The Newbie's Guide to Mystara is a netbook project written and compiled by members of the Mystara Mailing List and Mystara Message Board. It is designed to give players who do not know the world of Mystara a simple overview of the major nations in the Known World.

Mystara is the world where most of the Original D&D modules were set, and therefore is one of the oldest D&D settings alongside Blackmoor and Greyhawk. It is however much more than that and is in fact an entire setting that is loved by many, and we wish it to be shared with others. This guide is designed for primarily for players, although we advise DM’s to read through it to ensure that there is nothing that you wish to keep secret from your players in here.

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About the World of Mystara
The Empire of Thyatis
The Grand Duchy of Karameikos
The Principalities of Glantri
The Republic of Darokin
The Kingdom of Alfheim
The Kingdom of Rockhome
The Five Shires
The Emirates of Ylaruam
The Kingdom of Ostland
The Soderfjord Jarldoms
The Kingdom of Vestland
The Ethengar Khanates
The Atruaghin Clans
The Minrothad Guilds
The Kingdom of Ierendi
Undersea and the Sunlit Sea
The Empire of Alphatia
The Broken Lands
Lands of the Shadow Elves
Beyond the Known World
Map of the Known World (AC 1000)


Thyatis entry by: Giulio N. Caroletti
Karameikos entry by: Giulio N. Caroletti
Glantri entry by: Giampaolo Agosta
Darokin entry by: Giulio N. Caroletti
Alfheim entry by: Andrés Piquer Otero
Rockhome entry by: Giampaolo Agosta
Five Shires entry by: Eyal Fleminger
Ylaruam entry by: Giampaolo Agosta
Ostland entry by: Giampaolo Agosta
Soderfjord entry by: Giampaolo Agosta
Vestland entry by: Giampaolo Agosta
Ethengar entry by: Giampaolo Agosta
Atruaghin entry by: Giampaolo Agosta
Minrothad entry by: Rodolfo Gruden
Ierendi entry by: Aaron E Nowack
Undersea entry by: Eyal Fleminger
Alphatia entry by: Chris Furneaux
Broken Lands entry by: Shawn Stanley
Shadow Elves entry by: Michael McConnell
Beyond the Known World entry by: Dan Eustace
Map by: Dan Eustace
Edited by: Shawn Stanley
Formatted by: Chris Furneaux
Discussions, editing: Chad Burgoyne, David Knott, Vinicius R. de Moraes, John Polacek, Jens Schnabel, Colin Wilson