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'New' Fifth Level Spells

by Colin Davidson

I don't know whether I've posted these here or not. All of them are to the best of my knowledge novel, from my Mystara campaign, and developed by players therein over the years.

Acid Arrows
Range: 240'
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: Up to 20 gobs of acid

An invaluable attack spell, which creates 1 bolt of acid per level of experience of the caster. The bolts fly in a straight line, each striking a target to which the caster has line of sight. All of the bolts can be aimed at one target, or they can be split between multiple foes any way the caster wishes.

Each target takes 1d6 damage per bolt, although a save versus spells is allowed for half damage.

Flame Bolts
Range: 240'
Duration: Instant
Effect: Up to 20 fiery bolts

As for acid arrows, but with fire damage instead of acid.

Chuck You!
Range: 5' per level of the caster
Duration: Instant
Effect: One opponent is hurled away

An unusual and quite versatile combat spell, effective on giant sized or smaller opponents. Said creature will be bodily hurled up to 80' from the caster, suffering 2d6 damage (plus another 5d6 if it hits a solid obstruction), and inflicting 2d6 damage to any creature hit by the flying victim (DM's judgement whether said creatures stop the target; a kobold will be stopped by hitting an ogre, but an ogre should be hurled straight through a cloud of kobolds).

If the target makes a save versus spells, it will completely avoid the spell. A hurled foe must roll equal to or under their dexterity score on 1d20 to land on their feet, otherwise they will fall and be considered prone until they can stand up.

Range: 30'
Duration: Instant
Effect: Swaps the caster and another creature

An unusual spell which causes the caster and target to be swapped; the caster ends up where the target was, and the target is transported to where the caster was standing. Useful to get out of a tight spot. If the target is unwilling, he or she may make a saving throw to negate the spells effect.