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'New' First Level Spells

by Colin Davidson

Remove Hangover*
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Effect: One Individual
This spell will remove one hangover. The reverse, Bestow Hangover will, as the name implies, give a stinking, awful hangover, but the target may make a save versus spells.

Range: Caster Only
Duration: 2 rounds per level of the caster Effect: One stick or staff
By means of this spell, the caster makes the ends of one stick or non-magical staff to burst into flame. The flame is ordinary fire, but will not damage the stick. This adds 1d4 damage to that inflicted normally.

Range: Touch
Duration: 2 turns per level of the caster Effect: Keeps the target awake
This spell protects the recipient from drowsiness, making him effectively immune to magical sleep, and giving a +1 to all saves versus petrification, charm, and paralysis for the duration.

Trusty Steed
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 Turn/level
Effect: Makes one mount
Upon casting this spell, a mount appears; this can be a horse, mule, donkey or camel, depending on the casters choice. The mount has tack and saddle, and will faithfully allow the caster (and only the caster) to ride for the duration of the spell.

Range: 180'
Duration: Instant
Effect: Makes one target drop what they're holding.
the target of this spell may make a save versus spells; if he fails he will drop whatever he is holding.

Obsidians Ark
Range: 5'
Duration: Instant
Effect: One bolt of electricity.
This spell creates a single bolt of glowing blue electricity to ark from the caster to one target within 5'. This causes 1d4 damage per level of the caster, the target saving versus spells to take half damage.

Tragic Missile
Range: 180'
Duration: Instant (see below)
Effect: 1 arrow of pure misery
This unusual spell creates a dull brown missile of depression. The missile can hit any target in range. The target must save versus spells or suffer a -1 to morale, saving throws, hit and damage rolls for 1d6 rounds. Two extra missiles are created per five levels of experience of the caster, these missiles can be aimed at the same target or multiple targets. Any subject hit by multiple missiles must make more saving throws, the duration of effect being cumulative, but the effect is the same (still a -1 penalty).

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 day, or 1 day per level of the caster Effect: 1 Individual
This cosmetic spell will create one tattoo on one individual; for it to be a 'good' one it's handy if the caster has some artistic ability. Upon casting the magic user must specify whether the spell is to last for one day, or for one day per caster level. An unwilling recipient may make a save versus spells to avoid the effect.

Shiny Kit*
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Effect: 1 individual
The recipient of this spell is cleaned, buffed, brushed, washed polished and blow dried to within an inch of his life. The process isn't comfortable, but it is brief, and at the end the recipient is clean enough to be presented anywhere. The reverse of this spell, Mucky Pup throws random globs of grease, dirt, phlegm and the like at the target whilst simultaneously tangling hair etc. The recipient of either version may, if so desired, make a save versus spells to avoid all effects.

Range: 10' per level of the caster
Duration: 1 turn, + 1 turn per five levels of the caster Effect: 1 Individual
This spell, invaluable for those on flying ships, will slow the rate of falling of the recipient to 2' per second, thus preventing any damage being suffered due to falling. Note that at really high altitude, the duration of this spell may be a critical factor in determining the survival (or not) of the recipient.

Range: 5'
Duration: 1 turn per level of the caster + 1d6 turns Effect: one 5' square area
Upon completion of this spell, a 5' by 5' area adjacent to the caster is sprayed with the pleasant aroma of some kind of perfume (casters choice). Any creature in this area must make a save versus spells or lose their sense of smell for the duration of the spell. This handy spell can be used for confusing monsters, hiding from creatures that navigate by means of smell, and of course making the party dwarf a lot easier to bear.