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'New' Second Level Spells

by Colin Davidson

Dark Bolt
Range: 5' per level of the caster
Duration: Instant
Effect: One target
This spell fires a dark, shadowy bolt of force at a single target. This inflicts 1d6 damage +1 per level of the caster, and in the next round inflicts a -1 penalty to hit, damage, saving throws and morale. If the target makes a save versus spells this effect is negated, and only a single point of damage is taken.

Ice Flame
Range: 0
Duration: 3 turns
Effect: 10' per radius per level of the caster, up to a maximum of 120'
This unusual spell causes all normal and magical fire in the area to burn with equal intensity but be icy cold; in effect it converts all fire damage within its area of effect into cold damage.

Range: 20'
Duration: Special
Effect: Up to 60 square feet per level
A small air elemental is summoned by this spell. Said elemental will tidy, clean and polish until things look fairly tidy, typically taking 2d10 minutes to complete its task.

Thump You
Range: 120'
Duration: 3 rounds
Effect: One foe
A handy combat spell, this creates a compressed air hammer which will pound one target for three rounds. It attacks once per round, on the casters initiative, using the base THACO of the caster, each hit causing 1d6 damage and requiring the target to save versus death ray or be knocked out.

Temporary Wall
Range: 0 (casters reach)
Duration: 10 seconds (1 round)
Effect: 20'x20'x4''
Upon completion of this spell a force field (as per the spell of that name) will appear next to the caster. The dimensions are as specified above, but will be constrained by the presence of walls, doors, etc. The barrier lass for exactly 10 seconds (until the same initiative 'slot' in the next round) before vanishing.

Range: 240'
Duration: Instant
Effect: One Target
A single, narrow bolt of lightning is created by this spell, a bolt that will hit any one target within range inflicting 1d6 points of electrical damage per two levels of the caster (rounded up, save versus spells to take half damage).

Create Gremlin
Range: 60'
Duration: 1 turn per level of the caster
Effect: Summons 1 gremlin
The gremlin (see RC for details of this critter) summoned by this spell will, typically, look around to see what's happening, pick its nose and rapidly become bored. Then it's quite likely to get playful and plague whoever or whatever is nearby. Or it might wander off; it is, in effect, it's own gremlin. It will remain until killed, dispelled or the spell duration ends.

Range: 240'
Duration: 3 rounds
Effect: Up to 24 creatures
This spell functions in all ways but one exactly like Haste, with the important difference being that it lasts for only 3 rounds. The reverse of this spell, Slow March is similarly like Slow. This spell cannot be used in conjunction with Haste.

Protection from Weevil
Range: Touch
Duration: 2 hours per level of the caster
Effect: 1 Individual
The recipient of this spell cannot be touched by any normal, non magical, non summoned or non giant insect for the duration of the spell.

Range: 0
Duration: 2 hours per level of the caster
Effect: 60' radius
This spell creates an area 60' in diameter, initially centred on the caster but subsequently immobile, in which any normal insects (non magical, non summoned) will instantly perish.

Water Tension
Range: 10'
Duration: 6 turns
Effect: up to 10 pints per casters level
Upon casting this spell a magic user becomes able to sculpt water; the surface tension of the water is increased to the point where it will support shapes that up to twice the height of their width. This spell is especially effective and striking when used in conjunction with Permanence.

Range: 20'
Duration: 1 round per level of the caster, or until used
Effect: 1 weapon
The magic user casting this spell must specify one weapon within range; the weapon must be wielded, and the wielder must be willing. The weapon will glow with an intense magical energy, meaning that if the next attack made with the weapon hits 1 point of damage per level of the caster (up to a maximum of 20) is added to the damage inflicted. Whether or not the next attack hits, the magical energy is expended in the attack.

Bar Fight
Range: 90'
Duration: 1 round per level of the caster
Effect: 1 individual
Any unsuspecting recipient of this spell will, upon failing a saving throw versus spells, become convinced that the nearest person to him who is unknown is trying to start a fight by means of giving gross insults. A reaction roll must be made, modified by the casters charisma modifier.

Stage Presence
Range: Caster Only
Duration: 1 round per level of the caster
Effect: Caster only
This spell creates a charismatic, noticeable aura around the caster. This will make heads turn, people stop and listen or pay attention, etc. Effectively this gives a +2 to reaction rolls, and is an invaluable way of grabbing attention in a crowd.