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Josef Stransky

by micky

I. Appearance

Josef Stransky is rather plain looking but with a impressive physical physique. Never a slave to fashion he feels more comfortable in adventurer's or hunting garb than fine robes. A lover of the outdoors and nature who makes a point to keep himself in shape with jogs through the Glantrian countryside. His dark hair is kept short and his remarkable feature are his piercing eyes which give make many uneasy when locked in a debate or discussion with him.

II. Personality
A happy and content man is Josef Stransky. Successful in all the endeavours he has undertaken yet not possessed to push his abilities past their limit. Josef has a jovial nature in contrast to what many might think his stern Hattian upbringing might have led him to have. Even while on a dangerous hunt, a passionate debate, or over a card game with a fortune on the table he always has a pleasant demeanour and an unshakeable calmness to him.

When angered the only physical warning before a deluge of deadly spells is unleashed is in his eyes which have been said to appear black and soulless. Thankfully for everyone it really takes a lot to make Stransky loss his temper, and those that have rarely live to tell the story of it. Stransky is well thought of by his fellow wizards as an honourable man but not one easily duped and with enough proven magical ability to make one sorry if they tried. Josef only counts a select few though as friends but for those people he would do anything in his power to help, and expects the same in return. For everyone else he is an approachable and friendly wizard who always seems to be happy with his life. He is all because it has not been an easy one and in his mind the good life he leads was earned many times over.

III. History
Josef was born in AC 981 the third child of Anselm Stransky and Bettina Kresemer in the Aalbanese village of Baylingen. His father was a proud former member of Jaggar’s Division who fought bravely and received the Iron Cross for bravery at the Battle of Two Mountains where Jaggar routed a humanoid force three times the size of the Glantrian force. After retiring from the army Anselm returned to his village and married his childhood sweet heart Bettina who was a low level arcaner and worked for the village alchemist. Josef and his two older sisters had a happy yet strict childhood under the their father who showered them in parental love yet with firm discipline. Anselm after separating from the army took up a career of hunting and guiding hunting parties through the nearby mountains and young Josef would accompany him on many a trip and grew to love the outdoors.

At the age of 8 Josef’s latent magical abilities were noticed by a wandering wizard who had taken up residence in the village while hiding from a rival wizard. With his parents permission he took Josef under his wing and taught him the fundamentals of magic. Seeing how he was a sponge for the basics he had taught him he spoke Josef’s parents as to sending him to the Great School of Magic in the capital. Knowing as they both did that the true path to success in Glantri was through magic and the Great School was the place for their pride and joy to go they accepted his offer for him to sponsor their son. The separation was tough on Josef for in spite of the hard discipline and ‘tough love’ he knew that they loved him more than life and he loved his parents as much as any child could. He excelled in his studies however and his jovial nature endeared him to many of his classmates. His talents for magic and innate curiosity served him well and he took to the rigorous curriculum well and advanced well in his studies.

During a break from studies a couple of months after his 14th birthday Josef had an encounter which would go a long ways to defining his ‘scholarly’ interests. On a brilliant May morning Josef and his father decided to head off into the mountains and do some hunting. Josef was quite keen to show him his skill with a sling and the latest spell he had learned at school ‘Etienne’s Bolt of Mother Mystara’s Fury’ (hahah). Mid way through the day after a fine day of hunting Deer they were surprised by two Stone Giants coming at them at a full run. An intense fight ensued with the father and son emerging victorious. Josef, in addition to having his full taste of the practical as opposed to the theoretical power of wizardry, was fascinated by these larger than life ‘men’ and once he returned to the Great School set about learning all he could about them.

After graduating the Great School at the age of 18 Josef returned home to his village. Though happy to be with his family again he felt the urge to embark upon the life of adventurer and continue his study… and hunts of giants of all varieties. Josef travelled widely throughout the known world and even once made the trip of a lifetime to Alphatia. With the onset of the Great War Josef returned home and ended up recruiting and leading one of the hunter-killer groups that tracked down and eliminated Alphatian agents and summoned monsters from the evil Alphatians. Josef came to attention of the Prince’s Council and the nation at large when due to his expertise his group was detailed by Prince Jaggar to track down and eliminate roving bands of Giants that the Alphatians had bribed to make mayhem on civilised areas of Glantri. As the war continued on into it’s 4th year and it became apparent that the Alphatians were coming, not summoned monsters but the Grand Alphatian Army Josef and several other adventurers and wizards volunteered to go to Thyatis to help their beleaguered ally. Josef served with the crack Glantrian ‘brigade’ and provided some much needed magical firepower in the great battles of Kantridae and Retebius. At the latter battle Josef was part of the group, led by his best friend and fellow adventurer Michel LeConte that ambushed and took down an Alphatian Man-of-War.
A newly commissioned ship, the Eriadna, christened by the Empress herself. Which was a great coup for Thincol and a great morale booster the Thyatian nation after another military setback and bloodbath that was the Battle of Retebius.

After the battle Josef and the rest of the group returned to Glantri to help prepare for the now seemingly inevitable invasion by Alphatia. After the surprise and miraculous defeat of Alphatia by Glantri (and Thyatis). Josef retired from adventuring and became a leading member of the Sage’s League and the Monster Hunter’s Union. It is said Josef is interested in becoming a noble and with all some nobles falling to Alphatian attacks or the plague maybe he will have a chance.

IV. Web of Intrigue

Josef is quite close with many of the adventurers that became national.. and for some.. international heroes. He has mainly been involved in intellectual pursuits and with his easy-going demeanour has not acquired any enemies. If he does make it into the political arena he will learn that a pleasant demeanour means nothing when it comes to the cut-throat world of Glantrian politics. Josef though is no babe in the woods. He knows some will think his nature will be seen as a weakness, but he would be ready to turn that back into his advantage. Having succeeded in all he has done, he fully expects to succeed within politics at well.

V. Statistics and Style of Magic

16th level Wizard (1012)
Str- 14 Int- 16 Wis- 17 Dex- 12 Con- 9 Chr-12
Languages – Thyatian, Giant, Alphatian

Josef is a master of the sling and is blunt and direct in his spellcasting. Like his personality he is not interested in earning ‘style point’ with his spellcasting. All he cares about is making most efficient use of his spells. If he means to kill, he uses the most efficient spell to kill. He is an intelligent spellcaster who has a lot of combat experience as a spellcaster and is a cool, calm spellcaster in the heat of combat.

‘Who says Bigger is better’

(an astute analysis from Josef with a laugh…and a wink…to a cute Fraulein at a tavern in Leenz when discussing combat versus Giants)