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'New' Seventh Level Spells

by Colin Davidson

Range: 240'
Duration: 1 round per levels.
Effect: Creates one flying spear.

This spell creates a spear, the appearance of which varies according to the caster (some spellcasters create a glowing red spear, others may create something resembling a ballista bolt, etc.). The spear floats in the air, and can attack one foe per round (by the caster concentrating), up to a range of 240'. A normal hit roll (using the casters base chance to hit) is required. The spear returns at the end of the round to the caster. Damage is 1d10 (as a pike), and the spear can hit targets immune to magical weapons, striking as a +3 magical weapon.

Planar Reckoning
Range: Special
Duration: Instant
Effect: Tells the caster the bias and address of a plane

An invaluable spell for the discerning planar explorer, the spellcaster immediately gains knowledge of sphere bias on the plane of existence he is on, along with a planar address (i.e. the names of planes that must be crossed from the Astral to reach the plane).

Astral Leap
Range: Touch
Duration: 24 hours
Effect: Transport to the Astral plane

The recipient of this spell may, once in a 24 hour period, travel to the astral plane, and must return within the spells duration.

Arctic Blast
Range: Special
Duration: Instant
Effect: Cone 100' long, 60' wide at end.

This spell creates a cone of cold air, 100' long and 60' long at the far end. All creatures caught in the area take 1d6 damage per caster level (save for half). In addition, a second save is needed to avoid being blown away by the wind.

Target size Distance Blown
Tiny (to 1') 1d10x10'
Small (to 4') 1d8x10'
Medium (to 8') 1d6x10'
Large (up to 20') 1d4x10'
Huge (20' plus) None

Damage taken from being thrown is 2d6, plus 5d6 if the victim hits a solid object, or 2d6 if it hits another creature (that creature also suffering 2d6 damage).

A successful dexterity check (rolling equal or less than dex on 1d20) allows a victim to land on his feet.

Range: Caster only
Duration: 1 hour per level of the caster
Effect: Caster only

An invaluable spell that allows the caster to pre-cast protective spells. A total number of protective spell levels, equal to half the casters level, are cast immediately after casting this spell.

At any time until the spells duration ends, all of the spells thus stored can be activated in a single round. Until that time, those spells are not available for use, unless of course the caster has chosen to memorise such spells more than once.

All of the protective spells can affect only the caster; no area of effect spells are allowed.