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Isoile, Free Province of

by Michael Berry


AC 1014

AC 1000 - 3,864 sq. miles
AC 1014 - 2,744 sq. miles

AC 1000 - 27,174
AC 1014 - 21,004

Ethnic Groups:
Averoignian 75%, Flaem 12%, Thyatin 5%, Hattian 2%, Kerendian 2%, Alphatian 1%, Kaelic 1%, Other 2%

Selected Villages: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Angoulême (600/575)
Roubaux (450/400)
Béliard (300/274)

Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, for seven year renewable terms. Seat in Angoulême.

Propraetor Maurice Martenot (born 954, F3 (WWO5), AL- N) Appointed in 1000


The Isoile Free Province (IFP) has long strong economic and cultural ties to Houses Sylaire. Since Malachie du Marais became Prince of Morlay-Malinbois the IFP has become more aligned with the interests and policies of Prince Malachie than of Prince Etienne or especially of Prince Henri. It remains to be seen how well Princess Isidoire and Martenot will work together.

The IFP consists primarily of the upper Isoile river valley, between the Hiboux Free Province and New Averoigne. It also extends north to the mountains bordering Aalban and south to the mountains bordering the Two Volcanoes and Silver Sierra Free Provinces to the south. It is much smaller today than it was at the millennium as the new dominions of Amboise and Morlay-Malinbois were carved from the IFP shortly before the Great War.


In the last ten years caravan travel has increased substantially as the new western baronies have made travel and trade safer in the far west of Glantri. Accordingly trade with Sind has increased 75% from AC 1000. The main trail through the IFP itself is the Vyonnes-Glantri road. It is one of the most heavily traveled in all of Glantri. Rated ‘good’ by Glantrian AAA, there has recently been talk at the Capital of paving it between Glantri City and Vyonnes. Due in large part to the enfoeffment of Morlay-Malinbois, but also to the substantial increase in travel and trade with Wendar in the north since the founding of the northwest baronies, the once rarely used and poorly maintained trail from Angoulême to the northwest through Ambouis to Morlay-Malinbois and beyond to the northwest frontiers and Wendar has seen annual traffic increase 500% since AC 1000. The Propraetor accordingly has had the trail upgraded and recently got upgraded by AAA to a good status trail.

The region has numerous smaller poor trails connecting the numerous villages in the Free Province. The Isoile River is navigable to all river traffic up to Vyonnes and the Loir River is navigable to river boat traffic as far upriver as the village of Malinbois in the Principality of Morlay-Marlinbois.

The Isoile Free Province is one of the most prosperous in all Glantri even with the recent territory loss to the new dominions. The Isoile Valley is prime agricultural area and produces agricultural products of all descriptions. The Northern Hills produce good vineyard, and lots of space in the hills for substantial herds of cattle and sheep. The southern hills and mountains mine have rich deposits of gold and silver.

Notable People:
Maurice Martenot is a first class administrator as well as an experienced Glantrian bureaucrat. The Council considers him a safe and effective administer for this wealthy area and reappointed him with only one dissenting vote (Prince Brannart). Martenot is known at the Council to have close working ties with Prince Malachie but no one knows, though some of the Princes enemies’ surely suspect, that Martenot is a werewolf and is a member of the Le Tribunal des Loups. In his position as Propraetor Martenot is very approachable and tries hard to help the people in his province as best as his powers, and his allegiances to Malachie, allow him. In his personal life he is extremely loyal to the White Wolf, Prince Malachie, and the goals of The Canine Protection Society.

The IFP is home to one of the most dangerous (non-noble) men in all of Glantri, the wizard known as Lanhkoon. Living in a solitary tower deep in the mountains approximately 24 miles to the southwest of Perigon, Lanhkoon is an extremely violent, heartless, yet coldly calculating and paitent high level wizard with a score to settle. He cares nothing for who gets hurt, or killed, in his quest for revenge and recovering what he thinks is his. Lanhkoon was the senior apprentice of the legendary wizard Cheiromar, who lusted for possession of the artifact The Seat of Power after Cheiromar passed away. When the Viscount of Amboise, Michel Leconte, discovered it in AC 1012 (in his dominion) Lanhkoon and Leconte had a reportedly spectacular duel that ended inconclusively but with Lanhkoon having to withdraw leaving Leconte in possession of the artifact. Since then Lanhkoon has carried out a war of terror against Leconte, his dominion, and his family. Lanhkoon was responsible for the death of Leconte’s wife and almost a hundred villagers in a failed attempt to kill the Viscount. Lanhkoon has recently had secret meetings with certain Princess of Glantri who is quite interested to see Leconte, one the most popular of the new wave of Glantrian nobles and a popular war hero, eliminated. They are joining forces and hatching a plot together so Lanhkoon can gain possession of the Artifact and Dolores can remove a staunch supporter of her enemy Prince Malachie.

Notable Sites:
Angoulême is the administrative center and largest settlement of the IFP, Angoulême lays directly across the Loir River from Vyonnes. The village is unwalled and consists of many homes with little in the way of entertainment other than a few inns as most visitors and travelers head across the Stephen d’Ambreville Memorial Bridge (Pont d’Ambreville).

Roubaux is located approximately 40 miles northwest of Berrym. Very much a rough frontier town that supports the northern regions mines as well as an outfitting station for expeditions into the southern ends of the Black Mountains (les Montagnes Noires). Travellers are often warned to keep their daggers or wands handy as it is rare a night goes by in Roubaux without a brawl at any one of the many taverns in the villages. Some brawls are generally harmless, but some can get dangerous and Roubaux does have one of the highest murder rates (per captia) in all of Glantri. As a point of illustration, last week Roubaux buried it’s 10th sheriff in the last 14 years. The Propraetor has given up trying to tame the rowdy local population and instead has just issued a travel warning to visit at ones own risk. A interesting local tradition exists in Roubaux where every 1st Sunday of each month the village gathers at the local cemetery to have a town celebration where the latest additions to the graveyard are celebrated and honored.

Béliard is located across the Tarn River to the south of Ximes. In addition to serving local farmers and being a regional center of FP administration Béliard is home to the producers of one of the most renouned and sought after cheeses in all Glantri, Camembert Le Châtelain. Winner of the Averoignian Seal of Approval as best Glantrian cheese for the last 10 years running it was well described by GPD’s roving raving food critic Micky the Mage in a review in Glantri City Times Dispatch.

‘Camembert Le Châtelain is succulent, ripe, rich, and creamy. Only gently pasteurized at moderate temperatures, Camembert Le Châtelain retains most of the authentic flavors and qualities you find in raw-milk Averoignian cheeses. Excellent served with light reds from the Isoile Valley or champagne, in the region around Béliard this cheese is paired with an apple liqueur called Calvados. Apples, Camembert and Béliard are inextricably linked. Béliard dairy farms are peppered with apple trees that protect the rich soil. In fact, some people claim to be able to taste a hint of apple beneath the creamy suppleness of fresh Camembert.'

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