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'New' Sixth Level Spells

by Colin Davidson

Range: Touch
Duration: Up to 24 hours
Effect: 1 recipient
The recipient of this spell can choose to enter the ethereal plane once, any time until 24 hours after the spell is cast, and must return during the same period. The spell also provides movement on the plane at walking speed.

Bailriggs Butchery
Range: 30'
Duration: Instant
Effect: 1 creature/corpse
Bailrigg, beastmaster of the Great Zoo of Thothia, created this spell to allow him to rapidly portion up monsters that had died, to separate out useful components in the heat of the desert before decomposition set in.

Upon casting, any chosen dead body within range will instantly become dissected, ordered, and labelled; each bone, muscle, organ, gland etc. will be neatly separated out and identified. While an invaluable spell for removing useful components for magical research, it is also an unpleasant attack spell. Any living creature not totally immune to cutting damage will take 1d6 points of damage per level of the caster, with a save versus spells allowed to reduce damage to half.

Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Effect: up to 2 targets plus caster
A handy transportation spell, effectively the same as dimension door but also affecting up to two willing recipients along with the caster.

Range: 0
Duration: Special
Effect: Summons 1 hydrax
This spell draws one hydrax to the prime plane, the hydrax being compelled to complete a single task for the caster to the best of its ability. A water version of invisible stalker.

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 day
Effect: 1 Container
An unusual spell that turns any container into a magical, extradimensional space, rather like a bag of holding, for the duration of the spell. The capacity of the container is equal to the casters level x 500cn. Any items in the container when the duration ends (or the spell is dispelled) will spill out, possibly at high speed.

Resist Turning
Range: 10'
Duration: 1 day/level of caster
Effect: 1 undead
Any undead upon whom this spell is cast will receive a saving throw (death ray) versus any attempt by a cleric to turn or destroy them.

Familiar Spirit
Range: 240'
Duration: 2 turns per caster level
Effect: 1 illusionary familiar
This illusion spell creates a single illusionary familiar (halfling sized or smaller), the appearance of which is determined by the caster (although no specific creature can be imitated).It is a believable illusion, with a rudimentary intelligence of its own. It can obey simple commands, it can scout areas for the caster, and carry messages.

Mort Rouge
Range: touch
Duration: Special
Effect: Special
The victim of this spell must make a save versus spells or start bleeding, slowly, through minor cuts and pores in the skin. 1d4hp are lost per day, until a cure disease, cureall or heal spell is cast. No healing due to rest can be gained while suffering from the disease.

Anyone touching the victim must in turn make a save versus spells or start suffering a similar effect.