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'New' Ninth Level Spells

by Colin Davidson

Chaos Wish
Range: Special
Duration: Special
Effect: Goodness knows...

In terms of sheer magical power, this is almost certainly the single most potent spell created by any mortal on Mystara. It is, however, utterly without any control; the caster MAY try to word a wish associated with it, but it doesn't help.

Upon casting, the DM rolls 1d20, and compares the result to this table.
1- The caster dies, instantly, permanently, and unrecoverably
2- The caster dies, instantly, but can be raised
3-8 Bad effect, the power of the spell is unleashed in an appalling way
9-12 Neutral effect, the power of the spell is immense but does something neither beneficial nor of hindrance to the caster
13-18 Good effect, and whatever the hell the spell does it helps the caster
19- Excellent effect
20- Massive effect

The DM should be creative and unrestrained; if for example a caster is faced by an army of undead he cannot defeat, casts this spell and the DM rolls a 15, then perhaps a group of wandering archons will turn up and help, pledging loyalty to the caster for an extended period of time. If he rolls a 5, then a nightwalker may be attracted to join the army of undead, bringing its own legion of minions.

Range: 240'
Duration: Instant
Effect: 1 spellcaster

This spell can only be cast on a spellcaster. If the victim is of a lower level than the caster then no save is possible, otherwise a save vs. spells is allowed with a -3 penalty to the roll.

The spell causes a spell memorised by the target to go off centred on the target; if said spell normally gives a save, no further save is allowed. The DM should choose at random, and the exact effect is up to the DM.

Pearl (a.k.a. Augustus's Gopping Dragon)
Range: 30'
Duration: 3 turns
Effect: Summons pearl

To research this spell, the caster must obtain the heart and brain from two different huge evil gemstone dragons.

This spell creates a carbon copy of the mortal avatar of Pearl, goddess of all chaotic dragons. She obeys the caster for the duration of the spell, taking whatever evil liberties to cause more destruction that she can while doing so.

Pearl is aware of the existence of this spell and is, presumably, biding her time before dealing with Augustus...