became a home to Gerrid. He had grown up in a country full of magic, and the ars magica had became his passion. It was a relief to him when his mother was promoted to Diplomat First Class, and was commissioned to lead different kinds of diplomatic envoys to all over the Known World. He negotiated with a plethora of folks these years, even with hin, orcs, dwarves, Ethengar and Ylari. He always took his books wherever they went, always studying and planning a return to the Principalities. In AC 999, Alysa Rientha retired after a long and successful diplomatic career. Gerrid decided that his place was in Glantri, and returned there. He signed up himself as a lecturer of both mundane and magic courses in the Great School of Magic, and was able to meet many of the most powerful mages of Glantri. One of these was a Flaemish beauty, Danira Voshane, with whom Gerrid fell in love.

Gerrid wants to marry Lady Danira. As he is an experienced diplomat and a sensible man, he does not want to anger either Prince Vanserie Vlaardoen XI or Countess Sinaria Verlein. He has been negotiating with them for a while behind Danira's back, trying to make a good impression, and he plans to use some of his father's fortune to win their favor. Gerrid and Danira have done quite a lot of research together and he had shared everything he knows about the Radiance to her, even before the Brotherhood of the Radiance even revealed its existence to him!

IV. Web of Intrigue
Lord Gerrid has few allies and few enemies. As everyone knows that long-term alliances or feuds will not be worthwhile or needed, he is usually treated rather neutrally. Generally the votes of the Westheath support the House Haaskinz, as he trusts Prince Harald whom he befriended during the years at the Great School. And Prince Harald has also a policy favoring neutrality. The other important ally of Lord Gerrid is his lover, Lady Danira Voshane. Lord Gerrid is no weakling himself, but Lady Danira is a very capable mage, but she has never managed to gather enough votes to get a Barony of her own. As she is related to the Vlaardoens, she has her responsibilities, the most important of which is that she should marry someone of the Flaemish race. In other words, she should not marry a Water Elementalist, who is a foreigner and not even of noble blood. Needless to say, Danira's affair with Gerrid has earned the enmity of the Followers of the Fire.

V. Statistics & Style of Magic
Statistics: 16th Level Wizard, 3rd circle Water Elementalist, Brotherhood of Radiance; S-9, I-17, W-16, D-12, Con-9 Chr-15; AL - Lawful
Languages: Thyatian (Darokinean dialect), Flaemish, Elf
Weapon Proficiencies: Daggar (skilled), Staff (basic)
Skills: Alchemy (I), Alternative Magics (I), Magical Engineering (I), Dragonic Lore (I+1), Draconic History (I), Draconic Culture (I), Glantrian Society and Nobility (I), Monster Lore - General (I)

Gerrid is a Darokinian gentleman, a Glantrian mage, as well as very capable negotiator and a diplomat. As the he considers excellency in the art of dueling an important gentleman's virtue, he has created a repertoire of spells suitable for dueling, such as Gerrid's shadow steps and Gerrid's shroud of shadows. Water Elementalism is not his main interest. Gerrid only joined the craft because he was invited by Prince Harald himself, but it has never been very high in his priorities. Actually he often forgets to use his elementalist powers in the heat of a battle. He uses major conjuration (third circle) occasionally to ease his life, but so far he has not bothered to study the Fourth Circle. Gerrid is also a formidable and experienced user of the Radiance and its spells.

"Show me a good-hearted politician in Glantri, and I'll show you a Darokinian who could not make it as a
diplomat or a merchant!"

(John Beaumarys-Moorkroft, Archduke of Westheath)