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'New' Eighth Level Spells

by Colin Davidson

Range: touch
Duration: 2 turns/level of caster
Effect: Regenerates...

This spell allows the recipient to regain hit points at the rate of 1hp per turn for the duration of the spell. Only damage taken after the spell has been cast can be recovered; fire and acid cannot be 'regenerated', normal or clerical healing is required.
The reverse of this spell, degeneration, causes the recipient to slowly take damage; the damage is continuous for the duration of the spell, 1 point per turn, and effectively prevents concentration or spellcasting. A save (versus spells) is allowed, and a successful touch attack is required to inflict the spell.

Slipstream Teleport
Range: Special (100')
Duration: Instant
Effect: Teleports with another creature

If cast in the same round or up to 1 round after any other spellcaster in range has teleported, word of recalled or otherwise used magic to instantly change location, then it allows the caster of this spell to 'slipstream' that target. The caster appears at the nearest safe point to the target, usually within 10', but if that location is within a solid object then the caster appears in the nearest available space to the target, in a straight line towards the starting location.